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Wow! After the welcome cheer, Green 
Run and First Colonial cheerleaders 
enjoy halftime festivities. 

EQUUS 1988 





(804) 431-4040 


Operiiing 1 







Bullseye!!! In order to get psyched for 
the impeding Homecoming triumph 
over First Colonial, the football team 
catapults a whipped cream pie at 
Coach Rhodes' face. 

London bridge is falling down! No 

actually, it is A.J Schiano and Eric 
Lillifloren preparing to lead the First 
Colonial to their DOWNFALL. 

One, Two, Three, Pull! Students comb- 
ine spirit, strength, and endurance in a 
tug-of-war match — but everyone 
maintains that the real war is the 
Homecoming game. 


Mmm!...Mmm!...Cood! Licking the^ 
cream oft of his fingers, Coach Rho- 
des keeps his cool as he tackles the ^ 
embarassment of a pie in the face.\ JT^ 


- O' 

Opening 3 




Cha-Cha-Chd The maraca players were a hot part 
of the spirit at halftime football shows. 

Go Stallions! Filled with spirit, Kristie Bullock 
leads students in an outside pep-rally. 



.\VK X.. -^^ 




■ ^^ 1\^ 


nV / Ov^ 


Picture happy! Students pushed their 
way through the crowded hallways to 
smile for the camera. 

A reason for a ruckus Students voiced 
their approval of the Homecoming 
King and Queen before dancing the 
night away. 

Opening "7 



1 sr 

Opening 9 


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■ ■■■■■■■■•■■a 
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■ ■■■aaaa 

I ■ ■ ■ B ■ a ■ I 
I ■ • • ■ ■ a a : 

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■ a ■ a B a 
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I B ■ a a a • a I 

■ B a a a a 

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■ aaaaaaBBBB ^^^^^ 

aaaaaaaBBBK ^K^ 
kaaaaasaBBB. ^ - IW ■ 

• aaaBBaaaaaBaaa** 
a B^a aBBBBaaaaaaa*' 

■ a 8BBBBaaaa»B«a»« 
B^a BBaaaaaaaaaaBai 

■ aaaaaaaBBaaaaaaB 
BaBBaaBBaaaaaaaaL _ .^_ .__-.-- 

• B_a B BaBBBaa«aaa«aa a^F^* •■•••■••• 
aaaaaaaaBaaa8«a««a«««««»«»»«* - 

■ B a aBBSBBaaaaaaa««*««««« af* • • « • 
a a aaBaaaaaa%«aB«a««**«»s«*««* " 

a a a a • 






B_B a B a B a a < 

a a a a a a B I 




Divider 11 

Queen and princess Holly 
Daniels and Kenyatta Aban- 
athy show off their winning 
smiles. They are joined by 
Jason Schuyler and Mr. 

Jennifer Ramsey displays her 
twirling talents to the exci- 
ted crowd. 

Mr. French and last year's 
king Jason Schuyler stand In 
for missing king and prince 
Jaycee Harris and Allen Hack- 

Band members display musi- 
cal expertise much to the 
crowd's delight. 


1 2 Student Life 

The Court 

Court Members: Paige Skiptunas, 
Tim Williamson, Samiya Stallings, 
Tarik Esquerra, Michelle Bowman, 
Bill Visage, and Kristen DeHart 

Jon voorheis, Beth McCutchen, 
Sonya Delacuadra, Tony Peterson, 
Holly Daniels, Jeff Butler, Kenyatta 
Abanathy and Liz Poellnitz. Mis- 
sing:Allison Sheenan, Mark 
Schmidt, and Melissa Ingram. 


The Game 

It was a Friday night , but the mood was different. Cars packed 
one by one Into the parking lot searching for a parking space. 
Standing In line for a ticket seemed to last forevever. This was 
because of ....Homecoming. 

Homecoming was no common affair this year. The pep rally 
proved to be a grand success especially when the football 
players had the opportunity to "cream " their coach with a pie. 

At halftlme the band exhibited their talent with an excellent 
show. The homecoming court walked onto the field anxiously 
waiting for the announcement of king and queen. Cheers of 
approval rung out as Kenyatta Abanathy and Allen Hackmann 
were given the title of princess and prince. The crowd cheered 
even louder when Holly Daniels and Jaycee Harris were crowned 
king and queen. Homecoming was an all out victory for 
everyone when Green Run triumphed over First colonial in foot- 


The Spirit... 

Antawn Holliday gathers 
himself before a spec- 
tacular performance. 

SCA president vee vee 
Brown crowns Jaycee 

With the week of home- 
coming activities be- 
hind her, queen Holly 
Daniels dances the 
night away with escort 
Mark woodard. 

Former queen Steph- 
anie O'Hara crowns her 
successor Holly Daniels. 

1 e Student Life 





Patricia Sima, a foreign exchange 
student from Sweden, thinks of 

Lotte Hansen, a foreign exchange 
student from Denmarl<, chats 
with Brooke Barrows. 

Living in a different country 
seems scary. New people, new 
language, different currency, 
etc. Just how difficult is it really? 
Here are some questions that 
were asked: 

1. How does it feel to be away 
from your home for so long? Are 
you used to the American way of 

2. IS It different or similar to 

your home country? 

3. What do you like better in 
your home country than in 

4. What do you like better in 
America than in your home 

5. Do you have any (or do any) 
extracurricular activities? 

Patricia Sims said, it's a new 
experience. Sometimes it's hard 

when I miss my friends and 
family. It's very different from 
Sweden, l like transportation 
better in Sweden. The school 
system is better in Sweden, too. 
Eveything is cheaper here than in 
Sweden and the weather is 
better, tool The school spirit is 
better, too. " 

Sinde Pure said, 'it's an experi- 
ence. I mean, your friends and 

family are home living their life 
while you are here living yours. 
Sometimes you miss them a lot 
but, you usually get over it. Nor- 
way is much different than 
America, because you can go out 
and do more. It's easier because 
buses and trains take you every- 
where. In American schools, the 
teachers are better and the 
schools offer more activities." 

Foreign Exchange 1 '7 



Carrie Worley and Wes 
Magill starred in Green 
Run's production of The 
Bad Seed, " as Rhoda Pen- 
marl< and Colonel Pen- 


Liouba Mcalee stars as 
Christine Penmark, 
Rhoda's mom. 

Rebecca Bragg, starring as 
Miss Fern, chats with 
Liouba Mcalee. (Christine 

The curtain opened and 
there was a hush through- 
out the audience. The play 
was starting... 

Carrie worley portrayed 
Rhoda Penmark, the main 
character of the play. She 
starred with Wes Magill, 
Liouba Mcalee, Constance 
O'Neal, Don Dennis Jr., Cur- 
tiss Murphy, Rebecca Bragg, 
Jamie Fowler, Allison 
Sheehan, Chris Anderson, 

Jeff Pool, and last but not 
least Sean Siler. 

If you saw the play, then 
you know how hard the ac- 
tors worked and how well 
the play was produced. Give 
credit to Miss Roupas and 
Mrs. Brock for showing us 
their talents. The actors are 
not the only people to be 
mentioned! The technicians 
are congratulated, too! 

Erin Moore, Chanda 
Ramsey, and Tammy Creek 
help actors: Sean Siler, 
Don Dennis Jr., Curtiss 
Murphy, and actress Re- 
becca Bragg get ready for 
the play. 

The Play 19 

The story goes that no 
one is allowed In the 
building (unless he or 
she has something to 
do) after 2:10 p.m., but 
some students defy this 
rule! Don't teenagers 
defy rules sometimes? 
Of course. 

Even during school 
the five minutes be- 
tween classes seem to 
get longer. Some tea- 
chers have minutes or 
seconds of grace, which 
means those teachers 
understand students' 
priorities. What is the 

Top Priority 

When socializing is over, 
students walk to the parking lot 
hoping to catch a ride. /Ik 

top priority? Socializ- 

Those people who 
make socializing what it 
is stay after school to 
make school what it is. 
Without these people 
there would be no 
spirit, no activities, no 
sports, in fact NO SOCIA- 
LIZING! Now don'tthink, 
"Hey, that would be 
fun! ", because what else 
is there to do on week- 
days?! So, this page is 
dedicated to the many 
people who help make 
the school what it is. 

An effort is made to socialize 
even during five minute rush 
hour traffic. 

Quality and quantity social time is 
alvi/ays after school. 

2Q Student: Life 

Toys for Tots was one such ac- 
tivity that Green Run held 

Santa came to town in Dec- 

Green Run holds a lot of activities from Toys 
for Tots to Bon Fires. To get these activities 
on the ball it takes enthusiastic, organized 
people. Fortunately there are people like that 
at Green Run. 

Activities are important to our school. It 
shows other schools that Green Run has its 
act together and that we can actually per- 
form. Activities also say a lot for the school 
that is holding them. Face it, Green Run, we 
got what it takes!! 




Tony Rybarczk, Mark Weaver, Mark Wylie, Lathan Bailey, Tim Williamson, Tony Cespedes, Lamar Cilcrest, Troy Cole- 
man, Lorenzo Mitchell. 

No one can say that Green Run is a 
chauvanistic school! This year was 
our first Mr. Green Run pageant! 
Flocks of girls showed up at the 
door dying to see those gorgeous 
Green Run guys. The contestants 

were Tony Ryoarczk, Mark Weaver, 
Mark Wylie, Lathan Bailey, Tim Willi- 
amson, and Tony Cespedes. 

Tim Williamson won the bathing 
suit contest. It was an exciting event 
and the guys worked hard. Con- 

gratulations to all the pageant goers 
and to all the contestants. 


Showing off is definitely a char- 
acteristic of these courageous 

Marl< Wylie and Mar(< Weaver 
show off their stuff! 

Mark Weaver and Tony Rybarczk 
stand back to watch the other con- 

Tim Williamson displays his beach Another contestant poses in front 
bum fashions. of the camera. 



Kristen Dehart and Bill visage 
share their time between classes. 

Dating: What is there to do? 

The Institution of dating, for 
a while, began to become ob- 
solete. Students "racked their 
brains" trying to figure out 
what to do with their Friday 
and Saturday nights. It was 
time to dump the movies and 
go back to the basics. 

Students, being banned at 
nightclubs, have turned back 
to roller skating and ice skat- 
ing In groups or with that spe- 
cial person. Romance has 

crept back with romantic and 
"cheap"' walks on the beach. 
For those with less graceful 
qualities, bowling has held 
strong. Parties are still the 
best bet. There will always be 
an abundance of guys and 
girls looking for that someone 
special or just looking for fun. 

Although things to do on 
dates seem scarce, the basic 
dating scene has come back. 

-Paula Brown 

Angie McDonald and Steve Ham- 
ilton snuggle near the locker be- 
fore class. 


Eddie Simon and Beth Basto will 
stay together through thick and 

A.J. Schiano kisses Nice! Nor- 
tonen on the cheek. 

Amy O'Connor and Jim Stuede- 
mann are one of the many cute 
couples at Green Run. 

□at:ing 25 


Beth Basto, Chris Ashman, and 
Clark Moore pal around before 

Cindy Howick smirks at Kenny 
Price's funny face. 


Jeff Donahoe is going to wear 
this hat whether he likes it or not. 

Middle Left: John Kundo and Steve Corley smile as they think of what 
their weekend holds. Top Right: Chris Ashman and Ame Emerick try to 
go to class but are stopped to pose for the camera. 

Everyone wants to be popular! some people feel down on 
themselves because they aren't the person they want to be. It's 
hard to be thoroughly happy with yourself when these feelings are 
pounding you down. 

There are many groups of friends at Green Run. I guess they are 
considered cliques. Every person is popular within their own cl- 
ique. Whenever life's little (or BIG) problems come up, there's al- 
ways someone to talk to. That's what togetherness is all about at 
Green Run. 

Cindy Howick holds onto Marie 
"Noonan as they try to get to 

Toge'therness 27 


"Are YOU selling candy bars?" Is a 
frequently asked question to all 
candy bar salespeople. 

A necessity for activities, like band trips 
and prom, is to hold fund raisers. Without 
them there would be no activities outside 
of school. It's only common sense to raise 
money so the activity you want will be ac- 
tually held. Candy sales help different 
clubs gain the right to go on field trips, 

The Senior and Junior classes have dif- 

ferent fund raisers to plan ahead for 
future dances such as prom and ring- 
dance. For the past three years the sopho- 
more class has tried to raise enough 
money for an "Emerald Ball' ...maybe their 
dream will come true some day. 

Evidently, fund raisers are worth the 
time and patience! 


Mr. Miller and Ms. Lewis an- 
nounce the winner to the await- 
ing contestants. 

Vee vee Brown rejoices as she is 
crowned Miss Green Run 1988. 

Diana Borson models her "style" 
to the awed crowd. 

A lot Of work went into the Miss Green Run pageant. On Fri- 
day, February 26 the girls came in for dress rehearsals and Sat- 
urday afternoon the girls and judges met at Saxby's for a 
luncheon. They discussed what would be happening at the 
pageant and before they knew it the night had arrived. 

The contestants were Vivian Brown, Diana Borson, Jennifer 
Ramsey, Lisa Stanley, Susan Bibby, Kim Eckhart, Kathy Burke, 
Juli Hilt, and Kathy Ward. All of the girls exhibited fantastic 
talents from playing the violin to dancing by stroblight to INXS. 
Ms. Crimstead, the sponsor, choreographed the girls' dance. As 
the girls showed their stuff, the anxiety thickened and finally 
the winners were announced. They were: Most Courageous — 
Kim Eckhart, Most Talented — Jennifer Ramsey, Miss Con- 
geniality—Diana Borson, 2nd Runner Up — Juli Hilt, 1st Runner 
Up — Lisa Stanley, and finally the new Miss Green Run of 1988 
Vivian Brown! Congratulations to all! 


Miss Green Run 23 


The Concert of the 


Bono, U2's lead singer, sang only to 
Virginia Beach on Friday, December 
11 and Saturday, December 12. 

3D Student: Life 

The Edge kept his hat on even when 
the pressure rose. 

Adam Clayton showed his stuff to 
the crowd at Hampton coliseum. 

Larry Mullins Jr. kept the rhythm 
going as the fans screamed for 

Everyone seems to agree that U2 
generates a certain energy that no 
other band can match. When they first 
introduced themselves to the world in 
1980 with the release of their first 
album, BOY, they received a loyal but 
small audience. 

With every album since then, U2 has 
had a growing number of followers. 
"With their sixth album, THE JOSHUA" 
TREE, U2's audience has become enor- 

mous In size.But no matter the size, U2 
keeps that special bond with their fans 
that makes them unique. 

On November 20, when the radio an- 
nounced the sale of the tickets for the 
December 11 and 12 shows, it was no 
surprise when everyone went to stand 
in line, "it was freezing, but it was 
worth it! " said Cindy Howick. Howick, a_ 
"senior, along with friends Chris Ash-" 
man, Greg Forehand, and Ame Emerick 

camped out in line for seventeen 

With the Edge's guitar, Adam 
Clayton's bass, Larry Mullen Jr.s 
drums, and lead singer Bono's ringing 
voice, U2 has been labled "The Band of 
the Year" for 1987. But maybe that 
should be, The Band of the Eighties." 

Ame Emerick 

US 31 

The Beach... 

The clouds roll by as time passes 
over Virginia Beach. 

The beach is kind of lil<e a symbol 
for Green Run. When you say that 
you go to a "beach school" people 
think of Green Run, First Colonial, 
Princess Anne, Kempsville, Cox, 
Kellam, and Bayside. 

The students at Green Run prac- 
tically live for the beach. Beginning 
in May at 2:00 p.m., Monday through 

Friday students race to the beach. 
Some get up in the morning and 
hear the beach calling them by 
name (very loudly!!). They seem to 
have to go there immediately even 
though they might have to skip a full 
day of education! Somehow they 
don't seem to feel guilty-right Ame, 
Chris, Cindy, Beth?... 

32 Student Life 



*[ The scorching sun, the sizzling 
sand, the swelling surf make for 
the total beach. 

MIDDLE: Even seagulls get in on the fun; BELOW: This seems 
empty, but wait until May or June rolls around then it will really 
be crowded! 


Sometimes the waves get big en- 
ough to even STAND on the 

Even the beach has to put up 
with rainy weather. 

Beach Life 33 



Divider 35 


Kfjr-iyatla AbO' 

Stephcjnie Abondo "v 

Rob Aboyon 90 

David Abbott 69 

Allan Abeleda 90 

Stephen Abenir 90 

Ccjrey Abesa 90 

Lotj AcQin 89 

Mikki Acedo 90 

Setgio Acos»a 90 

Angela Adair 89 

Maurice Adorns 89 

MisTy Adams 90 

lany Aden 90 

Eric Addesso 89 

Efin Addesso 90 

Sarri Agami 90 

James Agazie 89 

Dop/ Aguliar 90 

Arnold Agustin 90 

Michelle Agustin 89 

Shannon Ahern 89 

Trina Akers 89 

James Akers 90 

Mike Alarcon 90 

Alex Alas 89 

Annamofie Alegre 90 

Dove Alegre 89 

Danny Alig 89 

Marcy Allord 89 

Crystal Allen 9f:; 

Sam Allen 90 

Ton Altman 90 

Lori Altner 90 

Mae Alumpe 90 

Galley Amato 89 

Cindy Amber 90 

Amy Amen 89 

Chns Amiroult 89 

Malt Amon 90 

Dayna ArK:lersen90 

Scott Andrews 89 

Marcey Anongos 90 

Eddie Antione 89 

Julito Antolin 89 

Kendra Antonio 89 

Anthony Aramas 90 

Navy Ardie 90 

Kristen Ardizoni 90 

Chris Arellano 89 

Kemo Armfield 89 

Amela Arnold 90 

Scott Arnold 90 

Ben Arttienholt 90 

Richard ArziHo 90 

Mike Ashman C9 

Aimee Ashton 90 

Benson Asis 90 

Jeanice Asis 90 

Michelle Askew 90 

Tia Asmussen 89 

Angela Aten 89 

Juli Audet 89 

Eric Augustine 89 

Ken Austin 90 

Tothy Austin 89 

Lio Avoritt 90 

Lotricio Avelino 89 

Al Averidano 90 

Berrrard Bacani 89 

Rosemary Baciig 89 

Jerrille Boctong 90 

Grace Boeumio 89 

Encamocion Bogay 90 

Holly Bagwell 90 

Lathon Bailey 90 

Steve Bair 90 

Sandi Boisden 89 

Bonnie Baker 89 

James Baker 89 





^ W >f^ 

'0'"!MK.r— -sAft 

PrUSfcrafeion. Mona Pascual and Susan Kletter suffer from yearbook 

What is the largest section in this yearbook? The 
Underclass section, of course. Bigger than the rest, 
this section accommodates the 2000-pluB sopho- 
mores and juniors combined. To emphasize the size 
and strength of these students, the sophonnores 
and juniors were united under one name. "The Under- 
classmen. " 

We worked hard to make this section one to be 
remembered. To make this possible, long hours and 
weekends were spent designing layouts, brain- 
storming ideas for articles, typing them, and 
alphabetizing and numbering nnug shots. Even 
though there were miany setbacks, our deadlines 
were met. 

Many memorable photos were captured of juniors 
and sophomores to reflect on those special mo- 
ments of their year. 

— Evelyn Ware, Joy Daquilanea, Lyn Leandado 


W^lat would happen 
if your parents found 
out about 'son-ieth- 
ing' you hove done'^ 
They would yell until 
they did'nt have a 
voice left. (35%) 
Depends on 'what" 1 
did [33%] 
Killed (7%) 
Life Restriction (18%) 
Disowned {7%] 



If your house was on 
fire, \A4'iot would be 
the first thing youd 

Id throw clothes ond 
myself out the 
window- Trociee 

Pictures, and my 
Penny loofers-LP. 
My cfieckbook and 
n-iy diamond 
earrings- Ms. Willis 
My comforter to 
wrap myself with- 
Ruth Damoso 
Forget my stuff, I d 
watch the house 
bum- Adam Spence 





Old Yeller. Anyone can relate t;o the big yellow vehicle, a main means 
of nnass transit to and from school. 

It's been called many things: "Old Yeller", "Yellow 
Limo", "The Big Cheese", and just, "That Big Yellow 
Thing". It's that lar^ge automobile called a school bus 
that gives students free rides to and from school. It 
is mostly occupied by non-driving sophomores and 
juniors who don't have cars. 

Most students dislike riding the bus and believe it is 
an "uncool" disgrace. They are forced to rush in the 
morning and after seventh bell to catch "The Big 
Cheese". Hanging out with friends or going 
somewhere to eat directly af^er school is impossible. 

The "Old Yeller" also has a mind of its own. After 
waiting fifteen minutes under pouring rain and gust- 
ing fifty mile-per-hour winds, it decides to coime 
around the corner, and sometimes even pass the 

There are some things that make riding the bus 
bearable. Catching some lost winks, riders 
recuperate from a late night. The "shake and bake" 
jerking of the bus doesn't stop people from finishing 

But for now, just tolerate it. Besides, it's free! 

— Joy Daquilanea, M. Pascual, R. Damaso 



Jobon Baker 6v 
Famara Baker 3v 
George Balabariis 90 
Carolyn Balagoi 90 
Chris Bolagot 89 
Evelio Baton 89 
Jennifer Balclwiri 90 
Kelley Baldwin 89 
Maria Boll 89 
Mike Ball 89 

Matt Banford 90 
Robbie Banker 89 
Jeit Banks 90 
Jerome Bonks 89 
Kevin Bonks 90 
Kevin Banner 89 
Robin Banr^er 89 
Vicky Barber 90 
Karen Borberon 90 
Jem Barkiey 89 

Dione Bomes 90 
Lisa Barnes 89 
Snirley Barnes 90 
Ken Barnetf90 
Dorrell Barrett 90 
Brocjke Borrows 89 
Donald Barry 90 
Darnel Bosnigtit 89 

Batemon 90 

my Botes 9(] 

James Battreol 90 
Mictiele Baurrion 90 
Ralpti Bautisto 89 
Hazel Baylon 89 
St'ionnon Bayly 90 
Sean Bazemore 90 
Jason Beck 89 
Suzanne Besre 90 
Francis Beiter 89 
Andrew Bell 90 

Belii Bell 90 
Chris Bell 90 
Cesar Benitez 89 
George Bennett 89 
Kurtis Bennett 90 
Lin Bennett 89 
Randi Benrett 90 
Steve Bennett 90 
Delindo Benson 90 
Tamika Benson 89 

Scott Bensons 89 
Carlos Bernard 90 
Kevin Benware 89 
Veronica Berrios 90 
Ken Berry 90 
Lisa Beriy 90 
Sharon Berry 90 
Jeff Bettis 90 
Doug Bianchi 89 
Greg Bickford 90 

Kris Billiet 90 
Mike Billiet 89 
Ian Billings 90 
Pete Biven 90 
Martina Bixby 90 
Stacy Block 90 
Trocie Black 89 
Stacey Blacky 90 
Nolan Blonco 89 
Brian Bland 90 

Chris Bledstoe 90 
Michelle Block 90 
Rebecca Block 90 
Felicia Blount 90 
Pomolo Blount 89 
Sherito Blowe 89 
Yvette Blowe 90 
Michelle Boado 90 
Gino Belch 89 
Lyie Boldt 89 

James Borrxjr 

f-ronkBoneske SV 

Rudy Boqulron 89 

Corey Bossordt 90 

Arletfiio Boston 90 

Monty Bostori 90 

Meli&scJ [Joswell 89 

Nothon Boacffie 89 

Cheryl Bovastro 89 

Chris Bowden 89 

Jormjs Bow6,'n 90 

Michelle Bowmen 90 

Heidi Boyd 89 

Melissa Boyer 90 

Ellen Boyers 89 

Helen Boyser 89 

Bradley Bridgette 90 

Jonriol Brodley 90 

Michelle Brodshow 90 

Jennifer Brady 89 

Ahgeto Branch 90 

Reno Branch 90 

David Branson 89 

John Branum 89 

Robin Brashears 89 

Jascjn Broun 89 

Budd Breheim 89 

Denise Brelond 89 

Danny Bresim 90 

Don Breslin 89 

Kip Brierley 89 

Jon Briggs 90 

Don Briley 90 

Paul Brinson 89 

ToniQ Brinson 89 

Yvonrie Bnody 90 

Jodi Broody 89 

Vicky Broody 90 

Margaret Brock 90 

Devona Brooks 89 

Travis Brosmer 90 

Steve Brower 89 

Jimmy Brower 90 

Darby Brown 89 

Demerric Brown 89 

Jennifer Brown 89 

Jennifer Brown 89 

Kcjtrina Brown 89 

Kelly Brov^n 89 

Michelle Brown 89 

Shawn Brown 90 

Tommy Brown 89 

Trinies Brown 89 

Chrisri Brumfield 90 

Shintel Bnjmfield 90 

Travis Brumfield 90 

James Brumsey 90 

Charles Bryant 89 

Crystal Bryant 90 

Jason Bryant 90 

Mio Bryant 

George Bryson 89 

Eric Buchheim 89 

Je<jnnie Buckingham 89 

Dave Buckley 89 

Sharon Buckly 90 

Billy Buckner 89 

Herbert Buckner 90 

Nolan Bueno 89 

Kristie Bullock 89 

Regino Bullock 89 

Stephanie Bunch 89 




I a 



Sanioritsis. Marissa Cruz discusses her future plans wich her friend 
Jeannie Penez. 


For our fellow juniors the jump from junior to 
senior year is a major step in life. Marissa Cnuz thinks 
hen senior year \A/ill be "fun and interesting. . . it will be 
my last year, but scary because it is my last year. " 
Through this transition juniors mature and recognize 
responsibility. Lisa Lucas adds. "Senior year is going 
to be a breeze. The majority of my academics are 
taken care of, so finally I can kick back and have fun. " 
The stakes are high; graduation and college are right 
around the corner. Terry Wilson says, "It's going to 
be a fun, but hectic, schoolyear. With SAT's and 
choosing the right college, the year schould go by 
quickly. " These years are said to be "the best years of 
our lives". "I can't wait!", says Hazel Baylon. 

— Lynn Leandado 


Ways to torture your 
Can't (40%) 
Ignore them (20%) 
Stay home, (15%) 
Don't tell them 
where you ore. (13%) 
Whining. (7%) 
Be perfect. (5%) 


The killer movies 
Less than Zerc 
Dirty Dancing 
Fatal Anraction 
Princess Bride 
Prince of Dart<ness 
Lost Boys 
Lo Bambo 

POP! It's people like this who make unwanted psychedelic prints on 
pants possible. 



He stpolls into class, wearying his spanking-new 
stonewashed fifty-dollar jeans. Casually, Joe Stud 
eases into his made-to-confonm-the-body school 
desk. After scamming the nearly full class of eligible 
females, he relaxes, propping his feet comfortably 
on the book rack below the desk ahead of hinn. Ex- 
pecting a long, verbose lecture from his teacher, he 
cooly slouches in preparation. After fifty minutes of 
counting the teacher's "um's", the bell rings. He 
rushes to get up, but his jeans are cemented to his 
desk by. . .ugghl Gum! 

Many people suffer through this humiliating experi- 
ence. The ninety-nine year old gum under a desk 
makes a nice psychedelic print on a new outfit or a 
pair of new jeans. People place their chewed, juicy 
gum under the desks to salvage their hides from 
detention; or they just can't put it anywhere else. 
Right! But anyway, it does make a pair of ordinary 
jeans noticable. 



I i^ ..I 




* -r 






t .^. 




.^ ^ 

' ) 


i^ I 


t®' - ~ 




AcJcim Burd 90 
Cathy BurVe 90 
Stace Burt<e 89 
Jeon Burnley 90 
Mark. Burrows 90 
Cfiris Bursset 89 
Adf^m Bush 89 
David Bushey 89 
Keith Sutler 89 

Michop' Bu*ier 90 
Till :>.) B'_i''e! '^I'i 
Wendy Bui lei 89 
Dione Butoroc 90 
Donna Byrd 90 
B Byrurn 90 
Dennis Cotxjnez 89 
Jay dee Cobra I 90 
Bernie Cochaper 89 

C":ecile Cochaper 90 
Eri(:fi Cagel 89 
Brian Cohill 90 
Line Cajules 90 
Joanna Calocsan 90 
Denise Caldwell 90 
Steve Cairoun 89 
Nicole Call 90 
■a Collowoy 89 

n Colo 89 
Can-ipbeli 89 
Jennifer Campion 90 

inise Campos 90 
^ ws Campos 89 
fteather Camsky 89 
Leslie Canont 90 
Candi 89 
Cannon 89 

ssQ Cape 89 
le Carder 89 

Corino 90 
Michelle Carlson 90 
Karen Cormock 90 
Thomas Carpino 90 
Jerimy Carr 90 
Wendy Carr 90 
Andrea Carter 89 

April Carter 90 
Lori Carter 90 
John Cortier 90 
Daryl Carver 90 
Kimberly Case 89 
Dana Casey 89 
Jenifer Cossidy 90 
Mark Cossidy 89 
r?on Costillo 89 

Dennis Castro 90 
Roy Castro 90 
Mark Cove 89 
Chris Chackney 90 
Troci Chamberiin 89 
Todd Chomphey 89 
Michelle Cheney 90 
Tanyalle Chapman 90 
Chorylone Chavez 90 

Michelle Chavis 90 
Cindy Cherisier 90 
Anita Cherry 90 
Tino Cherry 90 
Mont Chesson 89 
Tracie Chestermon 90 
Anthony Chittum 90 
Anne Chitty 89 
Po Chong 89 

Kiik Cizerie 89 

Hilissa Cioisse 89 


Laura Clark 9(J 

Robiri Clark 90 

Kevin Clarke 89 

Bit Clay 89 

Dave Cloy 90 

Donna Cloy 89 

Danni ClaytxDrn 90 

Garry Cleghom 89 

Tiro Clemens 90 

Fracey Clemorw 89 

Jason Clerren 90 

Doyna Cleveland 90 

Korren Clifford 9(J 

Kim Clifford 90 

Mike Clifford 89 

Cheiley Cline 90 

Dion Clisso 89 

Chris Coaklv 90 

Scott Cockerman 89 

Greg Colbum 89 

John Cole 90 

Kristen Cole 90 

Shell) Cole 89 

Tarnaro Cole 90 

Tina Cote 90 

Andre Coleman 90 

Jennifer Coleman 89 

Troy Coleman 89 

Vince Colemon 90 

Kenneth Colene 89 

Jeanne Collas 90 

. Justin Colley 89 

Jeff Collier 90 

Anago Collins 89 

Christine Collins 89 

Mel Collins 89 

Michelie Collins 89 

Sharon Collins 89 
Tina Collins 89 

Joyce Colobong 90 

Paul Coltrane 89 

Chuck Colvin 90 

Chad Comfort 90 

Charlene Condro 89 

Jodi CorxJra 89 

Jaime Conley 89 

Heattier Connelly 89 

William Conner 90 

Chris Conrad 89 

Reggie Cook 90 

Tim Cook 89 

Carlos Cooke 89 

Camilie Cooper 89 

Reginald Cooper 89 

Yosmin Cooper 89 

Jason Cope 90 

Damon Corxjlond 90 

William Copruz 89 

Kevin Corey 90 

Rob Corey 90 

Stacie Corley 89 

Jeqnette Cormier 89 

^NfelComick 89"' 

Nick Coronado 90 

Charles Corprevi/ 89 

Chuck Corprew 89 

Richard Corpus 89 

Jamie Correll 90 

Greg Corry 8^' 

Greg Corsino 89 

Hector Cortes 89 

Christian Costa 89 

Mike Courts 90 

Adrienne Cowell 89 

Anita Cov\/ell 

Kern Cox 90 

Richard Cox 89 

W^^^ W^Jl ^Pipi 

. ' ■'■ V-' 

7x c: 

T wr^ 


Figure it out! People's lockers sometimes reflect the person who 
owns it. But here, Stacy Freed's locker is a potpourri of old gum. 

Ode to < 

What is a locker? It is a bulletin board decorated 
wall to wall with treasures and momentos we collec- 
ted through the year. Most lockers are shared by 
two students, but sometimes for convenience 
students share many lockers. With three, even four 
people using the same book dump it tends to be a bit 
crowded. All year it is cluttered, trashed, stuffed, 
and junked with books, paper, essays and homework 
one on top of the other, never to be found again. 
Messy as it may seem, we try our best to keep it 
organized. Some people may refer to it as "a trash 
bin". We like to see it a "a home away from home". 

— Lyn-Lyn Leandado 



What other langu- 
age would you like 
to speak'^ 
Italian, B,B 
Rur,sian. D V, 
Japanese Li, 
Swohili, Susan K, 
English. M,P, 



Guys' How do voi; 
think girls dress''' 
"Trendy" —Louie 

— Ctiris Reyes 
"Depends on their 
— Aniown Holliday 
"Too much, gowdy.' 
—Greg Wilson 


Poor pencil. Our own pencils suffer- sonne major abuse. Here, Mr. 
No. 2 lays serenly on the ground. 

Buzzz! The alarm clock rings. "Gr-^at! Another^ 
day to die. Maybe he won't use me today. " These 
ar^e the hopes and dreams of an average No. 2 

"Fat chance! He'd just shove me into the un- 
kno\A/n world, i.e. his left coat pocket. I hope this 
ride to school is quick. Good he pulled me out. 
Sheeesh! Calm down! My point might break. I can 
only take so much. My beautiful crimson cushion 
has now been depleted. Thanks a lot guy! Great! 
He just handed me down to someone else. Just call 
me the public writing utensil. Can you believe this? 
He's trying to t\A/irl me! Ouch! Wow. life looks so 
much different here on the ground. . . I like it her^ in 
the corner. . . " 

— Cathy Burke, Lynn Leandado, Mona Pascual 


^^ ^P1^5^"^ 

Tern/ Gdx 90 
Tyrone Co^ 

Mike CrcL' 
Meeghai i 
Sheree (ja\Q '■-■' 
Jennitfsr Oarie ■_ 
Chris Cfc^wforci 89 
Patrit;ia Crawford 89 
Linda Crawl 90 
Annette Crawley 90 

Mike Creoger 90 
Elliott Creekmore 89 ■ 
James Creighton 90 
Michelle Crines 89 
Mictiael Crockford 89 
Tonya Crocker 89 
Rozarino Crornwell 89 
Dennis Cronin 89 
Cherie Crouch 90 
Chris CroiJse 89 

Robert Crow 89 
Stielly Crrjw 9(j 
Dennis Crowdecjn 89 
Doneva Crowcjean 90 
Shelbie Crowder 89 
Elaine Crrjz 90 
Marissa Cruz 89 
Gi lien Cruze 90 
Stacy Cuffee 89 
Tracy Cuftee,' 89 

Kvie Cughtaerfson 
Albeh" Culanding 89 
Tony Culpepper 90 
Kirk Cunningham 89 
Rick Cunningham 89 
Bob Curren 89 
Lisa Currin 90 
Tara Curry 90 
Max Custer 90 
Joseph Cutright 90 

Steve Cutter 89 
Chelle D'Agnostino 89 
Desiree Dagostino 89 
Rachel Dahl 89 
Shannon Dalton 89 
Ruth Damaso 89 
Gina Damiano 90 
Tony Dandndge 90 
Typhanny Daniels 89 
John Donsin 89 

Stephanie Dansin 90 
Dedee Danzinger 90 
Joy Doquiloneo 90 
Wilfred Darang 89 
Wilma Darang 90 
Denise Dardin 89 
Michelle Darwin 90 
Carrie Datsko 90 
David Davidson 90 
Juliana Davidson 90 

David Davies 90 
Cheryl Davis 89 
Dennis Davis 89 
Kiya Davis 90 
Phil Davis 89 
Tammy Davis 89 
Brandy Day 90 
Mike Day 89 
Calvin Dayag 89 
Kenneth Dayao 89 

Russell Days 90 
Darlene De Jesus 90 
Angie Dean 89 
La Noir Dean 89 
Reggie Dean 90 
Thorn Decker 90 
David DeGroot 90 
Liza Deguzman 89 
Tara Delabar 89 
Matt Delaney 89 


Leon 90 

JarTxS'Deloalch 89 

Kevin DeK'> rch v" 

Annabelle De 

Adncri C- 

Nicole [>2f)nision 90 

Mark Derosia 90 

Jon De.f^?usha 89 

Marcefj Jo Detloff 90 

Oiris Delmer 89 

Keliy Deny 90 

Daig DeVoe 90 

Eric De Von 90 

Albert DioK 90 

Greg Dickey 90 

Hue Diep 90 

Mieu Lihn Diep 90 

Stocie Dietrich 90 

William Dietrich 90 

Freddy Diggs 89 

Leevo Diggs 90 

Jenriifer Di Girolomo 89 

Nikkt Dillord 90 

Tereno DiHard 90 

Teresa Dillord 90 

Aaron Dillon 89 

Becky Dills 90 

Brian Dills 89 

Nestor Dingle 89 

Janine Dion 90 

Sl-ierrv Dion 90 

Jay Dipiloto 89 

Sarah Dixon 90 

Wendy Dixon 90 

Robert Dizon 90 

Mercy Dodds 90 

Vince Dodds 89 

Jason Doenng 90 

David Doherty 90 

Michelle Dom 90 

Shone Donald 90 

Nikki Donnell 89 

Beth Donovan 90 

Marilyn Doon 89 

Amy Doubleday 89 

Joinne Dougherty 90 

Sharon Doughety 90 

Don Downie 89 

Beth Doyle 90 

Croig Doyle 89 

Avonte Dozier 90 

Monica Draper 89 

Sid Draper 90 

Angie Drexler 89 

Brarx:ion Driskeil 89 

Danny Drori 90 

Erica Dubois 90 

Carol! Duff 89 

Brian Dugon 90 

James Dunham 89 

Andre Dupris 89 

Shelagh Durham 90 

Chris Durretf 90 

Shelly Dusenberry 89 

Corolie Duval 89 

Alice Duvoll 90 

Ken Early 89 

Shaviffi Eostlorx:! 89 

Star Eaton 89 

Yolanda Eaton 89 

Faith Ebey 89 

Donial Eby 90 




^^y/V k. ^ I 



Lots of class. With che large sophomore class, the officers: Andre 
Coleman. Sheryl Valdez. Jeannie Tugbang and Tracy Chesterman tackle 
some tough decisions. 


Working with a class of 1 ,000 students called for 
time, effort and dedication. This year's sophomore 
class officers had just that and more. Together the 
four officers tackled decisions and motivated one 
another while planning the year for the sophomores. 
The officers: Andre Coleman, Cheryl Valdez, Jennie 
Tugbang, and Tracy Chesteman worked to unite the 
huge class through extensive planning of fund 
raisers and spirit activities. The class sponsors, 
Mrs. Sharon Carter and Mr. Jim Miller, found the 
class leaders to be responsible and energetic as they 
all \A/orked closely through the year. Friendships, 
they all agreed, were made and will hopefully remain 
strong through out High School. 


Girlsi What do you 
think about the woy 
guys dres3? 
'Casual' —Joyce 
"Depends on the 
weo'her' — Miche 

■Qu- '.-' ' ■ -orV 
— A, ■.; ■ jaue! 

"It seeiTis iii\e guvs 
really don't core 
—Carol Duft 
"Wanto be iVY 
LEAGUE!' —Ruth 
Do ma so 

'Sloppy' — K ; 'o 

"Cool' — Tejuana 

"On a scale of Ito 10^ 
A 6.' — Simbi Hall 
"Clones, faddish, no 
originality',' — Cindy 
"Pee-wee Herman 
look aiikes.' — Vee 
Vee Brown 




What's the most in- 
teresting thing you 
learned this year'' 
"Wofermellons in 
China cost $75 ' 
—John Cole. 
"People really do 
poss Mr. Kuhn s 
doss ■ —Kirn 

"To lool< at things 
closer,' —Rob 

"Teachers ore dif- 
ferent here ' 
—James Creighton 
"Most people wear 
neutral color 
sneokers,' — Tony 
"Most pfjople wear 
B.K '%' — Janel John- 

'How to ploy fooi- 
ball." — - Larry 

—Janice Lombos 


BOOOIE. Her«, a couple enjoys tjheir perfect evening at ring dance. 

Ring Dance 

The mere mention of "Ring Dance" causes havoc. 
One symptom is not being able to find a date. Some 
have to resort to Cughh] relatives. Another predica- 
ment can be the dreadful answer "No. " ringing in a 
crushed boy's head. Even a girl could be devistated 
when the Tom Cruise of her dreams asks her best 
friend instead. Other problems can pop up even if you 
have a date. A couple of ways to keep from turning 
this night into a horror movie: 1 ] Take someone with 
whom you can laugh and have fun. 2] Rent your 
tuxedo early. CmalesD 3] Have your dress custom 
made, so ten other people don't own it. (females] A^ 
Buy the tickets. A must! 5) Ask Dad for the car keys 
early guys, so that your date won't have to cruise on 
a Schwinn. 6D Clean the carl Filling it up with gas is 
also nice. "7] Reservations at a restaurant in advance 
would be a good idea. A Big Mac does not a 
memorable night make. S] Have mucho dinero! 9J 
Corsages and boutennieres are a must! 1 O) Have a 
smile ready for your parent's fully loaded camera. 
1 1 ) Oh yah — Have Fun! 

— Marissa Cruz, M. Pascual 



. . 1^ tu 



^' .^i 


David b'Jrnij: i;. 
Warren Ed' i.;.: ; 
Anqif- f;cJ\' : 

KOlfh EdWCII/:; 

Leslie Edwards 90 
Mike Edwards 89 
Ray Edwards 90 
SfQcey Edwards 89 

Heatrier Ellis 89 
Raymond Ellis 89 
Cynihia Emerlon 90 
Poijger Erestain 89 
Jeft Erikson 90 
Kenneth Espiritu 90 
Torik Esquerro 90 
Jenrtifer Essing 89 
Cheryl Estanislao 89 

Shannon Estep 90 
Todd Estep 89 
Shannof, Ethridge 89 
David EThendgo 90 
Trocey Etter 89 
Chele Eubanks 90 
JR Eure 89 
Steve Eure 89 
Lorry Evancho 90 

Bobby Evans 89 
Brent Evans 90 
Devon Evans 89 
Hope Evans 90 
Chris Everest 90 
Matthew Eyer 89 
Kristin Eyre 89 
Jeremy Fabrizio 90 
Richard Facun 90 

Calvin Folk 89 
Sharon Folk 90 
Grace Fallon 89 
Kothryn Fallon 90 
Mike Fontino 
Lizel Faulkner 90 
Mero Favors 90 
Jackie Fedee 89 
Rachel Fedenco 90 

Erik Feer^y 90 

Angela Felton 90 
Krista Felton 
Tirrel Felton 90 
Miki Fensom 89 
Rodney Fentress 89 
Jason Ferguson 89 
Monique Ferguson 90 
Amy Fermi I 89 

Roldan Fernando 90 
Jennifer Ferrer 90 
Chi Fillgrove 90 
Tracy Finegan 89 
Lawrence Fisockery 90 
Jomis Fisher 90 
Melanie Fisher 89 
Susie Fisher 89 
Mary Fitzpotrick 90 

Poul Fitzsimmons 89 
Yvonne Flemming 89 
Angela Flemming 89 
Jenny Flippen 89 
Michele Flora 90 
Gil F lores 89 
Felisho Flythe 90 
Mike Fobbs 90 
Lisa Fogerty 89 


Kenny Foglia 

Amy Folahorp. 
Robin f-"olle' 

Nicole i OK-r^'Or. vu 

Rick Fofeman 90 

Edwino Fofrest 90 

' Kim KorsyThe 90 

Lisa Fcxsyihe 89 

Brian Foster 89 

Aimee Fowler 90 

Jamie Fowler 89 

Kerxiro Fowler 90 

Fawanno Fowler 90 

Laura Fox 90 

T J Fradlllada 90 

Sallie Frame 89 

Michelle France 90 

Brent Frank 90 

Mat? Fronlz 89 

Billy Freed 89 

Siocev Freed 89 

Andy Freerrxjn 89/ 

Marcos Frfjemcjn 89 

Neisho Freeman 89 

Prinka Freeman 89/ 

Bern Friggv 90 

Barbara Frost 90 

Tim Frost 89 

Mike Fiv 90 

Anissa Frye 90 

Michelle Fuller 90 

Toro Fuller 89 

Tonya Fuller 89 

Vicki Fulton 89^ 

Sam Funchess 90 

Jeff Furay 89 

Sir-ide Fure 89 

Clint Furrow 90 

Minna Fyke 89 
Ariel Gabriel 89: 
Noralyn Gobriel 90 
Chico Gador 90 
Lauro Gagliano 89 
Frankie Gagnier 90 
Robert Gcjgnon 89 
Paul Gallon 89 
Gerra Gall 89 
Tnomas Gallihugh 90 

Liza Gammon 90 

Joshua Gonn 90 

Alvoro Garcia 90 

Billy Garcia 90 

Josephine Garcia 90 

Glen Gardiola 39 

Amy Gardner 90 

Shannon Gorton 90 

Steven Gaston 89 

Jade Gatling 90 

Scott Gelling 90 

Laura Geise 90 

Mike Geismar 89 

Cherie George 90 

Cherylynn Gerardo 90 

Kimberly Getvocio-Cruz 90 

Danielle Gibb 90 

Todd Gibson 89 

Tyge Gibson 90 

Michele Giddens 89 

Shron Gilbert 90 

Lamar Gilchrist 89 

Gemma Gilero 90 

Jamie Giles 90 

Jennifer Gilmon 89 

Kern Gindle 90 

Richie Girouella 89 

Scott Glasier 90 

Doug Ghssen 90 

Shelly Glosch 89 


i*^ ,f 

.» .— •" 


L V 






Psyched out:. Todd Williamson toughs it out on the bench. 

# k 

^ ^ 

Waiting is the toughest part, but some of the best 
athletes had their beginnings warming up the cold 
wood of benches. While others pay attention to the 
starters, the benchers watch dutifully and tediously 
to perfect their strategic skills and improve on 
tricks. One football athlete was quoted as saying he 
was glad to have at least made the team. All that time 
spent on the bench helped him in the following year to 
play productively and he became a starter. 
Benchwarmers have much patience and determina- 
tion which makes for a good start the following year. 
New moves and skills are practiced over the summer 
and come school time, the rejuvenated athletes rip 
the field. So benchers-'til next year -Bobby Gray 

You know you are a 

sophomore wl-ien, 

'After seven months 

of school, you stiil 

don't know where 

the cafeteria is.' 

— C h a r y 1 o n e 


'You can't find the 

main office " — Marc 


"When your t'Q merits 

finally let you out on 

a date." — Ginu 


'When nobody gives 

you lunch money,' 

—Mike Joyce 

"When you are in 10th 

grade.' —Jeremy 


'When you .start frji- 

iing." — Sami Hoiti- 




Hong outs, 
Lynnhoven Ma!l end 
Photon — Micheol 

In the Bat cove 
—Chris Clark 
Dollar Days. --G R 
Greenbrier Mall 




MAN! Even license plates denote lingo. 

What's the 

Slang is the deal. How else can you say "good" fifty 

ways? Catch this: You come home r-'eally bummed 

after working at MickieDees. Then what REALLY 
r'ips you is your bonehead brother, thinking he'll be 
He-Man, wrestles you and breaks your chaz legs! I 
You decide to kill him, but bump the idea; the 
scrounge owes you fifty bucks. Then to add to it, the 
hot guy you've been scamming on for eight weeks 
decides to ring you up, but is bustin' after five 
minutes of convo because you can't say anything but 
"Oh. " Your day has been just the TOO killer day so 
far; now you're only in a blue funk and your legs ar^ 
looking a sexy blue. Your 1 QSO's reject parents 
come home exclaiming "groovy" and "funky" all over 
the house. "Are they serious?*?", you think. So 
what! I ! Life's a Betty! Who needs all of this when you 
can crash, or catch some tough videos on T. V 


NiCkv •■--; .r, 

ivy Gonzaies f' 
Jed Gonzales 9l 
Michc3el Grxicl 89 
Joe Goodman 90 
Joe Goodnnan 90 
Wendy Goodmon 89 

Andrea Goodrich 89 
J J Gordon 90 
Christine Gottschalk 90 
Randy Gozum 9Ct 
Shirley Groeber 89 
Kim Graham 89 
Stephen Graham 90 
Darryl Grandle 90 
Jennifer Grant 89 
Melisso G>ranl 90 

Shoron G5rani 90 
Theresa Grant 90 
David Graves 89 
Ctiristi Gtovette 90 
Lashaun Gray 89 
Rex Gray 90 
Robert Gray 90 
Theresa Gray 89 
no Green 90 
Greene 90 

Kristie Greene 89 
Tina Greerie 89 
Roberta Greenwood 90 
Robette Greenvi'ood 90 
Sonia Greer 89 
Pom Gregoire 89 
Kim Gregory 89 
Nicole Gregory 89 
Kellush Griffin 90 
Quince Griffin 89 

Tammy Griffin 90 
Alfredo Griffith 89 
Scott Griner 90 
Jock Groder 90 
Jonathan Gronemann 90 
Tracy Groome 90 
Steve Groshell 89 
Lynn Grover 90 
Mel Grover 89 
Chris Grimes 89 

Kelly Guerber 90 
Roger Guerrero 89 
Tim Gugliemini 90 
Chauntrel Guilford 90 
Veronica Gustafsson 89 
John Gustilo 89 
Becki May Guynn 90 
Amy Hable 90 
Allen Hackmann 89 
Chontelle Hager 90 

Jack Hoiley 89 
Felicia Hailstock 90 
Mary Ellen Hole 90 
Mike Hall 90 
Simbi Hall 89 
Terri Hall 90 
Tony Hall 90 
Bill Hoilock 90 
Samatho Haltiwanger 
Kafjo Hamel 89 

Jeremy Hamilton 89 
Steve Hamilton 89 
Theresa Hamilton 89 
Terry Haner 90 
Kolob Hang 90 
Scott Honly 90 
Morcello Hanno 89 
Lori Honnouker 89 
Lotte Hansen 89 
Susie Hansen 90 


Mike Hanson 89 

Kristina Harlow 90 

Stocev Harlow 90 

K»istie Harmon 89 

Arrv/ Harper 91) 

[j! ;esT Harper 90 

FJoine Harrell 90 

Keelv Harrington' 90 

Dc-;rnerrice Harris 89 









Hams 9(J 
Harris 90 
Harris 90 
Horns 90 
Harris 89 
Hams 89 
Harris 89 
Harris 89 

Andrea Harrison 90 

Cecy Harrison 90 

Scorr Harry 89 

Kevin Hart 90 

Randal Horr 89 

Randy Hart 90 

Connie Hartlove 90 

Jenein Hartrnan 90 

Cindy Hartzell 89 

Steve Hash 90 

Sheilo Hastings 90 

Keiih Hatch 89 

April Hathaway 90 

Kristin Haugeri 89 

Kym Hawkins 89 

Carol Hayes 89 

Jennifer Hayes 89 

Jackie Hedelund 89 

Tanyu nc-iogepofh 90 

BariDoro Henderstx)t 90 

Derrick Henderson 89 

Jo Ann Henderson 90 

Zach Henderson 90 

Heottier Henry 90 

Mike Hensen 90 

Stephanie Henth 89 

Cathy Herman 89 

Mark Hettinger 89 

Chris Hickey 90 

Jessica Hickmon 90 

Gene Hildebront 89 

Annber Hill 90 

David Hill 90 

KirTi Hillery 89 

David Hilton 8^ 

Dennetria Hines 90 

Joey Hines 90 

Brian Hirschi 90 

Amy Hise 90 

Dru Hise 89 

Jim Hodson 89 

Chris Hoemig 89 

Anne Hoften 89 

Debbie Hoffman 90 

Kimberly Hoffman 89 

Eric Hofmonn 89 

Keith Hogue 89 

Kellie Holder 89 

Ann Holley 89 

Eunice Holley 90 

James Hollowoy 90 

Mictielle Hollowoy 89 

Donya Hollowell 89 

Eric Holmes 89 




jki. V 


Nob tioday! Patricia Sutherland, Matt Eyer and Adam Spenoe con- 
template life during a lecture. 


v^ ^' 

.Ll^> lUV^ 

Why Me? 

"No-don't look at me! ", you mutrter under your 
quickened breath. 

"I didn't do my homework! I didn't read my chap- 
ter. . . " The teacher looks to the back of the room as 
you slouch with a sigh of relief. Picking a week-old 
hangnail you pray the teacher forgets you are there. 
Staring at your book, as if busy, the teacher spots 
your "studiousness. " Then suddenly, her eyes dart in 
your direction, but calls the guy in front of you. 
"Whew! Two more minutes, " you think. You gather 
your books while Einstein in front of you recites the 
whole chapter. "Three, two. . . " 

"Bob, could you add to his answer? Class, don't 
leave until he has his chance..." 

" hablo ingles!!" 



What food would 
you eat if you hod lo 
eoT it for the rest of 
your life? 

Strawberry Pez-L 3. 
Hawaiian pizza-D.R, 
Pink cotton candy - 
Grace Alejondrino 
Chinese food-B.D, 
Spaghetti with 
garlic-Ms W 
Spagfietti with white 
clam sauce-MW. 
Spaghetti with 

"But: Ms my reponc card dropped in the crowd and I couldn't 

st;op to pick it up, unless you wanted me dead. . . 


Hide It! 

Are you one of those people \A/hose r^eport card 
spells out your pr^edicament if your parents see it? 
Would you be D-E-A-D if they saw it? Do you think 
school is E-E-E-E-C? 

In an effort to help prolong your happiness for at 
least a fex/v days, here are some ways people we 
surveyed [who want to remain anonymous, of 
course) hid their report card: 1 . The computer went 
haywire; they gave you someone else's grades. 2. 
Your library book is six months overdue, 3. It vA/as in a 
notebook your friend threw out of the bus vA/indow, 4. 
It accidentally dropped during a class change in the 
hallway, 5. The computer printer is broken, 6. You 
were showing it to a friend in the hall when the 
Mystery Wind under the doorway blew it away, "7. 

You were out of toilet paper, so S. It fell out of 

your pocket as you \A/ere using the toilet; you flushed 
and., it was too late, 3. You added it to Spot's 
newspapers. 1 O. Simple way: You can't! !! I -Hazel 

ik .. . JHk .^ '.ii 


Kim HoiL,:. 
Gwen Hfj; ■ _ 
Chris Houck ViJ 
fc'ric Houk 90 
Chris Houle 90 
Monica House 90 
Suzette Howard 89 
Heath Howes 90 

Johnell Hubbord 90 
Rhonda Hubler 89 
Chern Hudson 90 
Connie Hudson 90 
Tanya Hudson 89 
Terri Hudson 90 
Mecca Huggins 90 
Joleen Hughes 90 
Shan Hulin 89 

Jennifer Hunn 89 
Enc Huntemann 89 
Brandon Hunter 90 
Derrick Hunter 90 
Phaedra Hunter 90 
Rose Husted 89 
Patrick HuTc^lerso^l 90 
William Hutchings 90 
Glenn Hutchinson 90 

Shannon Hutchison 89 
Chris Hutto 89 
Sara Hyder 90 

Elizabeth Hylton 90 
Mart Hylton 89 
Erie Hymens 89 
Melissa Ingram 89 
Sean Ingrom 90 
Christy Inman 89 

Cliff Irby 90 
Brett irons 89 
Gannon Irons 89 
Typhanny Irving 89 
Antonio Jackson 90 
Christine Jackson 89 
Dierdre Jockson 90 
Mike Jackson 90 
Renee Jackson 90 

Wes Jackson 89 

Chris Jacobs 89 
Thomas Jacobs 89 

Wendy Jacobs 89 
Julie Jakubowski 89 
Ralph James 89 
Janelle Jorus 90 
Tsonya Jefferson 90 
Jonathan Jenkins 90 

Jennifer Jenkins 90 
Suwano Jenkins 89 
Cindie Jennings 90 
Trenise Jennings 90 
Mark Jimenez 90 
Angeleque Johnson 89 
Brian Johnson 89 
CJohnson 89 
Cathi Johnson 89 

Chris Johnson 89 

Denise Johnson 90 
J, J Johnson 89 
Jena I Johnson 90 
Kenneth Johnson 90 
Kirsten Johnson 89 
Matt Johnson 90 
Nikaya Johnson 90 
Perry Johnson 90 


Susan Johnson 90 

Tamorr Johnson 90 

Jefry Johnston 89 

Brcxjk Jones 90 

Casondra Jaies 89 

Dofi Jones 89 

labitha Jones 90 

Tommie .Jones 90 

Bradd Jordon 89 

Scon Jorcion 89 

Jen Jorge 89 

Cloy Jose 90 

Rhoneil Jose 90 

Wayne Joseph 89 

Mike Joyce 90 

Chrissy Juarez 89 

Eric Juhl 90 

Chns Jusf 89 

Chris Kolrxibik 90 

Will Kaiser 91] 

Sanju Kokria 90 

Diana Koler 89 

Nicky Koter 90 

Ingrid Kolnos 89 

Kim Kapinskis 89 

Down Kater 90 

Melinda Kates 90 

Danny Kautfmon 90 

Chris Kaufman 89 

Ronald Keefus 89 
Kathy Keener 89 
Craig Kehoe 90 
Robert Keller 90 
Steven Keller 89 
Jimmy Kelley 89 
Heather Kellington 90 
Melissa Kerrppoinen 90 
Kim Kennedy 90 

David Kermon 90 

Lauren Kerr 89 

Richard Kershaw 89 

Laurie Kidd 89 

Le Kiev 90 

John Kilb 89 

Sean Kilby 90 

Robert Kimble 90 

Gerry King 89 

Krista Kirk 89 

Alex Kirklond 89 

Chris Kirkpotrick 89 

Angela Kissinger 90 

Linda Kitrell 90 

Sonya Kloput 89 

Andrea Klein 90 

Iravis Klein 89 

Susan Klerter 90 

Debbie Kline 89 

Theresa Knerr 89 

Crystal Knight 89 

Monica Knight 90 
Tora Knight 90* 

Sherry Knutson 90 

Andrew Koelsch 89 

Clarissa Kolipano 89 

Danielle Kolipano 89 

Bruce Kooken 89 

Adam Korchak 90 

Ray Kotrbo 90 

Jenny Kotvos 89 

Charlotte Krag 90 

Diana Krell 89 

Beth Krolikowski 89 

Dan Krotz 89 

Patricia Kruck 90 

Pete Kruck 89 

Kimberly Kuehne 89 

Jodi Kundo 89 

Melissa Kunkel 89 

Debbie Kuznicki 90 

T '/£^- 



HUH?! The hair of Mona Paecual, Tanya Tuner ana Iviabelaine Reyes 
xA/hips up as Che mystery wind strikes again. 


Nobody Knows 
Until IMovui^ 

■ ■ 

Wow-that refreshing gust of air hits your face 
after a long workout at gym... A sudden wooosh of 
wind smacks your forehead and screws up your hair. 
What is it? No one opened the door! ! Look up-see the 
circles above the doors?-light bulb! ! But what about 
that Great-Sucking machine in the science hall that 
steals last night's homevA/ork (another great ex- 
cuse!)? It doesn't offer the same feeling of exhilara- 
tion as the Great Wind. Pitch for one to be enstalled 
by the gym locker doors. 

If you had a two 

week vacation, 

where would you 



The moon 

Down under 


Martha's Vineyard 

Anywhere in the 

year 2010 



Where will you be 20 

years from now"? 

"Jusr out of college " 


"Crazy I' —Tom 


•Richi' —Debbie 


'An heiress, married 

to an actor ' —Diane 


"So happy!" —Li. 
"Blonde and blue 
eyed.' — Mono 

\ I 

Sfcsp int:a fashion. One of the many ways Co express yourself is the 
shoes you wear. 

Coming along with tine human species, each of us 
carries his or her o\A/n unique characCeristics and 
personality. One method of expressing these un- 
paralled qualities is through the manner of dress. 
The process of miaking style statements goes on 
everyday with evident displays of one's aspirations in 
trying to be himself or having the desire to shine and 
be different from all the rest. Some feel at home by 
blending into the scene and still there are others who 
wish to conceive themselves as someone more than 
just a face in t;he crowd. With preps, jocks, be-bops, 
hard core, skaters, surfers, breakers, rappers, 
wanna-be's, fashion magazine models, and many 
more, a person has a limitless variety to choose 
from. -Jaydee Cabral 


(nki3 L jL- 
Johf ' 
MdV L ir r 
V 111 1 t^ L r A 
Vii I- / ur' L I '' 
•^Cindy Lonribinicio 89 
Amy Luncasicr rV 
Kevin Loricastof 90 
Snannon Lang 9U 
Ron Langley 89 

Ron Lopid 90 
Mike Lorkin 89 
Jens Lorsin 90 
Joe Laskowski 90 
Rob Lallo 90 
Matt Lowrence 89 
Ryan Lawrence 90 
Titus Lawrence; 90 
Wendy Lawrence 90 
Jason Lawson 89 

Leigh Lowson 89 
Melinda Lawson 90 
Richard Laxa 90 
Eddie Layaog 90 
Ann Marie Lea'_:r 
Roberto Leandc . 
Jennifer Leatheiv/ootj 9U 
Joon Leber! 90 
Michelle Lebo 90 
Rebecca Led better 90 

Charlene Lee 90 
' h^ Lee 89 
: ■, loeth Lee 90 
Karny Lee 89 
Wai Yin Lee 89 
John Lefurgey 90 
Jaesus Legorreta 90 
Eric Legaspi 89 
Micheal Leggiardro 90 
Mai Lei 89 

Cheryl Leisey 90 
Shawn Lenhort 90 
Susan Lennon 89 
Karen Lentz 89 
Dan Leonard 89 
Eric Letada 90 
Juliet Levantine 89 
Bruce Lewardowski 89 
Jack Lewis 90 
Jemmalyn Lewis 90 

Kristi Lewis 90 
Marvin Lewis 90 
Mary Lewis 90 
Misty Lewis 90 
Pat Lilienthal 89 
Deanna Lilly 90 
Kim Lilly 89 
Wendy Lilly 90 
Valerie Linntiaco 89 
Jennifer Lindemuth 90 

Scott Lindenburg 89 
Julie Lindsay 90 
Leslie Lipscomb 90 
Maria Litzendurt 89 
Charlene Liverman 89 
Felicia Llanes 90 
Greg Lloyd 90 
Niki Lloyd 89 
Kathy Loodwick 89 
Derrick Loar 89 

Natalie Loar 90 
Gwenita Locky 90 
Johneise Loften 90 
Graham Logsdon 90 
Ana Lohnes 89 
Fermin Lombos 90 
Jonie Lombos 90 
Brian Lunderee 90 
Sean Looper 90 
Angelique Lopez 89 



Jessie Lopez 90 

Rac;hel LopfJZ 89 

Darrvl Lcxraine 90 

Laurence Loucks 89 

Jeff Love 89 

Tatcjnisha Love 89 

Kim Lovelond 90 

Tficia Lowe 89 

Chris Lowery 90 

icjio L'jco.-) 99 

Edifho Luceno 89 

Aileen LucetD 89 

Guam Lute 90 

Michelle Lynche 90 

Jill Mocopobre 90 

Christie McacDonald 89 

Doug Mac Dona Id 89 

Sandy Mcjcelroy 89 

Mic;helle Mack 90 

Hecjther Mackay 89 

Joseonno Mockey 89 

Pot Mocky 90 

Ronald Madera 89 

Jenn Magbanua 89 

Michelle Maggoire 89 

Coisandro Mogill 89 

Wes Mogill 89 

Lisa Maglone 89 
;C;andis Maine 90 ■ 

Chrissie Moibori 90 

Vicki Maldonado 89 

Dovid Malin 90 

Eileen Malony 89 

ChonWra Molson 90 

John Mongiaracino 89 

Jennifer Mongus 90 

Renee Mani 90 

■Deseree Manley 90 

Judy Manlulu 90 

Jenny Manning 90 

Adolf Morcia 89 

Brian Marcum 89 

Dexter Moriodo 89 

David Morino 89 

Kirsten Markgrot 89 

Becky Marker ,89 

Tony Markin 90 

Dawn Mcjrklmger 89 

Deanna Marroletti 89 

Micheal Marsh 89 

David Marshall 89 

Michelle Marshal 90 

Michelle Marshall 90 

Mike Marsfrall 90 

Nicki Marshall 89 

Anthony Martin 90 

Jennifer Mortin 90 

Sharyn Martin90 

Shelly Martines 89 

Vincent Martinez 89 

Meddle Mr jrty 90 

Rondo Mcjnz 90 

Andy Marx 89 

Mcjry Marx 89 

Dawn Mason 90 

Deion Mason 90 

Jennifer Mason 90 

Lynette Mason 89 

Marc Mason 89 

Mike Mason 9f' 

Ross Mason 9' 

Tonya Mason 9i i 


k i 


Run! These students tough the cold \A(eather to make up a missed gym 

The tenth grader releases a sigh of relief as he 
places on the five-week old white gym socks for the 
last time. "No more blood red shirts; no more seven- 
ties-styled blue polyester shorts..." But wait-what 
will happen to Social Hour? To an easy grade? To ex- 
ercise? Take a look at Joe, an eleventh grader. He 
was a guy of medium build in tenth grade, but ever 
since gym was over, he is now a large build. All of his 
bells require sitting; no more exercise. He NEVER 
has time to talk to his chums because he is always 
studying or catching up on homework. Joe stares 
longingly out his chemistry window and thinks, "Gee, I 
wish I had gym again..." 

The tenth grader takes off his smelly socks for the 
last time and thinks, "Hey, I'll take gym next year; 
these red shirts aren't so bad. . . " 

What food can't you 
live without? 
40% all in favor for 

30% fast food 
157o Doritoes 
10% Chinese take- 

5% mom's horrie- 
cooked meals 


School is out and 
you hove the whole 
weekend to do 

25% waking up early 
The next day and 
coming home late 
from work 

20% going to a fri- 
end's house. Rather, 
going to a friend's 
house, inviting 
people over ar)d 
having a party 
17% (for sun 
worshipers only] the 
beach is always 

16% cruising around 
in your car with your 
buddy and a half- 
empty gas tank 
10% going to the 
library to do 
research on that En- 
glish paper due 

7% on a date to ihe 
movies with the guy/ 
girl you've been 
scamming on for 5 

relaxing at home 
and sleeping 


Hot Rod. The fortunate owner of this beaut^y can be seen cruising the 
highway at BOnnph. 


Impulses. Rabbits, Beamers, Mazdas. ..which car 
do you choose? The one that depends on the wallet 
size, right? NO, that doesn't nnatten. Look at the 
parking lot-all sizes, shapes, and colors are strewn 
across it. People in all shapes and sizes enter them. 
Their cars reflect who and what kind of person they 
are. The small, fast, and racy ones reflect a person's 
adventure. Even the inside of the car reflects an in- 
dividual. That person that tells you to place your feet 
on a long piece of paper In front of your seat most 
likely is an organized one. Others are cautious as 
they take their 'BS model over the speed bumps. Still 
othiers "vrrrooom" through the parking lot. Neverth- 
less, we all agree: having a car is much better than 
cruising on a Schwinn. 













1 . 




. I 

g^V. ' 



Jcxjnrie iv 
Mcirprie !vl.., 
Robin N/iatfiisen V( 
Iravis M':i-nev "-"O 
Ken f 

Lc^urci Moyei 89 
Tenia Move 90 
Ailison Moyr; 90 
Doug Mays 89 
Mike McConeiy 89 
., Aaron McCr5r"in 90 

Korla McC; 

5e<':)nius K''" . ■ 

Steve McCorrney vO 
Craig McCon\' 89 
Mott McCauley 89 
Shone McCtain 89 
Juliette McCloaiy 90 
Doug McCloy 90 
Jirnrny McClus!- 

Jona McCoy 89 
Elizobeih McCutclien 90 
Billie Jo McKenzie 90 
TriciQ McKenzie 90 
LoShello McKenzie 90 
PaymonrJ McKinley 89 
Man McKinzie 90 
Paul McKirdy 90 
Marshall McKlveen 89 

Mike McKlveen 89 
Toby McKnight 90 
Monique McLaine 90 
Leslie McMoran 90 
James McNeill 90 
Emily McNew/ 90 
Travis Meads 89 
Lori Meagher 89 
man Mealy 90 

Doug Meehan 90 
Mickey Meekins 89 
David Mei 90 
Joy Mejia 90 
Scott Mel I 89 
Eric Mellor 90 
Jodi Menon 89 
Ruth Mercodo 89 
Rhonda Mess 90 

Amy Messe 90 
Koreena Messer 89 
Shayne Methuin 90 
Shelly Metzger 89 
Joey Meyers 89 
Rick Meyri 89 
Erik Mickeison 89 
Coy Middleton 90 
Stacey Middendorf 89 

Lori Milboum 90 
Virginia Milboum 90 
Allison Miller 90 
Amy Miller 90 
Andrea Miller 89 
Mike Miller 89 
Mike Miller 89 
Tanya Miller 90 
Jeonette Milling 89 


.Jehniif(gr Wills 96' 

Aoarn Millus 89 

Eryri Minor 89 

MiCi-'Je! Mi'-cr <>} 

Brian MPchfjII 90 

Loffjnzo Mitchell 89 

Nicola Mitchinson 90 

Dennis Moen 89 

Roger Mondore2 90 

Mike Mondif-J 89 

Angela Mcjnioya 90 

Mike MonToya 89 

Ciridy Moody 89 

Annette Moore 89 

Becky Moore 89 

Bobbie Moore 89 

Clark Moore 89 

Eric Moore 90 

Lucy Moore 89 

Sreohanie Mcwre 90 

Tino Moore 90 

Tony Moore 89 

Celina Morehead 89 

Nadirati Moreland 90 

Louis Morelll 89 

Eric Morgon 90 

Keren Morgan 89 

Kinnberly Morgan 89 

Monica Moms 90 

Shane Morris 89 

Shauneille Moms 90 

Todd Morrison 89 

David Morrow 90 

Mike Mosher 90 
Dorryl Moyers 89 

Mike Mmak 69 

Chris Mueller 90 

Mist Muhamnricjd 89 

Ben Muller 90 

Tina Mullins 89 

Jerry Mumford 90 

Jonathan Mumford 89 

Lemon! Mumford 90 

Renee Munson 90 

Toye Murphy 89- 

Annette Murphy 90 

Curtiss Murphy 89 

James Murphy 90 

Johri Murphy 89 

Lisa Murphy 89 

Bill Myers 90 

Valerie Myers 90 

Elizabeth Nagy 90 

Toney Nonce 90 

Denise Nardin 90 

Paul Nastono 89 

Paul Novorette 89 

Cossie Neal 89 

Tina Neolon 89 

Derek Neoley 90 

Shawn Neeley 90 

Diane Neidllnger 89 

Gory Nelson 90 

Jerrilyn Nelson 89 

Marty Nelson 89 

Jason Newman 90 

Milicent Neri 90 

Aaron Nesbit 90 

James Newlon 89 

Kim Newman 90 

Echo Newmiller 90 

Christy Newton 89 

Khonh Nguyen 90 

Richard Nicholas 90 

Heather Nieman 90 


How To Study For 

-sleep with the book 
under your head 
hoping for some of 
thot knowledge to 
seep through 
-engage yourself in 
deep and serious 
studying by meditat- 
ing, then acciden- 
tally sleeping 
-with a friend, or 
friends, they always 
say two heads ore 
better than one, 
-better yet, on easy 
solution: cram 



Ways To Preven' 
Yourself From Sleep- 
ing In Closs 
■count your teach- 
er's "ummmms' 
■pick your hangnails 
count The nunnber 
of baby hairs on tfie 
guy in front of you 
-read the writing on 
thf) desk 

-count the pieces of 
gunn urxjer the desk 
■stare at Itie chalk- 

■count the number 
of wrinkles in the 
teacher's skirt 
-discover new sitting 

-draw the whole 
class on a sheet of 
notebook paper 
-stare oi o hot babfj 
in class 

■stare at the secorids 
hond on your watch 

Bump It. Studencs tackle the range, hopefully not hitting the cones 

Only Six Oays 

"Oh, I'll get out in six days. I've been driving since I 
was ten. . . " Sure. J. R. , a junior, strolls out into the 
driver's ed parking lot. He expects to get his license 
exactly six days from his first day, for it will be his 
birthday. Stepping into the plush-interiored automo- 
bile, branded with a triangle sign atop the roof, J. R. 
eases back in the chair. The instructor greets him 
and expresses friendliness with a warm smile and a 
casual attitude. He only finds out later that the smile 
and the casual attitude were fake. Every chance the 
instructor got he slammed on the second brake con- 
veniently installed at his feet. He jerks J. R. 's steering 
wheel to the right, to the left. . . "Look guy, give me a 
chance to show you ho\A/ I drive, not you, " he thinks. 
As he finishes that day, the instructor quips, "OK 
son, you'll be getting out on the fifteenth day." 
Shocked and amazed, J.R. walks past the parallel- 
parkers knocking down each cone. 





Ill.vVV^. '/S\i/MtUtk 


W . .f 





i > 







■*► i^ k^^ L 



huuA. naWM^-' 



.^' i. 




n kw 

3l<-Ort Op 

Tim Ni'^on - 

L lur ] tJi in J 

i^^v rji- r >< i 


iJ tl 

Chri=iiriu "J If M / 
Chri tinr M j1 in 
Ovvrn rLh<?c ) *-/ 

Zh( rlc ic r J ri 111 
[nr \ Tj rr r 
f-ni_ rj wr II "•- 
h irif- f Jlv ^ c' 
T fy till I'm 
Trill Jutt ^ 
L Ni h - ^11 

1 iJi VI 1 
I jn 5i) 

( t I 

If riif 
Pl 1M >. I' „i ^i 

\|l^ flP J i h V 

Ml h II 1 i| ~li 

Cull J I n I 

Mf li'iu I, ■> ) r I 1 1 I 

K vir I ) \ i 

"r ifhi ^\J, <r -/I I 

Tin I I I h U ' 

Bt rrnr J I 1 ]i r ^ -f i 

A I h iirt= vil 
^ridr< 1 1 1, hu=jn vti 
f-ri( ( iliv ir ^1 1 

Ion I )liV ->l r. 

■"huwn oiiici <Ji I 
OittT Ul en -"-ri 
Nirhclo' _,lwin 
Di 11 nv c N il -I I 
r^i 1-1 Of J il n 
1 hn( njull -/Il 

Louie Ona 90 
Rachel Ongkingco 89 
John Ono 89 
Lorelei Orlina 89 
Pal Ormsby 89 
Nicole Orshesky 89 
Bernodetie Ort€;ga 90 
Florinda Oil ego 89 
Jennifer Onez 90 
Christina Outten 90 

Nowell Overby 89 
Joy Owens 89 
Mario Owens 90 
Shawn Owens 90 
Stefanie Owens 90 
Anne Padellec 89 
Elvira Padillo 90 
MUchelle Poet 90 
Allen Pogoduan 90 
Tiyana Page 89 

Tyree Page 90 
Danny Paine 89 
Alaina Palatini 90 
Ben Pa I left 90 
Dean Polompo 90 
Grace Poraoan 89 
Dodge Paras 90 
Stacy Parham 89 
June Parma 89 
Joda Parker 89 

Mm— ■■ 

IP Joanna Parker '-'0 


^ Krissy Parker 89 


' Suzanne Par1<er 89 


Joy Parkey 90 


Juhe Parrish 89 

Ma IV Parsons 90 


Dawn Parsons 89 

Willy Pasco 90 

Mono Pascual 89 

Randy Paul 89 


Christir\e Pauls 89 
-Juan Poyton 89 

Jodi Peacock 89 
Chris Ptxarce 90 
Lisa Pearson 89 
Jeonie Pere^ 90 

jc-xjnnie P&ez 89 
Karen Penny 89 

C-xiry PeralTa 90 

Dovid Peralte 90 

Lisa Perks 89 

Sheron Pemon 90 

Robert Perrotte 90 

Calvin Perry 90 

Michael Perry 89 

Tim Persons 89 

Shcjnnon Pererson 89 

Sharon Pent 89 
MaryJo Petrie 90 
Marc Petruska 90 
Carol Pezzuto 90 
Lenny Philbert 90 
Chuck Phillips 89 

Kim Phillips 90 
Shawn Phillips 89 

Lisa Piazza 90 

Patricia Pierle 89 

Stannon Pier(;e 89 

Steve Pietniszewski 90 

Monica Piene 89 

Carl Piiroinen 90 

Suzi Pinkney 89 

Joel Pinget 90 

Kim Pittmon 90 

Christine Pleban 89 

Dan/I Poud 90 

Holly Plunkett 89 

Elizabeth Poellnitz 89 

Julie Poindexter 89 

Esther Polityko 90 

Jeff Pollord 90 

Stocey Policy 89 

Jose-; Ponze 90 

Jeffrey Pool 90 

Anissa Poole 89 

Mischaileleon Poole 90 

F'otnce Pcx)!e 90 

Tony(3 Poole 90 

Donald Pope 89 

Jeff Porter 89 

Kenneth Porter 89 

Sean Portei 89 

Dcjwn Posch 89 

Michele Posey 90 

Curtis Powell 89 

John Powell 89 

Meliss(3 Powell 90 

Andy Pratt 89 

Man Preece 89 

Krisia Prendergost 90 

Debbie Preston 90 

Catharine Price 90 

Cathy Price 90 

Joey Price 89 

Jon Price 89 

Ruby Price 89 

Tommy Price 89 

Terry Pndgen 89 

Travis Priest 89 

Eric Prigmore 89 

Angela Pringle 89 



Hey You. Unfinished home' 

"This will be the last time, the only time I'll copy his 
homework. I'll get a zero if I don't," you think as you 
hurriedly scratch the answers onto your empty 
paper. In class that same day, a big chemistry test 
you totally forgot about is being passed out. You 
scratch the formulas from the chapter onto your 
hand. "I'll only do this once and never again. " Little did 
you know that cheating is addictive and a disease that 
is hard to cure. Next week it will be the little piece of 
paper under the desk, or the wide open notebook be- 
side your desk. You get your tests back and they all 
show a big "E. " "Huh?!?!?" Then in red ink, the 
teacher comments, "I saw the lovely workmanship on 
your hands. " Next time you have a test, play it safe; 
study, because the ink never comes off your hand 


What is YOUR defini- 
1 1 o n of " o s t e n - 

It's a southern word 
for "the cow has 
died'-Lyn Leondrado 
Five carat diamond 

A contagious, incur- 
able diseasel.M. 
1 think I had that 
vestercioy for dinner- 

Isn't that a rock 
group from Down 
Under '?'?-K.S 
Describes a wild 
night out-M.M. 


Monday Mornings 

-woking up al 7 30 

-having your locker 

-being coiled ori 
when rx)T reaciy 
•homework check, 
on the dcjy when you 
don'T hcjve it 
-getting assigned cj 

■receiving the drea- 
ded returned test 

-tioving the teacher 
throw on eroser at 
you to wake you 
from your sweet 

pop quizzes in first 

-not having a 
number 2 pencil 
■your girlfriend/ 
boyfriend breaking 
up with you after five 

going to school 

Good f-OOd. Students debate between the Twinkles or the fries. 

There is an array of snacks lined up in front of your 
face, but you rush back to grab some fries. The 
cafeteria food isn't that bad; it's warm and prepared 
for you, and is close to home. OK-maybe not close to 
home, but is convenient. The cafeteria food isn't that 
bad either after a long day with a gym bell, or having 
seventh bell lunch. That yelling stomach from second 
bell is satisfied after a bell of fries, milk, and a ham- 
burger. Admit it-the food isn't as bad as movies make 
them out to be; bet you actually even like it! I 




ohawn'Quigley 90 

C-ierf-ildine GluiHon '--n 
Marvin Ouintero - 
('"had Pfjiciifie - 
Tereso Rader 89 
Becky Raesemann 90 
Pete Ragcji 89 
Leri Roiney 89 
lonyo Roiney 89 
Tracy RarTibecKj v'O 

Jennifer Romtxj 89 
Renee Ramos 89 
Pohert Ramos 90 
Billy Ramsey 89 
(.horida Ramisey 89 
Gail Rarita 89 
Bryan Pane 90 
Rawles 90 
■Raymond 89 

Chri , Raymond 90 
J< in lie Raymond 90 
ics'Mca Raymond 89 
Sean Roymer 89 
Crjrino Reo 89 

into Reaves 89 
Lisa Rabmann 90 
Crystal Reed 90 
London Reed 89 

Rtionda Reed 89 
Diana Reese 90 
Lament Reese 90 
Randy Reeves 9f] 
Patty Regal 89 
Bob Reid 89 
Kirn Reid 89 
Tiffany Reid 89 
Mary Alice Remade 90 

ncia Remade 89 
t'llen Remirez 90 
Beth Remose 90 
Mary Rendon 90 
Ana Reneses 90 
Scott Rennick 89 
Aileen Renti-Cruz 89 
Mig Reomales 90 
Paul Ressler 90 

Irene Revito 90 

Amel Reyes 89 
Chris Reyes 89 
Ernesto Reyes 90 
Madeleine Reyes 89 
Moiyfie Reyes 89 
NociTd Reynante 89 
Sue Reynolds 89 
Nate Rezeau 89 

Pam Rhodeman 89 
John Rial 89 
Angie Riccio 90 
Chelsea Rice 90 
Joe Rice 90 
Ray Rich 89 
Wayne Rich 90 
Penny Richards 89 
Bruce Richardson 90 



Lt?uvea!rice Ricfwrdson 90 

r-?ob Picharcjson 90 

Dcjwn Richie 90 

Mir'Ciy Rickefsori '■• 

Devcyirw Rick: 

Angeia Riddick 90 

James Riddley 90 

Susie Ries 89 

James Riggins 90 

Susar>.Riggins 90 

Jennifer Risinger 89 

Rex Riia -Rita 89 

Tl-Kjmas Ritchie 90 

Anihoriy Rivera 89 

Karen Rivero 89 

K.P Rivera 89 

Jason Rl^zl 90 

David Roach 90 

Jenny Robbins 89 

Delpt-iie Roberts 90 

Jennifer Roberts 89 

Rhondo RoDerts 89 

Chormciine Robc-,>rtson 9i) 

Sarah ftobineti 89 

Jcjscjn Robiason 90 

John Robinson 90 

Kimi Robinson 89 

Shone Robinson 89 

Shendo Robinson 90 

Brian Rogers 89 

Omar Rogers 89' 

Albfjd Rodriguez 90 

Tim Rogeberg 90 

Lisa Rogers 89 

Bryan Register 90 

Lori Rologson 90 

Shannon Romaine 89 

John Roper 90 

Miguel Rogue 89 

Kevin Rose 89 

Lori Rosenman 90 

Rob Roskopp 90 

Soma Ross 89 

Kim Roucek 89 

ftachel (?ouridiree 89 

Aaron Rousse)au 89 

tytichelle Rousseau 90 

Suson Rowe 89 

April Rowland 90 . 

Michelle Roy 90 

J.R Ruggiero89 

Fred Run 90 

Stephanie Runyon 90 

Brad Russell 90 

Jeff Russell 89 

Jerr/ pussei; 90 

led Ryan 89 

Borbcjro Rybarczuk 90 

Ron Sadsad 89 

Angela Soetta 90 

Christine Sokowitz 89 

Noel Sole 90 

Florintino Solod 90 

Heather Salon 90 

Chris Salter 90 

Mike Salvador 90 

Wonda Sambels 90 

Norbet Sampson 90 

Philip Sampson 90 

Steve Sanders 90 

Derrick Sanderson 90 

Deshawn Sanderson 89 

Anthony Sonsone 89 

Allaine Santiaguel 89 

Allison Santos 90 

Ed Santos 89 

Mae Santos 89 

Sandra Same 90 

Mary Ellen Saur 90 




I m 



Waiting. Chris Grouse, Mike Miller, Mike Geismsr, Mike Strobach, 
and Scotrc Mell joke around before their mug shots are taken. 

Use the 

We all await that dreaded day when the 
photographers come to school to take the mug 
shots. Or, youp English or gym teacher happens to 
forget the exact day and when you are called down to 
get them taken, the mussed hair and growling look is 
what ends up in the yearbook. And to all the relatives 
up and down the United States. And to your friends. 
And on top of the fireplace. And in your mom's wallet, 
who shows it to everyone. We agree that mug shots 
aren't a mirror image of ourselves and are meant to 
be placed in the fireplace. If the first one taken 
doesn't satisfy, then a second one is taken. "Ooh, I 
hope this one is in the yearbook. My first one was 
soooo gross! ! " What happens? The first one is put in. 
But then you think, "Well, I look like that half the time, 
so it's not so bad. . . " 


Who Would You 
Most Like to Have o 
Conversation With'7 
Ttie guy that sits in 
front of me in Frencti 
class- MM 

Ton-i Curren, bra, to 
get some tipa-DJ, 
Bobcat Goldthwoit, 
makes for some 
loud, interesting 
conversation- J.D, 

The hot babe that 
walks by the class- 
room windov\/ every- 
day-Mike S 
Lee lacocca to dis- 
cuss some "Get- 
Rich' schemes-Scott 



What are your im- 
mediate plans after 
Definitely to be- 
come a millionaire- 

Working at Amoco- 
Joy A 

Traveling-B B. 
Writing a book 
about my high 
sctxx)! years-H D, 
Finding THE perfect 
guy-Maria L. 

GrOUpiBS. Friends hang atxjund the locker and chur-n around before 


They are emphasized in movies-the jocks, the 
preps, the snobs, the weirdos, etc. . . Green Run 
has an assortment of unique groups. You can see 
them group in the corner, yapping about the party 
last week, another group talking about the great 
interception someone made at a football game. 
These groups all act and dress in the same \A/ay. 
They caruse do\A/n the hall like fish in a big lake. 



occirt 90 
|Schel! 89 
^sbVi Scherese 89 

A J Shiifjno 89 

Sarah Shili 91) 
Lon v-i'!r,;df 89 



uart\i Sciineliei'i 

-Albert SchulU 8-} 

James Schultz 89 

Steve Schultz 89 

Ginrjer Sctiworte 89 

Dt t I le Sirhy^echier-; 8' 
Juiiv Schewechien '-Aj 
Jennifer Sr^ione 89 
Vicl-i Scione 90 
Chris Scotr 90 
Kris Seotr 89 
Trt T la Sc'011 89 
Amy Sf-iors 89 
Heather Seaton '9i3 

Mary Seaver 90 
Robert Seed 89 
Brod Seiberlich 90 
Monica Sellers 90 
Vonissha Sellers 89 
Lisa -Mane Sermon 90 
Richard Serrrjno 90 
Kenneth Gessons 90 
Rnodcu 1 Setzer 89 
Stielby Sewell 89 

Beth Sgcjnda 90 
Korine Si'iode 90 
Shohyor Shonnia 90 
Sean Shc^nnon 89 
Chris Shorpe 89 
Purvi Shah 90 
Allison Sheenhon 89 
Rick Sheffield 89 
Jenri Sheldon 90 
John Sfieldon 89 

Ron Sheppard 90 
Steven Sheppard 90 
Susan Shivoh 89 
Jim Shook 89 
Kim Shuffer 89 
Renee Sickinger 90 
Valerie Siedleck 90 
Nancy Simbulan 90 
Ron Simbulan 89 
Renee Simmons 89 

Wendy Simpson 89 
Angela Sims 89 
Beth Sims 90 
Joy Sims 90 
C. Sinclair 89 
Leslie Sinclair 89. 
Alison Singer 90 
Aileen Sison 90 
Ron Sitjar 89 
Kelly Skinner 90 

Daphne Skinner 90 
Cheryl Skopal 89 
Sonjo Slattery 90 
Francesco Sloan 90 
Tracy Slone 89 
Karen Slough 89 
Danny Smolley 90 
Aaron Smith 89 
Autumn Smith 89 
Bradley Smith 89 


Chns Smith 90 

Jennifer Smllh 90 

KrisTin Smith 89 

Larry Smith 89 

Lori Sniith 89 

Llub Smltt-i 89 

Mike Smith 90 

Paul Smith 90 

l^ayrnond Smith V; 

f?icriQrd Smith 89 
Roger Smith 90 

Tommy Smith 89 
Torre Smith 89 
Tonya Smith 90 

Vondo Smith 89 

Beth Smithson 89 

Mark Sneicte 89 

Aavolon Snoeden 90 

Ojujno Snowden 9(J 

Isooc Snowden 89 

Nicole Snowden 90 

Micl-ielle Snyder 90 

David Sobie 89 

Steve Sobie 89 

ErnrTionuelle Solimon 90 

Arlene Sonson 89 

Earnest Soriano 89 

Brian Soulby 90 
Patricio Southerland 89 

Dennis Spam 89 

Celio Spalding 89 

Robbie Spanton 90 

Chrissy Sparks 90 

Sparky Sp(fnectt 90 

. Honi Speaks 89 

Shawn Specjks 89 

Lisa Spear 89 

Aaron Spence 89 

Adam Spence 89 

Eric Spence 89 

Jennifer Sprongers 90 

Stephanie Sprongers 89 

Michelle Sprawls 89 

Mictx-jlle Springs 90 

John Spruill 90 

Fogon Stackhous 89 

Kristi Stompe 89 

Matt Stompe 90 

Christee Stondford 89 

Karri Starr 89 

Kristina St.Cloir 90 

Jeff Stebbins 90 

Dertnis Stem 90 

Jim Stephens 89 

Kris Stepp 90 

Poul Stewart 89 

Shannon Stewart 90 

David Stickel 90 

Rick Still 89 

Jennifer Stilley 90 

Tern Still 90 

Lisa Stirrot 89 

Brian Stokes 89 

Veronica Stortim 90 

Sonyo Sfronon 90 

Donna Strong 90 

Stoci Strosburg 90 

Staci Strosbur 90 

Mike Streetmon 89 

Stacy Streit 89 

Bram Streleou 90 

Chris Strickland 90 


Search for 

Underclassmen move up into the world \A/ith insu- 
Ing questions such as college preferences, PSAT 
and SAT scores. It is a metamorphosis into matur- 
ing. Decisions made in high school, starting in the 
tenth grade, usually project into adulthood. More 
questions are asked of ourselves, along with more 
worries. In our search for future plans we look at 
every aspect of life and think more. In junior high, all 
that was worried about was getting to the dance on 
time, and having fun. The same prevails about the 
search for fun, but it is hinted with ideas of our 
search for tomorrow. -Jaydee Cabral 


Where do you keep 
Items saved from 
youf childhood'' 
Survey soys... 

— the ottic 

— under my bed 

— 'I wish 1 knew ," 

— in my brother's 

— "I don't: the Salva- 
tion Army has first 
bids on them" 

— In the desk draw- 

-- In o box some- 
where deep in the 



What IS the ideol 

— Cc:r woshes in De- 

— • Kit-Kots in the 12- 
bar pock 

— Women mud- 
wrestling contest 

— Jello ecjfing con- 
test ■ 

— Breakfast at 

-^ ( 


Worki Worki Work. Students tackle tough math problems, using 
their nnental strength. 

The V\/orking 

Many people work at various jobs and juggle it vA/ith 
school work and studying. But working is, most 
times, fun and profit re\A/arding. If it's not working at 
the mall, it's in school. Working outside requires the 
same mental fitness as working on a math problem, 
studying for a test, and answering questions in class. 
Activities in the afternoon are also pursued. The 
busibodied underclassmen, many of whom can be 
seen working at different shops, are a bunch of hard- 
working individuals. 





Vj :ir.Ua SlfoucJ ^9 
Stephfjnie Siuorr 90 
Velekc G'udivani 8? 
Kevin Stumpf 90 

-■ ■ ^ ~Aj 

Craig Suggs 9fJ 
Sarah Suggs '^(i 
Ai 1 1 yjrnni(-.'fi y'v 
JulT' Sunoyel 89 
Dcjnny Sun-imereli 90 
Chi T Sundbeig Vf J 

Mark Sufton 9C 
Bobby Swoin 89 
Michelle Swora 90 
kelli Sweeney 8*^ 
Thomas Sweene>y 9!' 
Ralf Sweetionrj 89 
Tom Swigt': 

Jimpearl i-j; ^ ■ . -ii 
Zandro Tabron 90 

Coyce Talbon 89 
Morsi Tamer 89 
Amy Tonous 89 
Yosmine Tanyag 89 
Rebecca Tatterson 90 
Caprice Taylor 89 
Denise Taylor 90 
Heidi Taylor 89 
Kirsien Taylor 89 

Loshunda Taylor 89 
Oav Iaylor90 
Irar;if3e Taylor 89 
Troyc3 Taylor 89 
Warren Taylor 90 
Yerta Taylor 89 
James Teachman 90 
Mike Tedesco 90 
Loren Teillon 89 

Tony Tenorio 90 
Kennelh Temort 90 
Sean Temple 90 
Shannon Terry 89 
Stephanie Thomas 89 
Bruce Thompson 89 
Celeste Thompson 90 
Jennifer Thompson 90 
JImmie Thompson 90 

Kimberly Thompson 89 
Sherrie Thompson 89 
Valerie Thompson 89 
Mike Thorton 89 
Becky Thurston 89 
Mai Tong 90 
Jay Torio 89 
Jeff Torres 90 
Daryl Torrey 90 

Mark Torti 89 
Christina Tottossy 90 
Jenny Tower 90 
Jermaine Towns 90 
Michelle Towslee 89 
Chris Trommell 89 
Victoria Tranberg 90 
Mike Trescott 89 
Doedy Trimmer 89 



Lonv Valure 89 

Debbie Van Roden 89 

Melissa Vandersilce 90 

Kellie Venderveer 90 

Moft Vaneps 89 

Su.sari Vvjnsiyke 90 

Tfxid Vasconcelitjs 89 

G<jiY Vaugh(;n '?0 

Billy Voz 90 

Ehos Vaz 90 

Joe Velonzo 89 

Mike Ventura 90 

Kcjthi Vile 90 

Cinciie Villanuevcj 90 

Soi Vong 89 

Jon Voorheis 90 

Khanthu Vu 90 

Tuon Vu 89 

Sara Van Hoy 89. 

Heidi Wade 90 

Jenny Wade 89 

Maurice Wade 90 

Javon Wagner 90 

Stepi'ionie Wegener 90 

Kirr;berly Wahrenburg 89 

Jef Waite 89 

Donnie Walker 90 ' 

Eric Walker 90 

Wilhe Ann Walker 90 

Angie Wallace 89 

Lee Wallace 90 

Marc Walroven 90 

Jennifer Walsh 90 

Chris WalThcjII 89 

Steve Walihall 89 

Charice Walton 89 

Kim Walton 89 

Brian Ward 90 

Glenn Wcjrd 90 

Kathy Ward 90 

Pam Ward 89 

Eva Wore 90 

Evelyn Ware 90 

Adrian Warren 89 

Angie Warren 89 

Cindi yy^rrgp 9Q 

1^ ^ 

Wf^JT' rs 

>.. i 


Brando Wesson 89 

M. :li 



There he is. "Who is Mr. French??" ThaC question is answered here as 
Mr. French is all smiles. 


The world would be a boning place without 
mysteries. There are many that people wonder en- 
dlessly about. One of the most frequented at this 
school is the question of "who is Mr. French?" 

Most of the time when you go to a school, one of 
the first things you learn about is its principal and 
after awhile, you get to pretty much know him and 
recognize him. Here at Green Run it's different. 
Everybody has heard the name "Mr. French", but few 
people have actually seen him. There are even 
seniors who have never seen him. 

Being that the school is so large, Mr. French 
blends with the crowds. But look for him at all school 
functions and assemblies. And if you don't get to see 
him then, look him up in the yearbook! And don't 
forget to say "excuse me" to everyone you bump into- 
one of them may be Mr. French. 


Leaders At: Work. Mona Pascual, Ruth Damaso, and Tim Persons- 
Junior Class Treasurer, Seorecary, and Vioe-Presidenc-discuss Ring 
Dance plans. ^ 

Lots of Class 

The junior class officers have a lot to contend with, 
not to mention the 1 OOO plus juniors to handle and 
deliver to. The class' officers, Gil Flores-President, 
Tim Persons-Vice President, Ruth Damaso- 
Secnetary. and Mona Pascual-Treasunen dedicate 
most of this year to bring a spectacular and 
memorable ring dance. High school rings are orde- 
red during the junior year, which embarks yet 
another task tu be tackled by the officers, vA/ith the 
aid of their committee members. Along with the busy 
months, the year promises to be fun and new for the 





L-dith Wovne 89 
Karen Wearer 90 
Kristin Weaver 90 
tviork Weaver 89 
Dana Webb 90 
Terrv Webb 90 
John Webber 89 
.John Wecrit 89 
Jeff Weigolct 89 
Jett Weil 90 

Michelle Weni 89 
Ken WeissnG'i -'■ :■' 
Chorlorte Wetchi 80 
Dovid Welcien 90 
Jennifer Wentz 90 
Kim Werth 89 
ViiDrsho Werner 90 
Rosolie Wenz 89 
Eric Wesley 89 
Lf3ura Wes;>e'!fio'f 90 

Sera West 90 
Geraldo Wesft"irook 90 
Melissa Wesfbrook 89 
Teresa Westby 89 
Jason Wetzel 90 
Deborah Whorton 90 
Ryan Wharton 90 
Sarah Wheeller 90 
Wendy Wheeler 90 
Cfjrmen Wtiethom 89 

Angela White 39 
Ceandrio White 90 
Crystal White 90 
Devin Whiite 89 
Justin White 89 
Kenny White 90 
Lee White 90 
Tanya White 90 
Tammy Wtiitehead 90 
Christine Widell 89 

Audreka Wiggins 89 
Rizzel Wiggins 90 
Van Wiggins 89 
Cheryl Wilcox 89 
Lititia Wilkins 89 
Debbie vi'illenborg 90 
Alona Williams 89 
Daniel Williams 90 
Dennis Wililiams 90 
Jawanna Williams 89 

Kathy Williams 89 
Lynn Williams 89 
Lynn Willioms 89 
Nicole Williams 90 
Pam Williams 90 
Rebeco Williams 90 
TJ. Williams 90 
Tauheed Williams 89 
Tim Williams 89 
Todd Williamson 89 

James Willis 90 
Angela Wilson 89 
Charles Wilson 89 
Danielle Wilson 90 
Elton Wilson 89 
Eric Wilson 90 
Erica Wilson 89 
Ericka Wilson 90 
Greg Wilson 89 
John Wilson 89 


RvdrV'WIISOn 89 

Scr^ Wif'-on W 

Allefi VvocKarow 90 
Charles Winslow 90 

Elycio Withorri 90 
Susar^ W'n 90 

Chrisllri. : 

Jennifer Wohi 90 

Dawn Wolfe 89 

Kym Wollman 90 

Ronald Wonribler 90 

fcriaa Wood 90 

Brian Woodall 89 

Kevin WoocJall 90 

Troy Woodall 90 

Beth Woodhouse 89 

Terns Woodis 90 

Kim Wcxjds 89 

Sandy Workman 90 

Carrie Worley 89 

Derrick Wray 89 

Bartaorcj Wrighl 90 

Christopher Wrighr 89 

Fronk Wright 90 

Jarnes Wnqht 90 

Kensey Wright 89 

Patrick Wright 90 

Veronico Wnte5el 90 

Nicole Wycarr 90 

Salina Wycoff 89 

Sobrina Wykoff 89 

BJ. Wynne 89 

James Yoccorn 89 

Robert Yates 90 


Miche Yourig 89 ' 

f?achel Young 89 

TocJd Young 89 

Shan Youngs 90 

Carlos Zamot 89 

Amy Zar^ella 89 

Cl-ien/l Zeis^ 90 

Michelle Zimmerman 89 

Bunsefe. After the bell rings signaling the first day of summer vacation, 
you walk on the sidewalk with homework off your mind. 


Memory Lane. Ruth Damaso and Brooke Barrows reminisce with 
friends as they walk down a path. 

Once In a 

The clock rolls around to 1 : 59 p. m. It is almost offi- 
cially the last day of school. Your heart beats in syn- 
cponicity with the seconds of the clock. "But wait, 
this can't be the last day of school. What am I going to 
do this sunnmier?? What about all my friends?? 
Where will I travel to?? Who will I meet?? No mione 
homework?? Yah, no more homework. No more 
teachers. No more detentions. No more lunch bell. 
No miore bell. No more stuck lockers. No more full 
parking lots. No more staying after to make up work. 
No more staying after for anything. No more passing 
notes. ..Wait this can't be the las..." The bell rolls 
around to 2: OO p. m. Mr. French adds some words of 
encouragement, "Have a safe summer." You stroll 
out of your chemistry class in a half-bliss, into the 
bright afternoon sunlight. "Those crazy lunch bells-l'll 
never forget the time when..." You'll never forget 
anything, because it was the Once in a Lifetime 


-now T^lat we hove 
recordecj mojority 
fovorifes, use the 
ovoilable space to 
record ycjur favorites 



School-that dreaded word. Big-tank size buses 
putter around the corner, ready and willing to pick 
up equally willing students. The first day of school 
is always the worst-regulations are read, honne- 
work and test standards are discussed, require- 
ments and class grading are explained. And that is 
the first day. Realization of school sets in as the 
leaves are changing. Warmer clothes, thicker 
layers are worn. Day by day goes. Football games 
to go to, people to meet. . . the year won't be THAT 
bad. Thoreau, Emerson, Hesse, Fitzgerald-names 
to know and love for school. Gone are the days of 
lazing in the sun, dreaming up predicaments, sand 
sticking to the suntan lotion. . . But wait! ! I Life isn't 
over-it's just beginning. Parties are there and who 
says it's too cold to go to the beach-so what if a 
Tropicana tan is not feasible, but local tanning 
salons can provide the look you need. Passing a 
scammed-on male down the hall, going to the foot- 
ball game with the girl in history class, dancing with 
the mate of your dreams at the Homecoming 
dance, staring out the window at the leaves all sha- 
des above the rest that blanket the 
ground. . . Numerous possibilities for the school 
year and ways to keep the winter warm. 



Remember When... 

The pledge is said every morning, but they say practice 
makes perfect. 

No, Not: Again. 

Frazzled from the bus ride to 
school, Roland Fernando takes 
easy steps. 

Undust: Those Minds. 

Homework and studying re- 
quires a lot of thinking. Amy 
O'Connor aids Andrea Good- 
rich in studying for a big psy- 
chology test. 


To Winter 

Write, Write, Write. 

School isn't all books and homework. Line 
chance to write on Che blackboard. 

Socle Retreat. 

Warmth is a necessity, and a 
toe's warmth Is high on the im- 
portance list. 




Guys-gee Che great lines out to hitch a chic for spring is 
here. Evidently, It wcrrks for Kevin Crockford as he 
"chats" with Miche Young during class change. 

Love is in the Air, 

Couples pop up everywhere, a 
sure sign of spring fever. 


To Summer 

Sigh. The grass is green again. The studs are 
hitting on everything that moves-again. Put away 
the socks. Throw the heavy, itchy winter coat into 
the closet-no need for it anymore. Now's the time 
for loose, comfortable, bright clothes-and love. 
The mine begins to wander about the Tropicana 
tanned babe that sits in front of the class. "Where 
did she GET that tan. . . " The eyes bolt to the huge 
windows of history class. Out the window, the 
flowers in full bloom make everyone sneeze. The 
couples sprinkling the halls make people go 
"Awww" as they goo-goo, but admit it-it's only jeal- 
ously. Going stag to Ring Dance is not the ideal way 
to live. Hopefully, good luck will prevail and 
maybe. .. a prom dress would be nice. But forget 
about Ring Dance-what about those summer 
bodies on the beach? A hot lifeguard working and 
talking. ..the hot, sultry, hazy days of sumimer are 
)ust around the corner. 

Fun Again. 

It IS great to spend time \/vith friends over ti~ie summer, 
especially at the beacl-i. 

The Great Break- 

Lush green palm 
trees. .. crystal blue- 
green water. . . clear-as-a- 
diamond sky. ..the great- 
est fantasy during the 
school year that is 
realized in summer. 




During the school year, work is done. During the 
summer work is done. Both are very profitable if 
effort IS put to it. Homework done neatly, on time, 
and coppectly makes for good grades, possibly 
even Valedictorian or Harvard material. Working 
hard at a job, say at McDonald's, can get you out of 
cleaning toilets to becoming manager of the Vir- 
ginia Beach McDonald's chain. 

School decides the future and how much effort 
put forth into it. School demands a lot CNo?!?!], 
but if you think about it-it's not as bad as it seems. 
Clubs afterschool and sports can alleviate the 
stress and pressures put forth from teachers. 
They are an outlet for extra energy also. Even ac- 
tivities dennand a lot, be it selling fundraisers or en- 
during physical strain in sports. But all are profit- 
able in the end. 

Next time, think about it before you place that 
chemiistry-worth-three-test-grades worksheet in 
the deep darkness of the bookbag. 

Work and Play. 

School isn't such a drag. These students perform a skit 
for the class, showing that there is fun in learning. 

All Work and No Play... 

...IS not true. The money earned working hard at a job. 
much like Jenny Wade, can be spent on leisure time such 
as the movies, gifts for yourself, etc. 


...And More Work 

Forget: the Fundraiser. 

After working hard selling pizzas for the Junior Class, 
Amy Sears and Todd Williamson taste their success. 

^' i 'i 

1 1 


^ if' 

1 1 





.. . ^ 




■■; I-. 

1-^ ,^■ 

■** ' ^ 

A iK -A? 



^"'- - -^f^ 








■ ^"x 'W "^ 



1 '^ ^*»«iAJ^ 



. • B 



As summer approaches, the idea of work is over our 
heads; we think more of lifeguarding on a beach with a 
\rjha\B bunch of hot babes. 

Crack Those Books!! 

Rosalie Wertz uses some free time in the cafeteria to 
catch up on last bell's lesson. 


n Unforgettable Year 

Arthur Abenir 
Cenon Abesa "A smart person is useless, if his know- 
ledge is not shared." 
Frederick Acuin 
Sherj Adams 

Melinda Adkins 

Melissa Adkins 

Robin Advocat "To my friends: you have given me the 

best times of my life. I'll remember you always." 

Grace Alejandrino "So what?" 

Denise Allen 

Donny Allen 

Marsha Allen "A smile, laughter and positive thinking 

are the best cure for what ails you." 

Michelle Amanatides 

Chris Andersen 

Caryn Anderson 

Mike Anderson 

Chris Ansell 

Aerica Antoine 

Glen Ardis 

Rowell Armenio 

Christin Ashman 


"Your senior year will be the most un- 
forgettable year in your life." All students 
have been told this by every adult. 
Being a senior isn't all it's cracked up to 
be; seniors have more pressures to deal 
with than ever before. 

Suzie Senior has to deal with SAT's, 
keeping her car running, maintaining 
her grades, and college applications. 
Social life you ask? It's non-existant...not 
enough money or time. She has 
recieved a notice informing her to take 

her senior portraits on the same day as 
her SAT's. 

With all these stress inflicting pressures, 
how is anyone to cope, especially while 
trying to escape the uncurable "SENIOR- 
ITIS"? However, those who do succeed, 
are greatly rewarded at graduation. 
Upon receiving their diplomas, all of 
these pressures became "THE GOOD 

—Scott Pritchard 

Benson Asis 

Mike Askew 

Zulieka Atwell "I'm over it.' 
Angela Aunchman 
Shawn Aussey 
Sarah Austin 

Christine Avant 

James Bacaoan 

Brian Bale "If you can't handle reality multiply by i" 

Kristina Barnes 

Heather Barnes 
Ronnie Barnes 
Scott Barta 
Elizabeth Basto 

Blake Beach 

Jodie Beard "One must believe to achieve. 

Eric Beck 

Jody Beckman 

Kevin Bell 

Kisha Bell "That's the girl. 
Suzanne Bell 
Leonard Bennett 

Graduates 99 

Heidi Bentzen 

Lesley Bernhardt 

Boyce Berry 

Deanna Berry 

Jeff Berry 

Katherine Bledowski "What time does the meeting 

start, Mrs. Thompson?" 

Amy A. Bolin "Outta here! I'll never forget you Mr. S." 

Christina Bolis 

Bonny Bolshazy "Not in public! Goodbye!" 

Monica Boquiron 

Chris Borsen "II it doesn't involve you, don't touch it." 

Renaud Bouie 

Jennifer Bowman "If you are willing to try you will 


Leslie Bowman 

Owen Boyer "Life's a Betty, so..." 

Andrea Bozeman 

Becky Bragg "Darn!!!" 

Tessy Brashers 

Michelle Breen "Farewell my friends. Parting is such 

sweet sorrow." 
Karen Brenneke 

lass For Life 

Why is government the way it is? Gov- 
emment class, teaches students about 
their government. For example, when 
can a policeman search your house? 
Why is a law passed or rejected? This 
class is designed to teach a person his 
rights under the law. 

A government teacher, Mrs. Carter, 
hopes students will "come to understand 
the basic functions of government." She 

says,"The government affects all of our 
lives, and I think it's important to under- 
stand what is happening in it " 

A senior explained that from govern- 
ment class she can better understand 
the news programs and the way her 
government wdrt<s. The most prevalent 
reason it should be understood is 
because one needs it to graduate! 

— Jill Pelletier and Paula Brown 


Eddy Bricka 

Daena Brock 'Only the best come out of the class of 


Willis Brower 

Christina Brown 

Denise Brown "I love Wayne." 
Duane Brown "To my friends, we had some great times 
and I'll always remember them. Be kool." 
Lamar K. Brown 
Paula Brown "Fa bene e'scordati, fa male pentlti." 

Shelton Brown 

Vivian Brown "No matter how crazy it seems, being 

yourself is the best you can be." 

Jodi Browne "The sky is always clear where there are no 


Stephanie Brumbley "High school was a great 

challenge, but you grow up when you enter the real 


Heath Bryant 

James Buckingham "Luck is a tag given to the 

mediocre to account for the accomplishments of genius. ' 

Jennifer Bunch "People need to accept others the way 

they are changing them is impossible." 

John Bunch 

James Burgess "Be the star of your dreams." 

Rob Burgman 

David Burke "Life is better once you realize it is not 


Debbie Burke "Just Kidding" 

Dennis Butler 

Jeff Butler "Nothing is all wrong. Even a clock that's run 

down is right twice a day." 

Mark Button 

Mike Button 

Lisa Byford 

Jackie Byrd "Hang on to your dreams. 

Melissa Byrd 

Valerie Cabanez 

Graduates 1 01 

This government class is learning first hand what is involved in an election campaign. 

Do any of these people look like future politicians? How about government 

Vicky Caburian "A dream is a wish your heart makes 
when you are fast asleep. Follow your dreams." 

Blake Cahill 

Arnold Callanta 

Brenda Camp 

Carl Campbell "No one can make a fool out of you 

without your full cooperation." 

Sebrina Campbell 

Art Cantrell "To be as sly as a fox." 

Gina Caparelli 

Fred Carcamague "I was here for all to remember." 

Dave Carr "Who will run with the hunt? The end is near. I 

promised I would drown myself in wine." 

John Carroll "I can't get no satisfaction." 

Holly Carter "Game'over!" 

Kimberly N. Case 

LaDonne Cason 

Todd Cassldy 

Verdi Cayetano 


Tony Cespedes 

Windy Chace 

Diana Chacon 

Rhonda Cheatham "I've learned in GRHS.that three 

people can keep a secret, if two of them are dead." 

■Michelle Chesson "I love Ralph." 

Shantel Chesson 

Audra Christensen "Don't forget me 

crazy friend." 

Alan Clark "Oh heck yeh!" 

your wild -n- 

Diedra L. Clark 

Stephanie Cobona "Still hang'in on." 

Colleen Cody "Be very very quiet," 

Michelle V. Colobong "To be a senior and to become a 

senior are two different things." 

Charles Cone 

Leslie Cook "Never forget! Just make memories!" 
Steve Corley 'If at first you don't succeed, drop it!" 
Shan Cousett "Love, peace and righteousness." 

Michelle Crabtree 

Kelli Crawford "Thanks Jill! Good luck in life." 

Nicole J. Crawley 

Tammy Creek 

Kevin Crockford "I, Kevin Crockford left." 

Michael Cronin "Cross country track team. After high 

school four more years to party." 

Lori Crosswhite 

Amanda Crowell "This was definitely my best year yet. 

To all my friends... Good Luck." 

Randy Cruz 
John Cuffee 
Susan Cupper 
Christine Custudio 

Graduates 1 D3 

Eva Legaspi and her friend take a minute out in order to catch up on the latest 

Gregory Cyphers 'Do well now and you will succeed, 
because life is wtiat you make of it " 

Rodolfo Dabu "If you want somettiing badly, keep on 
trying and someday you will succeed," 

Jennifer Dahl "Don't bother me! I'm in Physics" 

Jana Drake 
Elizabeth Daley "Years have flown by, but friends won't 

be forgotten." 
Richard Danaher 

Holly J. Daniels "What is essential is invisible to the 

eye; so stop staring!" 

Juliann Daniels "You may not always be perfectly 

great, but you're always perfectly you." 

Kelly Daos 

Tracy Darwin 

Holley Daughtry 

Karen Davenport "I'll see you guys in ten years." 

James C. Davis "Cherish life, because the only thing 

permanent in life is change." 

Tameka Davis "It's been a long time, I'm glad I made it, 

thank God I graduated! Best wishes c/o '88!" 

Benjamin Day "Can I start over?" 

Carolyn Dee "I'm running the show" 

Donna Degroot 

Kristin Dehart "Good Luck!" 

Sonya Delacuadra "No, I can't feel my dimples sink 
into my cheeks when I smile... Geez!" 
Shauna Delbaugh "A fool in the rain, dazed and con- 
fused, but still rambling on! All my love to Paul " 

Maria Delucia 
Allison S. Dennis 



hat is A Friend? 

A friend is someone who is always 
around to pick up the pieces when 
someone's upset. They are there when 
one's sad, depressed or hurt for no rea- 
son at all. They are like a "ray of sun- 
shine" to brighten up one's day. 

A friend encourages one to strive for 
whatever goals or dreams they have. 

even if they want to be president some- 
day. A friend is someone to trust with 
one's inner most secrets. 

Most of all a friend is someone who 
would never betray someone. Life's con- 
flicts are shared with friends and no mat- 
ter what a true friend is a friend for life. 

Russell Delucia 
Don Dennis 
Addie Depta "Bleep!" 
Carl L. Desei 

Lori Desmond "Never underestimate yourself, your 

opponent will do it for you." 

Kristy Dessenberg 

Martin Dewey 

Kim Diaz "Unbelievable. . . I can leave now! Thanks for the 


My Linn Diep "Yup, oh well.' 

Howard Dillon 

Robert Doak 

Christine Doherty "I don'4 have to answer that!" 

Michael J. Doherty 

Jeff Donahoe 

Michael Dorf "Sunrises are continuous like the days of 

my senior year." 

Harold J. Dorsey 

Sharon Dowdy 

Billy Doyle 

Kimberly Dudley 

Jennifer Dumont "The joke is over guys . but it was fun 

while it lasted!" 

Graduates 1 05 

Christopher Duvall 

Chane M. Dunn 

Suzanne Dunn 

Gloria Durand "C'est la vie .' 

"I dare to be different, why be 


Adrienne Dwornicit "The ace of spades that rules the 

heart - plays with the mind." 

Kimberly Eclthart "Just when I nearly had the answer; I 

forgot the question." 

James Edwards "One of the casual males." 

Thomas Edwards 

Traci Ellis 

Amy Emerick 

Tara Engelschjon 

Michael Estrada 

Chris Etheridge "Not really!" 

Ron Etheridge 

Andre Evans 

Janice Fabricius "Communication would be so much 

easier if words weren't there to confuse us." 

Elizabeth Facun "Elizabeth, go to the library and finish 

reading Hamlet." 
Laura Feichtinger "Well what do we do NOW?" 

Jeff Feight 
Joe Feinstein 

Krista Felton "Before you fall in love make sure it's true. 

So don't love too hard." 

Bill Finch 'So what's your point?" 

Kate Finnegan 

Travis Fisher "Quote!" 


Julie Flach "It's not how you start; it's how you finish. 
Rob Flax "No matter where you go there you are." 
Brad Flores 
Tammy Fontaine 

John Forcht 
Keith Foskey 
Joanna Fowler 
Tammy Fox 

Joe France 
Jennifer Franceski 
Lori Francisco 
Renee Frashefski 

Prinka Freeman "This is it, my last year; I'll surely make 


Springhill Fricke 

Cathy Fuller "Make everything you do in life count, even 

the smallest things." 

Kevin S. Fyffe "Roller Coasters - rock on with American 

Coaster Enthusiasts." 

Minda Gador 
Scott Gaither 

Terry Galiney "Time may change me, but I can't change 
Jason Gallup 

enate For Sanity 

Senior Senate is a new committee 
open to seniors in order to make 
decisions for ti^eir class. It's main object- 
ive is to get more student involvement. 
The Senate discusses plans for prom, 
graduation, and fund raisers. 

Tim Williamson, the treasurer, said that 
the senior class officers have "gained 
mental saneness." He also says,"lf the 
four of us had to do it all, we'd be veg- 
etables by the end of the year," The 

advantage to having this is that the 
people involved are truly interested in 
their class. 

Representatives are determined in in- 
dividual government classes. After 
each meeting, they convey the discus- 
sion to their class. However as Jim Van 
Slyke explained,"Anyone can attend 
senior senate. This is their class!" 

^ill Pelletier and Kim Stewart 

Graduates 1 OV 

he Scandals Of '87 

Michael Gangloff 

Mark Gastar 

Kathleen Gatllffe "One should either be a work of art or 

wear a work of art." 
Scott George 

Allan Gerales "Nothing exists within the realm of im- 
Sandle Gerba 
Mike Germanos 
Krissy Gervals "Oh my God!" 

Tammy Geurtsen 

Tina Gewerth 

Rachael Giammona 

Janice Gilchrist 

Tasha Gilliam 

Heather Girouard 

Justin Giroux 

Gretchen Gobar 

Maria Gonzales 

Christopher Goodwin "Since pleasure is the unique to 

reveal pleasure, it is itself an unique duty." 

Bill Gottschalk 

Kristine Graf 

The year 1987 was one of the most im- 
pressive in headline history. Reporters 
were accused of telling too much and 
viewers felt they knew too little. 

The figures that America looked up to 
were stripped of their cover and scruti- 
nized. These scandals created an 

astonishing year in the news. 

The spiritual leader, Jim Bakker, was 
accused of infidelity. He also took funds 
from his ministry for personal gain. The 
fact that a "religious man" would do 
such a de'/ious act upset many people. 
— (con't on page 111} 


Kenneth Gravette 

Lorry Greene 

Gus Grimsley "School has been real. School has been 

fun, but it wasn't real fun." 

Albert Guarin "Raccoon's can't tell time." 

Laura Hairston 

Christina Hall "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.' 
Lauren Halley "Be wary of men who wield salad tongs. ' 
Khari Halverson "If anyone thinks they're better then 
you, they had better think again." 

Dorie Hardin 
Timothy Harkins 
Allison Harl 
Darryl W. Harman 

Kevin Harms "Wherever you're going there you are." 
Richard Harper 
Chris Harrilchak 
Beverly Harris 

Christine Harris 

Colleen Harris 

Carrie Hart "Just being yourself is being the best you can 


David Haskins "If you quit, you fail so always try to 


Traci Haughee 

Sothira Hav "So close and yet so far." 
Bradley E. Heard "Yeah, I think it's time to go!" 
Scott Heidler 

Pat Heilmann 

Lora Hendershot 

Acey Herrera "Question: Did you get the answer? 

Answer: U CRAZY!" 

John Hewitt 

Graduates 1 OS 

Tony Higgins 

Juli Hilt "Go forth in life and be 'like clown',' 

Laura Hilton 

Brittney Hobbs 

Tina Hockaday "Isn't tfiat special " 

Tiffany Hocker 

Travis Hodge "Get wfiat you can, when you can, if you 


Carol Hoferkamp "Knowledge is our greatest virtue, 

but too much is a real headache." 

Antawn Holliday 

Jenifer Hoggard "Now what?" 

"The only thing in this world that is 

certain is change." 

Alicia Holmes 

Michael Holmes 

David Homard 

don't want to learn if knowledge 

brings destruction." 

Kim Hook 

David R. Hopkins 

Michele Horton 

Carole House "Cee - ya! Dundee, Scrotem and 

Mc.Groff! - House Mouth." 

Derek Howard "Sometimes you )ust gotta be a kook." 

Cynthia Howick 
Nicole Hudson "Game's over.' 

Kristine Hummel 

"Make the best of your senior year; 

keep in touch with your friends. ' 

Steven Hunt 

Brian H. Hurd 

Tracie Hurlburt 

David N. Hylton 

James Hylton 

Beth Jackson "It was all accidentally on purpose." 

Jay Jana 




Vas this the man America wanted in it's courts? 

The most shocking event was the Iron- 
Contra hearings involving the corruption 
of top political figures. Officials like 
Oliver North v/ere accused off shread- 
ing documents that could have cleared 
up the mystery about arms to the con- 
tras. The public v^as outraged about a 
cover-up in their government. 

The next dispute was over the nomina- 
tion of Robert Bork to the Supreme Court. 
Bork was accused of racism and of 
being overly conservative especially 
with women's rights. 

The year 1987 will be remembered for 
its surprising events. It also made 
America aware that not everyone can 
be trusted. 

— Ariane Vargas and Kim Stewart 

Nicole Janes "Maybe someday - maybe tomorrow!" 

Thomas S. Jarvis 

David Jaudon "Compassion is a virtue, but I don't have 

the time!" 

Debbie Jerome 

Lisa Jethro 
Michael J. Jetton 
Tiffany Johns 
Charese R. Johnson 

last this long?" 

Melvin, did you think we would 

Christine Johnson 
Jeffrey D. Johnson 
Kenneth Johnson 
Kevin Johnson 

Michelle Johnson 
Joseph Jones 
Julie Jones 
Kip Jones 

Oliver North, was he America's hero or enemy? 

^Graduates 1 1 1 X 


Vivian Jones 

Joel Joson 

Dena Joyce 'A senior makes it to the top, just to start 

again at tlie bottom " 
Tina Junke 

Heidi A. Kanz 

Missy Keith 

Scott Kell 

Joseph) Kelly 

Taryn Kemp "You only live once so do whatever you 

want - and for parents? Ha!" 

James Kent 'Elvis is the King of Rock n Roll, don't step 

on my blue suede shoes." 

Abby Kettner "My goofiness reflects my personality, 

not my intelligence. Have a great life." 

Jeff King 

Kristen King 'Wake me up when it's all over!" 

Paul A. Kitchens 

Ken Klaput 

Greg Klein "This year went by fast; thanks to all that 

made it the best. Good luck!" 

Robin Kline 

Karl Knaust 

Franit Kohler 

Bobbi Kotrba 

Homecoming is one of the few tradi- 
tions In any school where the entire 
student body can participate. The week 
of Homecoming Is filled with special 
events. It could be anything from the 
Bonfire to twin's day. . 

At the game, Jaycee Harris and Holly 
Daniels were crowned Homecoming 
King and Queen. The festive spirit could 
not be depleted and everyone enjoyed 

himself. After the game was the tradi- 
tional dance, where everyone danced 
and had a great time. The Homecom- 
ing court was Introduced and everyone 
posed for pictures. The highlight of the 
evening was when the King and Queen 
danced to a fast song much to the 
delight of onlookers. 

— Cenon Abesa and Jill Pelletier 


Holly Daniels and Jaycee Harris celebrate their newly found "royalty. 

^1 '^^^KSr* '^^ 

James Kotter 

Kim Kretzschmar 

Jonathan S. Kundo 

Paul LaChance 

Edwin Labrador "Meat is murder. 

Tina Lamora 

Kandi Landick "Can I take out a loan for a box of 


Michael Lanham "Pens are mightier than swords and 

quills quake when guns roar.' 

Aaron T. Lape 

Tara Lape 'This school is filled with a Motley Crue' of 


Tanya Larson "The time is now!" 

Lisa Lassiter "This is where it ail begins..." 

Kathy Lauridsen 

Erin Laverty "The world comes out of darkness into light 

through the theatre." 

Carole Lawrence 
Theresa Lawrence 
Connie Lawson 

Melani Lawson "When you think nobody cares, re- 
member someone out there does." 

Scott Lebo 

Jeff Lee 

Stephanie Lee 

Eva Legaspi "Tarra, teach me Wipeout! Ooh..! He was 


Graduates 113 

Yvette Lewis "May you love as long as you want, and 

never vi/ant as long as you love" 

Valerie Leydct "On to bigger and better things." 

Kevin Lieb "Life's too short to take seriously." 

Erik Lilifloren "Stop talking a hole in my neck." 

Josephine Llanes 
Tommy Loftus 

Daniel Lilly 

"Good luck to the class of '88! 
We've only just begun!" 
This one goes out to the one I love." 
Sherry Londeree 

Donna E. Lorraine 

Kattie Loveless 

Romeo Lumaban 

Dennis Lutz 

Angela MacDonald 

"Tough times never last, tough 

people do." 

Ross MacDonald 

Ernest Madrazo 

Lamonica M. Magaddino 

Jhoy A. Magbamua "I'm totally opposite of what you 

think. Maybe." 

Jacqui Mahaffey 

Michelle Mahoney 

Patrick V. Mahoney "I'm sorry, OK?" 

Hinton P. Majette 

Karen Major "Why is there school?" 

Diane Majority 

Michele Malbon "Be true to your work, your word and 

your friends." 

Eleanor M. Malick 

Stephen Mallari 'Deep thought is a perversion of those 

with nothing better to do." 

Steve Mallinder "Piece of pie" 

John Mallinson "Don't choke on your oats." 




Karen Malogorski 


Troy R. Mangucmot 

Andrew Mann 

Kelly Marak 

Peace is a stimulus to a better 

Gayle Marshall "is it too late to drop Physics?' 
Larry Martinez "Don't try to live your life in one day, 
take it as it comes " 
Mike Martz 
Mike Mason 

Ariel Matienzo "Thanks Tim, Don ..You're the best! 
Mom, dad - Love you! True love - Sierra!" 
Linda Matlosz 

Michelle Mau "He who supplies another with a 
constructive thought has enriched him forever." 
Angela Mauk 

Theresa Mauk 
Peter Maxwell 
Monica Maxie 
Liouba McAlee 


'There are no small parts only small 

Sherry McCue 

Michelle McDonald "Kissing a fool.' 

Karen McEachin 

Riley McFetridge 

ersonal Touch 

What is art? Students would agree 
that their lockers are works of art. How- 
ever these creations don't mean the 
same thing to all people, their ideas 
range anywhere from rock stars and 
license tags to foreign countries and 
sports cars. 

At ones locker, it's a different world 
because it is a reflection of individual 
personality. Therefore ones mind is no 
longer on getting to class on time, but 

rather dreaming about an idol or own- 
ing a sports car. 

Grace Alejandrino said,"l decorated 
my locker, because it gives me a sense 
of being at home." Decorating ones 
locker is a way to take a breathe of fresh 
air between classes; it is also a way to 
liven the dull state of ones locker. It trans- 
forms a bland locker into a reflection of 

— Paula Brown and Kim Stewart 

Graduates 115 

This decorated locker is the proud owner an Icelandic 
license tag. 

This is a typical locker, everything between 
George Michael and the U.S.S.R. 

This locker displays the 'perfect man' look. 

1 1B 

Kellie Monds 

Mike Montoya 

Becky Moore 

Cindy Moore "Remember the old times while awaiting 

the new." 

Erin Moore 

Kimberly Moore 

Stephen Moore 

Stephon Moore "SK and MM ." 

Devon Morgan 'I'm just your everyday playboy who 

strives for success in all things." 

Mark Morgan 

Matt Morken "That's life in the big city." 

Clark Moore 

Donna Mulder 
Daniel Muller 
Christine Mullikin 
Betsy Mums 

Alethla Murphy 

Ebony Murphy "Yes Tommy, I know I'm wierd!" 

Sean Murphy 

Roy Munden 

Annette Myrick "Sexy and sweet!" 

Juanita Nadonza "Live life to its fullest. Mom, 

Paul... I made it! I love you guys!" 

Lisa Naylor 

Vicki Nazzewski 


Mary Neill 'If it weren't for Fridays, there wouldn't be 


Allison Nelson 

Derek M. Nelson 

Wendy Nelson "Get a grip Tracy! Party Chris! Joshua's 

great! Chill Tracy! Life? Wow!" 

Graduates 117 

Rizalyn Nicolas 

Marie Noonan 

Rob Obien "I have to go to Spanish." 

Jocelyn O'Brien 

Cecily S.Ochoa "The welcome will not end; I love you." 
Amy O'Conner "I'm looking forward to looking back." 
Brian O'Donnell "The doors of wisdom have no 

Constance O'Neil 

Michael O'Neill 

Rachel Ongkingco 

Tony Orlina "There's no limit to what you can do." 

Andy Ortega "I can't think of a good qoute, ask me 


Judy Ortiz 

David Owens 

Miram Owens 

Nora Palermo "Is it almost over?" 

Julius A. Pablo 

Regina Parado 

Jeffrey Paras 

Mitch Parker 

ast Sprint 

The dream of taking a trip our senior 

to go. One may shop for the wi Idest fash- 

year, has always been part of our lives. 

ions, hit the various clubs or just be a 

The ideal trip includes no chaperones 

"tourist." Other places to go of are: 

and financial assistance. 

California, Hawaii and Australia." 

There are certain places to go and to 

Whatever the choice, the important 

avoid. Every teen would be overjoyed to 

thing to do is enjoy your last bit of "fun" 

go to Europe, but very few would enjoy it 

before college and enjoy being a 

with a "guardian." 


New York would be an exciting place 

— David Homard 

1 1B 

Necole Parker 
Samara Parker 
Theresa Parrotte 
Jason Parsons 

Matthew Pearsall "I'm not paranoid I have proof!" 
John Pebworth 

Jill Pelletier "Save your sorrow for tomorrow and may 
tomorrow never come. Tell me about it." 
Elizabeth Penley 

Bobby Perez 
Harold Perez 
David Perez 
Kent M. Perez 

Laura N. Perry 

Clarissa Pesbre "Ttiank God! I pulled through this 


Thaddeus V. Pevatta 

Travis Pickrell 

Daniel Piel 
Micheal Pierce 
Kelly Pingel 
Stanley Pleban 

Steve Poley 

Crystal C. Pool "Believe in yourself and succeed in your 


Harold Poole "You know me." 

Tia Porter 

Graduates 119 

Matt, tiow do you do it? 

Chris Powell 

Shawn Powell "High School, yeah it was! 

Susan M. Powell 

Jim Powers "Albert G, how do you know?" 

Tammy Pratt "The love for a friend will always be true." 

KIsha L. Pressley 

Kenny Price "It's been a fun three years, now off to 


Scott Pritchard "If no two people are alike, then how 

can there be 'normality'?" 

David Puckett 

Nathan W. Quade 

Brian Quigley 'Get with the program. Bebe." 

Pepito Raquini 

Dave Rahal 

Norman Ralston 

Jennifer Ramsey "Smile, joke, help others! If you don't 

who will? ForBCDFMPSTW" 

Tim Ravenell 

Lisa Rawson 

David J. Reid 

Isabelle Reutzel "Let your goals be achieved by follow- 
ing your dreams " 
Jr. Reyes 'No way!" 
Chelsea V. Rice 
Rene Rice 


xcelling Senior 

If there is one word to describe Matt 
Pearsall, it is busy. Those who don't know 
him may think he is the typical "book- 
worm", constantly studying to maintain 
his 3.8 G.P.A. However Matt is just like 
any other student. 

Whether he is competing in Forensics, 
presiding over the National Honor 
Society or at track practice. Matt is al- 
ways busy. When he isn't studying, he 
can usually be found at the movies, or 

just out with the "guys." 

Matt's performance in school is excel- 
lent. He was named Most Outstanding 
Male Senior, he is a National Merit 
Scholar, and potential Scholar by hav- 
ing the highest score on the PSAT. 

Matt attributes his success to the "edu- 
cational facilities at Green Run and the 
support of his parents." 

— James Buckingham 

Angelina Richey 
Lincoln Rivers 
Rob Rizzi 
Robin Roadman 

James Robinson 

Bobbie Rodenski "Live each day to the fullest as if it 

were your last " 

Reggie Rodgers 

Lynn Rolofson 

Tamara Roth 
Paul Rubio 
Delia M. Runberg 
Nathan Russell 

Ross Rutt 
Walter F. Ryan 
Tony Rybarczyk 
Kim Samuels 

Andrea Sandefer "Fake it 
Christina Sandefer 
Rodney Sanderson 
John Sanker 

I you make it." 

Graduates 1 21 

Danny Santos 

Liz Santos 

Eduardo Sarino 

Shannon Sawyer 

Allissa Savage "If all the world is a stage, I want better 


Andy Schaff 

Bea Schaffer 

Jacqueline Scherf 

Aaron Schmidt 

Cathy Schroeder "OK. fine!" 

Brandi A. Schuyler 

Krista Scott 

Wendy M. Scott "Meow.wtiy? , ..wtiy not?" 

Jennifer Sesson 

Joanne Severts 

Heather Shaw 'Destination unknown!" 

Kassy Shepard 

Steven Sheperd 

Stacy Shepardson "Hey Deb, look at there he is." 

Dianne Sherrange "Finish life with a snfiile." 

Krista Shillalies "We're on a road to nowhere!" 

Melissa Shilling 

Donald Shoemaker 

Britt Siddall 




Todd Siedlecki "I hold the five red fingers of l<now- 


Robert Siler 

Sean Sigler "I'm very understanding and don't tell me 


Kathy Simms 

Paige Skiptunas "Hearts may break and futures may 
fall, but hope doesn't shatter." 
Kevin Slaughter 
Mike Smalley 
Regina Smith 

Lisa Smith 

Micheal K. Smith 

Jill Snead 

Susan Snell "I had a dream about college once, now it's 

a nightmare!" 

Walter Snowden 
Christopher Soulby 
Sam Springer 
Scott M. Spuler 

Kimberly Spruill 

Scott Stanford 

Samiya Stallings "Davida, I know, I know! Chawn, you 

know what? Good luck to you and Dennis." 

Lisa Stanley "Sean's doing fine, I'm 6'0" — a model 

and no I don't play basketball!"' 

Teachers from everywhere have 
witnessed the dreadful disease that has 
stricken students. It is the famous nar- 
colepsia or commonly known as sleep- 
ing-in-class. Students face this disease 
every day. Some try to fight it, but most 
fall into its dreaded clutches only to 
wake up wondering what they've 

Teachers have compiled a few of the 

warning signs that a student may realize 
before he or she is flat on the desk. First 
the teacher seems to be speaking a 
foreign language, and the student slow- 
ly begins to edge closer and closer to 
the desk. 

Although students don't object to this 
disease, teachers loathe it. For this rea- 
son students devise ways to disguise this 
embarrasing disorder, (cent.) 

Graduates 1 23 

Tracy Stein 'Good luck to all of my friends. I hope you'll 

make the most of yourselves." 

Kristen Stephan 

Kimberly A. Stewart "Once bitten and twice shy — 

Kassy j'aime Donald." 
Shawn Stieb 

Carlissa Strong 'I am the captain of my fate and tfie 

master of my soul. I love you Preston." 

Stephen Stroud "I might be going to heck in a bucket, 

but at least I'm enjoying the ride!" 

Wanda Stroud "To be the best you've got to strive for 

the best, that's me." 
Jim Stuedemann "C — yaaa!" 


Jennifer Stump 

Jennifer Stuchkous 

Kimberly Sturdivant 

Deb! Styron "Tomorrow never comes and yesterday 

was never here." 

Bobbie Sufficooi 

John Swanland 

Jimmer Swiger "If you're gonna do it, do it right." 

Kimberly Szaronos "Believe it or not I finally made it." 

Jeremy M. Taylor "Anything worth dying for is worth 

living for." 

Rebecca Taylor. 

Leo Tecson 

Jennifer M. Thomas 

Tejuana Thomas "One of my talents." 
Shiela Thompson "One last red-head at Green Run." 
Jeff Thornsbury "The wings of wisdom have no 

Feleceia Thornton 

Jennie Tiglao 

Amy C. Torchia 

Kimberly Tucker 

Jeff Turlington 





Larry Turner 

Lisa Turner 

Cyrus Q. Tynes 

Joann Udasco "Class of '89 and '90 — skin it! Class of 

'88 — take care and enjoy all you can. See ya!' 

AmJra A. Ulmer 

Kimberly Urrutia "Whatever!" 

Jim Van Slylte "When it's bad, it isn't bad enough!" 

Ariane Vargas "Now what?" 

Pam Vaughan 

Kim Vevoda 'Live for today for tomorrow may never 


Gary Viado* 

Analyn S. Villanueva 

Rodolfo S. Villanueva 
Ron Villanueva 

Bill Visage "Don't think of it as an end, but as a begin- 
ning. A beginning that is what you make it." 
Linh Vu "It's hot!" 

The student places a book on his lap 
and rests his head on the desk pretend- 
ing to read It. The student may also open 
a large notebook and snooze between 
the middle pages. Last but not least the 
student will tell the teacher that he's sick 
but fearful of the nurse. Then there are 
cases such as a student who can't sleep 
without music because of this, a hoo- 
ded sweatshirt is worn with their walk- 

man hidden in their jacket. 

Although it may seem an uncurable 
disease, there are some ways teachers 
have temporarily cured this. They do so 
by detentions, zeros, or embarrassment. 
This proves that the disease, although 
not conquerable, can be avoided 
...[yawnjsomewhat um somewhat 

— Ariane Vargas 

Couples take a rest in the cafeteria without the 
fear of being reprimanded. 

Graduates 1 25 

eature Flicks 

David Wagers "I did it accidentally on purpose." 

DavJda J. Walker "Samiya, I whuh weak! Mr. Griffian, 

face reality, no pain, no gain." 

Robert Walker 

Erinn Wall "But I have promises to keep and miles to go 

before I sleep." 

Stacey Walls 

Todd Walton 

Brent Walworth 

Steve Warmath 

Marcus Weaver 

Petrella Warren 
Tracy Warren 
Lynn Watson 

"Ain't nothing but a thang." 

Lara Webb 'Going through high school has been the 

greatest experience of my life." 

Michelle Webb 

Shara Weber 

Traci Werner 

Robin Wesseler 

Bob Wheeler "Let me out!" 

Estelle White 

Norma White 

A student's favorite pastime was 
going to the movies. The theatres were 
filled on the weekends, but Tuesdays 
offered a bargain. Some theaters 
charged a dollar on this night and many 
students took advantage of this low 

This past summer a new building was 
built at Kemps River Crossing that 
provided more for entertainment. The 

theatre also offered many jobs to 
students. As a concession worker, Sonya 
Delacuadra enjoyed her job because 
she "gained a better knowledge of busi- 
ness and a greater sense of respon- 

Going to the movies fulfilled many 
purposes, because the students relaxed 
in front of the big screen. 

— Fred Beebe 


TOTALLY STOKING! Students flip out over Nortti Shore 

Jennifer Whitehead 

Dana Whitley 

Renae Whitman 

Ronald Williams 

Scott Williams 

Timothy Williamson "He who does not do, does not 


Travis Williford "True love is my inspiration to life. 
Wendy Wilson 
Robert Wirth 
Richard Wood 

Mark Woodard 'Senior year is just another STAGE I'm 

going through!" 

Karen Woodhouse 

Jeffrey F. Wray "The Wolfen is back!" 

Andrea Wyckoff 

Patrick Yaccarino 

Chad A. Yockel "Strive for exellence , then fall flat on 

your face." 

Rob Yonkers 

Greg Young 'All right now!" 

James Young "Pieces of your mind." 

SteveYoung'Leaveyourpastbehind.oryou may block 

your future." 

Katherine Zamot "Buena Suerte a todos." 

Brett Zembower "The grass next door may be greener, 

but it's just as hard to cut." 

Graduates 1 27" 




Travis Fisher Brown and Romeo Lumaban 

% %, 




CLASS WITS: Liz Santos and Matt 

Black and Robert Flax 

BEST DRESSED: Blake Beach and 
Cindy Moore 

CLASS FLIRTS: Darryl Harmon and 
Susan Bibby 

BEST SMILE: Sonya Delacuodra and 

Tim Williamson 

CLASS MUSICIAN: Delia Runberg 

MOST TALENTED: Mark Woodard 

BEST LEGS: Chris Ashman 


m I n I m a g /1 23 

a^ A^ 

< ^ 

4 > 



c t? 

/ i J jOiA 



. ^ ^ ^ 

^ ^ 

Dr. Melvin is on the ball as he dilig 
ently observes the issues arising at a D^ 

^ A The new superinten- 

^a young, vivrant, fresh- 
opinioned, witty man stepped 

^ into the difficult task of runn- 
ing Virginia Beach schools. < 
Coming from a smaller Florida . » 
^^4 'school system, the Virginia' 
Beach system offered himi a 

^ new challenge. Frequented on 
^ ^ VBS 28, anyone can catch the 
< ^ . man in action. We expect to 
see and hear a lot from thiS; 
^ t> tj witty, guitar-playing, smooth- 
er ^ singing superintendent. 

> /i " > 

<] ^ V i. 

a t> ^ 

A o 

V > t> ^ ^ 

^ 4 

^ V ^ V * 

< ^^ ^ ^ A^^ " V '^ ^ / <3 ^ ^ ^ . , << ^ ^ ^""C^ \' 

%' ^ > " - 

. rr ^^ 4 


Republicans, or 

Some are faced for 
the first time with 
the responsibility of 
selecting their 
choice for presid- 
ency. Those who 
reach the ripe age of 
eighteen finally 
adhere to the camp- 
aign ads on televi- 
sion by Presidential 
hopefuls in making 
their decision; this 
tim.e, to vote and not 
only Just to voice 
their opinion. The 
voting party is in- 
deed lucky to be- 
come involoved in 
the American pro- 

o p " 

^ ,> V <3 V ^ 

<3 „ ^ 
l> ^ V 

. J ^ 

V r ' 

< _ 

^ L ' 


'^ nJ < < < 

J A '^ > < 
V ^ v/ r ' 

A v/ T 

A a > V 

s < ^ s, ^ > ^ 

< A 

-\ J A V A . 

- si < r ^ ^^^ 
-7 .. /. ^ > ' 

-^ f^ V ^ V r^ 

-1 nI r ^ 

V 7 

-1 > , 

a < -I 

4 ^ -1 V 

A >1 > V < 

< J A V A '^ ^ 

V < r > ^ ^ 

,- -» o /^ '^ > 

-i ^ V ^ u r' 
/^ v) r >, ^ ^ ^ 

A > 

V / 
A 4 > V < 

\ ^ ^ ^ < 

"/ < A ^ 

< ^ > L 

>< ^ A r 

'^ ^ '^ V ^ A 
-^ "- ^ "" - 


JV ^ A 
^ A -I < 
^ -^ A _ 

7 ^ 

A A 

> r J "^ 7 

J A V A V < 

» < r > '^ t- 

-^ u A "-^ > , 

"^ V 7 u r 

r 1 ^ ^ > 

A J > \/ J 
i V V A -^ < 

- ^ - '/ 

^ < 1^ ^ 

'^ -J t y 7 

^ ^ ^ 

£^ ^ " > <i t ^ 

^ tk A Magazines like GQ, Elle, Glamour, and Sev- 

^. > 4 > • ;nteen set the trend. * 

r? t, cik ^ 

. J. "^ > ^ ^ 

A> ^ ^ _ > <k 

J A 4 

^ A e> ' A ^ o "* 

A 4 

'J ^ /i C 


^ <3 

«3P^^Atr'c>'{>^'iC>^ tj 


4 t> 

<} ^ ^ r. 


<1 " ^ 
4^ A ^ 4 

4 ^ 

*^ ' -« C V 

P" ^ * <3 

< ^ i. 

^ <J 
^ ^ ^ t> 

c» 4 ^ A ^ Everyone owned a video member 

< V ^ ^ 

4 P 

*^ '^ '^ ship card.. ..and if you didn't 

^ Trying to rent a video is 
like standing in line for 
^0 U2 tickets. There are so 

many to choose, from 

» V' A V ^ slapstick comedy to 

^ c V ^ bloody horror. They 

^ ^ ^ flash stars such as Tom 

4 ^ Cruise and Demi Moore 

who capture many 

"4 < r» K ^ 

young hearts. An Inde- ' 
cisive person can easily 7 
spend an entire even- , 
mg pondering over 
which- inovie to choose. 
Deciding, finally he < 
barely has enough time c 
to watch it. (J 

Ck O 4 ^ 

^ A 

'^ ^ ^ P> ^ V «^ V t' ^ ; 

^^C»a04^4^ .a 


^ 4 ^ > ^ ^ t> 

<3 i> 

4 t> ^ •- 

e> <3 C> 6 4 

V t> 

Labels, Labels, 

socieiy, we wear our labels * 
on the outsides of our 
clothes. "Ooh-mg" and "Ah- ' 

Staring you in the face are mg" over the images projec- , 

the insignias of a well- ted by fashion magazines 
^ reknown designer such as we imitate the "perfect" 'j^ 

Guess, Gucci, Esprit, and models. 

Liz. As a fashion conscious 

o P^4 £, <y > ^ 

4 <3 

■4 C A 

V <1 V ^ Faking a homework break, Rachel Federlco 

^ ^ ^ ^ -, looks for a good foreign flick* 

^ <i "^ ^ . K . "^ . ^ ^ >, <» ^ > 

^ ^ ^ C <*£>.^A^4 

- <j :? ~ - a 
V v^^«*t> „t>4^, 

£^ O 

O 4 

/^ 4 

o ^ . 

<1 C' , 

P" 7 


^<^aA> -^ ^ t^ ^ > C ^ ^ 

>^ u - ^ ^ r 

/\ V _^ '^ 
7 J V 

r -7 < 


7 A > A r -^ 
r-A <rv a ^^a^"' ^"^ ^^•/^ 

Av^^vAv-i^ v*^"^^ 

r' r ^ ^ ^ J 

C> si 

4 A V 

'^ -^^^ > u 7 

^ 1.'' A < 


,Calvin Klein's "Obsession" coughi p ^ r ^ 

the attention of many nostrils. * '^ < -^ 

I ;V_^ A ^ -^ 

1 A 

; A >< ^ 

6ing force in the scintllating ^ ^ . a 
smells of students. ^ 

Flalph Lauren's "Polo" was a driv 
ing force in the 
smells of students 

''The senses ranc>"'^r 

Scintllating smells 

* 7 

a' > 

and delectable tastes a^ ^ 
tickled the senses asA> 


r perfume, pizza, and' 
^ seltzer could be found 
9 'in any fashion con- a > 
clous soiree. Flavors^ ^-j 
such as lemon-lime, p 
iraspberry, peach, <a 
black cherry, and ^ 7 
grape quenched the ^ > 
<» parched throats of^^ 
^ every young amer- 4^ 
^ican consumer who t^ 
V dabbled in the bubbly a! 
<\ stuff Sensuous smells K ^ 
V intoxicated nostrils of ^ 
^ passers-by with such' ^ 
designers as Calvin, -^ 
Gloria, and Oscar. But 
the one thing which „y 
^ appealed to all of the 
^ senses was pizza, the ^.^ 
lunchtime favorite of ^ 
high school students. 


^^Ct?''^^ "a 
^ ^"^ < <j > "^ o ^„< 

<j <j > 


4 <3 -• <, -7 

^'^'^ ^ ^-c^ ^'<''r/-''' ,/>'.:-; ^^ 

The smell of pizza lured many hungry student;-; ^ 
to the sometimes empty lunchrooms. ; 

fc <3 O 

t> ^ O 

O ^ V 4 

A '^ ^ ^ 

V <3 

A -J < > 


u ^ 

> A 


< ^ <! 

t> A 

r>^ ^ A ^ - 


7 ^ V j>, < ^ 

^ ^ 1 

^ A V 

^ r. <5 ^ ^"^ 




V ^ 

7 t> ** , 


1 ^ 

1 . ^ 

^ 4 <, t^ 

<1 c> *^ 

^ ^ '^ > 

- <i 

^ A 

** <i ^ V ^ ^ \, ^ ^ 

C» A V 

A 4 

o a ^ 

<J i> 

^ - •g A c> 4 „ 

> 4 

A <3 


< ^ <3 <3 7 

< I ^ 
<3 - V 

^ A ^ cr 


■4 fr 

4 t> 

^ t> 

4 ^ 

Cv < £k 

A ^ 

O <J ^ 

57 ^ ^ 

57 ^ < 

^4 V^ 

iA ^ 

A V 

V -7 

•^ ^ ^ y .. 


o - 4 

o <3 "^/viirU 7, '87,"Day of No Busi 
^ ^ -. ' ness As Usual" 

^ < ""< 


^ ^ ^ < ^ ^ 

C O^ <3 

^ ^^y ^^O ^<A ^'J <,*'<3<3^^^^^<1V^^<. 
^.^ C><J ^C> ii^'^ij ^ > o <3 ^ < ^ t> < ^ V^ 

^ £> "^ c> "This is the dawning of the 

^ age of Aquarius" — cast of 


1968 — had the vibrations of an ear 
thquake about It. America shudde- 
u 7 , red. As' history cracked open; bats 
came flapping out, unveiling dar: 
£^-E> "^ 4 surprises. American culture and pol- 
itics ventured into dangerous and ex- 
< perimental regions. The fear was 
<j pivotal and messy. It produced vivid 
<j V 4 theater and still reverberates in the' 
^ < American mind. 

In 87-88 the revival of the sixties 
was most evident m our music and 

the uprise in people caring about the^ 

^ future of our world. On April 7, 1987 

^ students across the country left 

^ school to support peace under the 

rj theme "No Busmess as Usual." The 

^ impact of the sixties has led students 

of the eighties to put the well-being of 

^ mankmd as a top priority. — June , 

^ Parma and Rick Smith 

' •<7 c c^ fr <i ** ^ 

^ ^ ^ '^ rv ^ 1J \ ^ 

> ^ 

^^ <i ^ c . 

57 C^ < 

fs. ^ fS <1 fv 

^ " t, f 

4 C> ^ 


r V 



Divider 1 37 

Thanks for the pose! Principal, Mr. ). Wylie French believes involvement with school 
activities by stuoents, parents, and faculty is the best method for producing and maintain- 
ing a successful student body. 

New Super! Dr. Melvin, Virginia Beach's new school superintendent, answers a question 
at a press conference. The press conference was held in December for the schools' jour- 
nalism teachers and student newspaper editors. 

A Year to Listen 

Virginia Beach schools welcomed Dr. 
James T. Melvin this year as the new 
superintendent. He arrived from Fort Meyers, 
Florida and faced immediately the challenge 
of dealing with a school system two times the 
size of the one he left behind. He was not in- 
timidated and took charge with open ears. Dr. 
Melvin dedicated his first year to learning 
about the needs and desires of everyone in- 
volved in the system. He visited every school 
and spoke not only with the administration 
but faculty and students as well. 

Receiving feedback was Dr. Melvin's main 
concern for his first year. He held two press 
conferences with the schools' journalism 

teachers and student newspaper editors to 
discover how they felt about their schools. He 
compiled a list of recommendations, which 
he distributed to school employees. Dr. Mel- 
vin announced his plans at the Convocation 
held before the school year began. He wants 
to be involved with the faculty and is willing 
to listen to any request. 

Dr. Melvin remarked at the first press con- 
ference, "1 like the challenge of working in a 
bigger and growing area." With a new junior 
high opening in 1988 and a new high school 
scheduled to open in 1989, the new 
superintendent will be facing growth and 
change from here on out! 

Assistant Principals: Dr. Edith Eidson, Mr. G. 
Ray Smith, Mr. Ralph Sykes and Mr. Wayne 

1 3B Facult:y 

Mrs. Frances Barham Bookkeeper 
Mrs. leanette Fenske Office Secretary 
Mrs. Connie Fogle Office Secretary 
Mrs. Carolyn Gregg Office Secretary 
Mrs. Bobbie Libowitz Office Secretary 

Mrs. Lori Ochsenreither Office Secretary 

Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Arthur Library 


Mrs. Kathleen Bergstedt Clinic Aide 

Mrs. Shirley Bright Nurse 

Mrs. Eunice Love Librarian 

Mrs. Bonnie Lyons Librarian 

Mrs. Page Reed Library Secretary 

Mrs. Delna Antki Guidance 

Mrs. Norma Brumage Guidance 

Mrs. Marsha Cumpston Guidance 


Mrs. Sylvia Dodds Guidance Secretary 

Mrs. Marcia Gutnick Guidance 

Mrs. Peggy Middleton Guidance 

Mrs. Kathy Walker Guidance 

Mrs. Carolyn Ainscough Geometry, 

Algebraic Foundations 

Mr. Brian Alexander Earth Science 

Mr. Brian Allard Contempory Science, 


Mrs. Ruby Allen Chorus, Theroy, Music 


Mrs. |udy Arnold English MA, 11 R 

Miss Kathleen Bailey Psychology 1 ,2 

Motivated! Office Secretary, Mrs. Lori Ochsenreither is so busy with her typing, that 
she does not realize it is towards the end of the day, or that she is under the scrutiny of 
Mr. French. 

Next Please! Mr. Roger McMillan didn't expect to take time out of his busy schedule 
for a yearbook photographer, but we could'nt leave him out. Mr. McMillan is the 
assistant principal in charge of building and grounds, and transportation, just to men- 
tion a few of his respnsibilities! 

Faculty 1 33 

Mrs. luanita Bankston English 12A, lOA 
Mrs. Jennifer Barns Typing 1 ,2, Buisness 

Mrs. Sue Basdikis Psychology 1 ,2 
Mr. William Bennett English 1 lA, 1 IR 
Mr. James Booth Government, Interna- 
tional Relations, Economics 

Mr. William Brisbois Government 
Mrs. Susan Brock Dramatic Arts 1,2,3,4 
Mr. Marion Broglie Sociology 1,2 
Mrs. Patty Burgess Health & P.E. 9,10 
Mrs. lobynia Caldwell English 12A, 12R 

Mrs. Margie Coefield English 1 lA 

Mrs. Patricia Cook Chemistry, Con- 

tempory Science 

Mr. loseph Cosimano French 2,3 

Mrs. Patricia Curtis-Lique Spanish 1,3,5 

Mrs. )udy Darden Calculus, Math Analysis 

Mrs. Susan Darnell Algebra 1 ,2 

Mrs. Carolyn Doetsch Math Analysis, AP 

Computer Science, Programming in BASIC 


Miss Julia Doggett Office Technology 1 ,2, 

Word Processing 

Mrs. Jill Dugan Spanish 1,3 

Mr. Richard Dutton Geometry, Algebra 2 

Mr. Thomas Duvall Physics 

Mrs. Cindy Edwards Geometry, Algebraic 


Mr. William Eley U.S. History, A. P. History 

Mrs. Irma Fabian Spanish 1,3,4 

Mrs. Liz Fischer English 1 lA 




v-/ "I'm a teacher and proud of 
it! What other profession 
allows you to interact with over 
one hundred individuals a 
day?" Though the teachers 
joked, that they chose the job in 
order to have their summers 
free and for the "easy" hours, 
these educators had very noble 
reasons in founding their 
careers. It would probably 
surprise the students a great 
deal to know, that they were 
the number one answer to the 
question, "What do you like 
most about teaching?" Ms. 

A Noble Profession 

Teachers Explain Why! 

Williams enjoyed, "just being a 
small part in influencing future 
generations." "Being around 
young people", (Mrs. Pat 
Curtis-Lique), "so much vitality 
and potential", (Mrs. Sue 
Morris), "that no day is the 
same", (Ms. Sherri Ford), were 
other responses to the same 

What I like most is "the daily 
give and take with students", 
replied Mr. David Long. This 
exchange between teacher and 
student was very un- 
predictable. The teachers never 

knew when a lesson plan was 
going to turn into a class discus- 
sion of contemporary issues 
and problems. When these 
talks came up, the students 
often felt successful in getting 
the teacher off the subject, but 
what they did not realize was 
that teachers enjoyed the con- 
versations too. Our teachers 
took these opportunities to 
learn about their students, to 
find out how to relate the 
subject matter to students. 
Class time allowed for "the in- 
teraction with stimulating 

people and challenging ideas", 
said Mrs. joann Tillberg. Mr. 
Mark Forget viewed every class 
as "the opportunity to affect 
young people in a beneficial 

The students should never 
have doubted for a second, that 
their teachers don't like what 
they do for a living. Every day 
was different. Every year was 
different. They were not always 
great, but almost every teacher 
would admit without hesita- 
tion, "I love teaching". 

1 AO Faculty 

Office time is quality time! English 
teachers, Mrs. Becky Herron and 
Mrs. Linda Bulman, exchange 
thoughts and ideas pertaining to their 
students. Teachers value the time 
they have together to discuss 
methodology and objectives. It's also 
a great time to trade recipes for the 

Listen up! Ms. Lisa Mitchell's seventh bell lournalism class listens to the reasons for 
using cross refernces. Ms. Mitchell shows her class a college Journalism book from 
her collection of materials. 

Habia Espanol? Mrs. |ill Dugan shares a joke in Spanish with her students. Humor is 
a good device for testing language comprehension, because the punch line must be 
understood in order for a joke to make sense. 

Faculty 141 

Mrs. Nancy Ford US. VA History 

Miss Sherri Ford Spanish 2,3 

Mr. Mark Forget Ciovernment 

Mr. Randy Giordano English 12S, 11 A 

Mr. Cletus Griffin U.S. VA History 

Miss Nancy Grimstead Typing 1,2, Note- 


CWO-2 Jonathan Harnden N)ROTC 1,2,3 

Mrs. Rebecca Herron English 10A, lOR 

Miss Sharon Holt Consumer Math 

Mrs. Nancy Inge English lOA, 10R 

Mrs. Wanda Janz Spanish 1 ,2 
Mr. Charles Johnson Government 
Mr. Philip Keefer Basic Electricity, Elec- 
tronic Technology 
Miss Florence Keel French 1 ,4,5 
Miss Carolyn Keen Math Analysis, Math 

Mr. isidoro Kessei Spanish 2,3,4 
Mr. George Korte U.S. VA History 
Mr. Francis Kuhn Algebra 1 , Geometry 
Cdr. Ray Lackore NjROTC 1,2,3 
Mr. David Long Latin 1-5 

Mrs. Kathleen Malone Accounting 1,2, 
Office Simulation 

Ms. Fay Martin Home Economics, In- 
dependent Living 
Mr. Brian Matney Government 
Mrs. Karin McElvin Chemistry 
Mrs. Sharon McLaughlin World Cultures 


\ ^ 

Real People! 

Teachers Have Lives after School. 

Rarely did students consider 
their teachers outside of the 
classroom. It confounded them 
to imagine their teachers shop- 
ping, cooking, taking 
vacations, playing sports or 
going to the movies. If a student 
saw a teacher in public on the 
weekend, it was certainlly 
talked about the next day in 
class. Students thought their 
teachers were lesson planning, 
paper grading machines. Why 
could they not accept their 

teachers as "real people"? 

Well, students picture this! 
The teachers took full advant- 
age of their time off and week- 
ends. They have a wide variety 
of interests. Mrs. Sue Morris en- 
joys auto racing as a fan and/or 
participant. Mrs. Kathy Seay 
likes watching ACC basketball, 
especially UNC. Ms. Tracy 
Rogers and Mrs. Kerry Kaysen 
scuba dive! Brian Alexander 
builds models. Mrs. Debbi 
Sydow-Bennett has painting 

and ballet as two of her hob- 

The number one weekend 
activity is spending time with 
family, children and friends. 
The number two answer was 
traveling. The third most fre- 
quent answer was simply to rest 
and relax, but that took many 
forms, and each teacher had his 
or her own method to reju- 
vinate him or herself. 

1 42 Faculty 

The great outdoors! Any activity which 
involved being outside is tops among 
teachers. Ms. Kathy Bailey enjoyed 
gardening and being with her favorite 
pup, before she moved to Virginia 

It's Friday! Heading to the office for a final check 
at her mailbox, Ms. Sherri Ford looks forward to 
spending time with her fiance and socializing on 
the weekends. 

Which way do they go? Miss Patsy Willis 
organizes a slide show for her studenh. Miss Willis 
spent her spring break in Germany, Austria and 

Facult:y 1 -43 

Miss Cindy Midkiff Health P. E. 10, Adapt- 
ive P.E. 

Miss Anne Midytte Probability & Statistics, 
Analytic Geometry, Math Analysis 
Mr. lames Miller Geography 
Miss Lisa Mitchell English 10A, Journalism 
Mrs. Sandy Morgan Independent Living, 
Clothing 1,2 

Susan Morris Basic 1 ,2 Geometry 

Miss Judith Mueller Math Application, 

Algebra 2 

Mrs. Iris Mullican Typing 1,2, Shorthand 

Mrs. Dianne Mulligan Marketing 

Mrs. Kerry Nathan Marine Science 

Mrs. Patricia Orr Environmental Science 

Mrs. Patricia Pasko English 10R, lOS 

Ms. Vaunda Pearson English 11A, Visual 


Mr. Tabb Pearson U.S. VA History, Geg- 


Mr. Richard Percefull Chemistry, AP 


Mrs. Trina Perley Biology 
Mrs. linxy Poniatowski Typing 1,2, Busi- 
ness Law 

Mr. Thomas Rhodes I.S.S. 
Miss Diana Roberts English 10A, 10R 
Mr. George Robertson Earth Science, Mar- 
ine Science 

Mrs. Mary Robertson English 12A, 10A 
Mrs. Frances Robins Typing 1 , Accounting 
1 , General Business 

Miss Tracy Rogers Algebra 2 Trigo- 
nometry, Math Applications 
Miss Eva Roupas English 1 1A, Drama 1 
Miss Susan Rusnock Health P.E.I 

It's not for the Money! 

Lessons in T L C 

It's four o'clock in the after- 
noon. Most of the faculty has 
left for the day, and most of the 
students cleared out the mo- 
ment the bell sounded. Who is 
hanging around? Sponsors and 
coaches give up their time to 
work with students. These 
teachers were asked why. It's 
not for the money! What is it 
that our school and students 
had to give these teachers? 

Mr. Ken Holmes received 
fulfillment out of helping 
people orient their goals. Mrs. 
Cindy Edwards said, "I have 

1 AA Faculty 

learned a lot about accepting 
all different types of people." 
Not only do these teachers deal 
with students academically, 
they also care about their feel- 
ings. Mrs. Kathy Tetheroh said, 
"I hope to let many of the 
students here know that they 
are loved and that life is worth 
living." Teachers wanted to see 
their students grow. Mrs. Job- 
ynia Caldwell answered, 
"Teaching has been rewarding, 
because many of our students 
further their education. It's 
great to see how successful 

they become in their chosen 

Although the teachers may 
have seemed like the cruelest 
people alive at times, they 
cared, and they did not give up 
on their students. Mrs. Sue 
Morris said, "the students for 
the most part are seekers and 
doers." Mrs. Nancy Ford hoped 
to gain greater insight each year 
into which activities aided her 
students' learning. "I am al- 
ways exposed to students with 
varied back grounds and in- 
terests which help expand my 

horizons." Teachers anc 
students learned constantly 
from one another, which madt 
the year rewarding and enjoy 
able. Friendships gained witf 
students and teachers through 
various activities added ar 
extra demension to school. Ms 
Vaunda Pearson explained 
"What I have gained and hop< 
to gain go beyond simply e\ 
tending a social circle. I havt 
been exposed to new perspec 
lives on life, on everything, b' 
trying to see things through m' 
students eyes." 

Duties can be so much fun! Mrs. Cindy 
Edwards is confounded by a transformer. Even 
the worst duty can be enjoyable if a teacher 
can talk with familiar students. During the 
Christmas Toys-for-Tots campaign teachers kept 
themselves amused during cafeteria duty. 

Pizza Time! One of the greatest demands on a teacher is to ask 
her to commit her time after school. These times often become 
more fun than ever imagined. Mrs. luanita Bankston and Ms. 
Kim Ellis are taste testers for the |unior class, before the juniors 
embarked on a pizza sale. 

HO! HO! HO! Teaching is an never ending adventure. Mrs. 
Tracy Brockenbrough shows her school spirit a Christmas time. 
Santa was posing for pictures to raise money for a club. 

Faculty 1 45 

Mrs. Judy Schooley World History, U.S. 

VA History 

Mr. John Scliultze Algebraic Foundations, 

Algebra 1 

Miss Dee Schultz Health P.E. 10 

Mrs. Kathy Seay Learning Disabilities 

Mrs. Brenda Snead and Morgan Interior 

Design, Child Developement 

Mrs. Alwilda Stephenson English 9A, 12A 
Ms. Mindi Stevens English 12R, 12A 
Mr. Michael Taylor Basic Technical Draw- 
ing, Small Engine Technology 
Mrs. Carolyn Thompson Geometry 
Mrs. Kristine Thompson Geometry, 

Mrs. Joann Tillberg English 1 1A, IIS 
Mrs. Gail Tompkins Environmental Sci- 

Mr. David Trueblood French 1,3 
Ms. Delphia Tucker U.S. VA History 
Mr. William Turner Health P E 10 

Mrs. Rosa Valencia-Harris Spanish 1,2 

Mr. James Walker Psychology 1 

Mrs. Karel Wetzel Algebraic Foundations, 

Algebra 1 

Mrs. Ree White and Austin LDR 

Mr. Paul White English lOS, lOA 

Mrs. Carole Widmer Business Man- 
agement, Typing 1 

Mrs. Gloria Williams Art Appreciation 
Mrs. Diane Willis Chemistry 
Miss Patsy Willis German 1-5 
\ls. Yvette Yarn French 2 



. ^P.A.4 ■;■. 

I Went to College for This? 

When was Hall Duty 101? 

Did they ever warn teachers 
about cafeteria duty or bath- 
room duty in college? Surely, 
there was no course such as 
hall duty 101 or how to check 
for forged passes. Taking up 
trays and cleaning up after 
students was something we 
learned on the job. 

There was also no course on 
how to minimize paperwork, 
or how not to let paper take up 
twenty-four hours a day. One 
can always tell a teacher by the 
fact that he or she even signs 
checks in red pen, in addition 

to the purple marks on five out 
of ten fingers. The courses in 
educational methods never in- 
formed us how to remove the 
tell-tale signs of "teacheritis." 
Certainly, after school hours 
everyone can pick out a 

Teachers have learned to 
adapt to situations in school as 
they occur. Should the duties 
and red-tape procedures have 
been included in the college 
curriculum? If so, here is a list of 
courses that may be more in- 
dicative of the job of an educa- 


1 ) Bathroom Duty 205 (How tc 
remove smokers from bath 
room and smoke from clothes. 

2) Cafeteria Duty Psychology 
202 (How to convince student- 
to pick up trays.) 

3) Hall Duty 101 (How t( 
check for forged passes.) 

4) Paperwork 312 (How tc 
grade 150 tests in one sitting. 

5) "Teacheritis" 401 (How t( 
remove purple stains fron 
clothing and skin.) 

1 AB Faculty 

The Three Amigos. Lunch time allows the Misters Sykes and Dr. 
Eidson to relax from their infinite responsibities. 
Do not disturb. Planning periods and lunch bells are often 
confused. Mr. Tabb Pearson and Mr. Mark Forget use every minute 
in the office to prepare for their classes. They will someday achieve 
S.T. status. 


It's 10am. Do you know where your students are? Attendence duty 
keeps Mrs. Mary Kay Drew and Mrs. Roxanne Morris constantly 
filing and checking. 

Dragon Lady! Ms. Delphia Tuckerk, who did'nt earn her nickname 
by being nice with her grades, uses her hall duty time to work 
through a stack of notebooks. 

Faculty 1 AV 


"No More Pencils..." 

... no more books, no more teachers' dirty looks!" Remember 
That must've been way back in elementary school- the time whenii 
math was just "1 + 1", and sentences like "Spot ran away," were 
written in English. School work was so much easier then, but that 
was years ago. Now everything is different. . . well, except for the 
lunch food. Yet, since then, everything has become more complica- 
ted. Instead, we see math as more like 4z + 2mt(mrxd) + [pg + 13z 
+ lOVA + (r + Vir + 1) (87xy) + lb] compared to 1 + 1. In 
English, we went from writing simple sentences to writing long 
papers, tackling old novels, and analizing symbolic poems. Sounds 
fascinating, huh? Fortunately, instead of just pencils and books like 
the ones we used in elementary school, the materials have become 
more complicated as well. We now have calculators to solve those 
math problems, and computers to type all those papers. But even 
though these machines can help make things easier, they can only 
do what we tell them to do. So, of course it takes a lot of effort- this is 
high school! But then maybe ten or twenty years from now, there's a 
chance most oi us will look hack at our math and English here at 
Green Run and think, "Hey, it wasn't so bad." Who knows? 



"Those are our notes from yesterday??" Students help one .mother yet c.iuyht up in their Students take a step forward troiii their past math course to .Altzehra II TriK. reqiiirint; the, 
Enghsh class. to remember things they've learned two years hetore. 




"When Siddhartha finally reaches Nirvana . . ." lOS students listen and take notes on 
Buddhism while Mrs. Pasko explains the day's lesson. 

Exercising her knowledge ot constructions, Karla McCants sits ready with paper and pencil 
to tackle her geometry construction. 

Now you know how math and English have adjusted to today's society. 
Well, here's a look to the future: Our Green Run Stallions were asked 
what the study of math and English would be like in the year 2000, and 
here's some of their input: 

"There's use for math, but just simple math. You have to have English to 
write and talk." - M.C. 

"Math would be more advanced in the field of aeronautics. English will 
probably be the universal language." - R.A. 

"English will be the same. Math would be advanced and harder." - L.B. 
"We'll be learning more difficult things earlier." - D.B. 
"We'll be using more computers for math and English." - D.C. 
"There will be no math because computers will do it for you. English will 
have more high - tech words and we'll forget the words we use now. " - C. L. 
"It'll be harder because you have to take harder courses - because of all the 
requirements you might need." - T.J. 

■bf i"Listen very carefully." Math analysis class gives their full attention to their teacher, during 
an important lesson. 


Stir It, Shake It, and Observe It 

What is 

Hmmm... let's see! Jon Price does a Chemistry lab, being cautious and serious about his 


If 10 Students were asked that question, we'd probably have IC 
different answers: from "the study of interrelationships of matter and 
enerpy" to "a boring class." But seriously, what IS science? In the 
dictionary, science is detmed as, "knowledge of facts and laws arran- 
ged in an orderly system." On the other hand, science in the en- 
cyclopedia is, "... any subject which man can study by using the 
scientific method or other special rules of thinking ..." — so which 
of these make more sense.' Well, whatever science may be, we can 
all admit that the subject itself can be hard work. But did you ever 
think that it was even harder for Einstein, Galileo, and Newton? 
Remember, it took them years and years to prove things we study 
today, which you might consider as a waste of time. Well, think 
again. Science is important to everyone — especially to these 
students when it comes to phones, TV's, and cars. We just tend to 
forget that because we weren't the ones spending those years and 
years oi hard work. Not too many students have that kind of pat- 
ience or are in the least bit interested. Yet at least some of them try 
hard — putting themselves ahead and off to a good start for the new 

— Michelle Boada 

A student teaching Biolouv class.' That's a chanye. Learning about and understanding What's next? Patrick Yaccarino reads the instructions to a Physics lab as Kent Savar\ trieM. 
sex-linked traits could be pretty hard, but Bernard Ogletree knows what is going on! figure out where the rest ot the leftover parts go. 



Not just another lab- Denise Breland and Lattsa Queen, chemistr>' students, do an expen- 
ji sive experiment; turning pennies to goldl 

I.S. M 

[Science students, David Branson and Lauren Halley, do experimentint; with their humer Study, Study, Study!! Chemistry students not only do lahs and experiments. Here, they read 
[and beakers in A. P. chemistry. on to prepare tor an upcoming test. 


ROTC: A Salute to the Future 

We Want You! 

We all know it rakes guts to join the ROTC. The strict rules, in- 
spections, drills, and atterschool activities — all of it can be too 
much for most of us. We see them practice in the halls around the 
school, or out in the cold in the parking lot. And as we watch, some 
of us are glad not to he a part of it. Why.' Maybe because it's too 
much to handle, or maybe too much responsibility is involved, or 
maybe were just afraid that it might keep us too busy. Yes, being a 
member of the ROTC is hard work. So why did these students de- 
cide to join? They all have their personal reasons, but by the time 
they graduate, they will be able to take with them the patience, the 
responsibility, the discipline, and the respect they have either 
learned or earned through their membership with the ROTC. And 
with these, they are ready to join the competition in the real world, 
tully confident. 

— Michelle Boada 

Not all brawn, but brains, too. Moniquc K\',ins stiklics while loukint; thruunli lu-r imrcs tor 


The ROTC struts their stutt as thcv practice. 


Armed and ready, the cadets stood prepared to defend the honor of Green Run. Pertorming 
ith their weapons is one of the main parts ot the ROTC. 


r - ring 

"Order arms!" 

"Good afternoon, Platoon 4-" 

"Good afternoon, Captain." 

"Alright. We will have a surprise inspection today ..." 

Inspection? No, not an inspection! 

". . . and 1 expect you to look neat and sharp ..." 

But my uniform isn't pressed, and my shoes aren't polished. 
Great! Now I'm starting to sweat. 

"Representing the Green Run ROTC is a great privilege, and all 
o( you should be proud." 

Yeah, right. 

"You all know the normal procedures, so get into your positions 
quickly and quietly ..." 

Why me.' Why does it always happen to Eugene Meyersi' 1 know, 
he hates me. That's it! That's why he's always picking on me! 

"Hair, collar, shoes, ..." 

Mayhe he won't notice the ketchup stain on my sleeve. You can 
hardly see it - at least I can't. 

"Next, Rivers." 

Or maybe he won't notice my ring - around - the - collar. You can 
hardly see that either. 

"Fine, Rivers. Next, Johnson." 

Hey, my stxks match! - but they're red. Oh, no big deal. 

"Excellent, Johnson. Everything is as I expected so far." 

Yeah, so far. Wait until he gets to me. I'm next. NEXT!!!??? 

"Next, Meyers." 

This is it. God, please, God! Please don't let him notice! 1 pro- 
mise I'll never sleep in church again! 

"Well, Meyers, . . . first of all -" 

Now why didn't I just stick to Home Ec? 

— Michelle Boada 

Even royalty has to work. Judy Manlulu, the Cadet Core Queen, stands in tormation. 


A Step Between Two Worlds of Languages 


>^K^ J^ 

Foreign Lan^ 
guage vs. Slang 

"Yo, man!" or "Hey, girl!" are often common ways we like to greet 
our friends. But once we step into the world of foreign languages, it 
completely changes. We learn to say, "Hola," "Guten Tag," "Bon 
Jour" or even "Salve." And pretty soon, they all begin to sound 
normal as students yell them across the halls. 

Although "Cool" isn't a particular word in a foreign language, 
Green Run students devote about an hour of their day to learn a 
language other than English. This gives them a chance to learn a 
second language while making new friends through dialogues and 
skits. During the year, students learn different rules for speaking and 
writing, which they don't exactly consider "Awesome." Being 
taught the cultures and customs on a bright, sunny day — perfect for 
going to the beach, can also be described as a "Bummer." But when 
it comes to Culture Days and field trips from Chi-Chi's all the way to 
Europe, the word "Rad" may come to mind. Naturally, these are 
fun-loving students but they all know the importance of taking a 
foreign language as well as its benefits. It can help them acquire the 
Academic Diploma which requires three years of one language or 
two years each of two languages. And once the diploma is acquired, 
they can easily become accepted into many of the good colleges. 

So it may not sound like it when you hear "Killer," "Rad," "Awe- 
some," or even "Bogus"; these students show they really do care 
about their education, even if it does mean work. And that also 
includes tempoarily leaving their world of slang behind as they enter 
a foreign language class. 



"Hola," "Como estas?" — Scott Stanford and Christi Stanford exchange a few words during 
a Spanish dialogue. 

"Travillc...traville...traville..." A Innch student, W.irren, quietiv works on ,i Laborant — That's a perlect way to describe these Latin students as they are busy dinng 
assignnunt. group work. 






"Wunderbar! Toll!" Kristina Sinclair shares a delicious Christmas family tradition with an 
exchange student, Charlotte Krag, in Miss Willis' German class. 

,j( "Oui, oui!" — This lively hunch ot students discuss the fun side of French culture 

"Feliz Navidad, ... Feliz Navidad" — This lucky Spanish IV class is heing entertained by 
four talented peers, Tanya Fuller, Teresa Westby, Rohin Banner, and last but not least, Liz 




Some students like math. Others prefer sociology. And, yes, 
there are even those who like English. But, when it comes to art, 
everyone can enjoy and admire its wide variety - whether it be from 
Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper," to students' graftiti on building 
walls. Here at Green Run, students learn many different techniques 
of drawing, painting, and other forms of art which are all incorpora- 
ted into concepts taught in class. For example, pointalism is one 
technique in which series of dots are used to make a picture. An- 
other technique, called impressionism consists of splashes of pastel 
colors, while bright colors are used in fauvism. Then once they have 
learned all they can to improve their drawings, Art V students begin 
to do portfolios and art shows to exhibit these artistic abilities. All 
these useful techniques are incorporated into concepts taught in 

Yet with all this knowledge, art still requires talent. And many 
students have been able to proudly express their talent through their 
unique and creative work - many ot which have been displayed in 
the lobby. As for those of us who aren't as artistic, well . . . that's 
where "stick people" come in - but that's another story. 

— Michelle Boada 

"Watercolors are my style!" Shelby Scwcll paints with watcrcolurs iii her art class. 

Amy Lee expresses her art talent through her work as she gives her time and effort. 

=^ vs:^ 

r-\ V 



Celia Spalding concentrates on her painting similar to stain glass. 

Robert Kemhle smiles proudly as he holds up his magnificent masterpiece. 

"Fingerpainting in high school?!" Kenny Johnson puts his artistic ability to work in his Art 1 

"What's love got to do with it?" A whole lot, Ben Day, an AP Art student expresses his love 
tor art with several reproductions ot Tina. 




Divider 153 

Holly Daniels tries for a stril<e at ant 
Honor Society bowling social. m 

Newly inducted 
members are iiono- 
red at annual cer- 
emony, (above) 
Honor Society mem- 
bers enjoy a banquet 
given in their honor, 

"Reach is something that I hope teaches people that they don't nee 

— Shell! col 

The Anchor Club 

REACHiResponsible Educated Adolesc 
ents can Help 


Help is Their iVJiddie Name 

1/latthew Pearsall presents Gil Flores with his NHS membership certificate while Dr. Eidson an- 
liounces the inductees. 

Fifty-one hard-working 
juniors were inducted into 
the National Honor Society 
this year. In order to be ac- 
cepted, they had to maintain 
at least a 3.3 average throug- 
hout their freshman and 
sophomore years. Belonging 
to school or community 
clubs and activities is an- 
other requirement. There- 
fore, these students, along 
with the thirty-nine returing 
seniors deserve much credit 
for their accomplishments. 
Among this year's projects 
was a toy drive conducted 
for the Hope Haven orphan- 
age located near vo-Tech. 
Donating money to the Joy 
fund was another notable 
accomplishment. One of the 
most important service ac- 
tivities of the NHS is peer 
tutoring, an ongoing project 
held during all lunches. 
Other activities include a trip 
to Washington D.C.and Kings 

Character, scholarship, leadership, and service; the National Honor Society 
t loesnt merely stand for these ideals; it demands them of its members, and 
ven more so, it instills them. " 

— Acey Herrera 

"SADD was formed to foster interest among the student body and point 
out the fact that drunk driving is dumb." 

— Sallie Frame 

lonor Society: Ms. Thompson. Ms. Mldyette, M.Allen, A.Aten, B.Baie, H.Bayion, J.Beckman, P.Biack, 
(.Bledowskl. J.Bowman. V.Brown, J.Browne, J.Butler, K.Cizerle, M Colobong, H.Connelly, M.Cruz, 
?.Damasco, H.Daniels, K.DeHart, S.Delacuadra, M.Doon, C.Ebert, K.Eckhart, S.Edgeworth, w.Edquilang, 
?.FIax, c. Flores, LFogerty, R.Follet, L Gagllano, A.Cerales, M.Crover, M.Hanna, K. Harms, B.Heard, 
X.Herrera, C.Hoferkamp. J.Hoggard, D.Hopkins. j.Hunn, B.Jackson, D.Jaudon, A.Johnson, K.Johnson, 
VKotrba, j.Kotter. E.Laverty, C.Lawson, K Loadwick, T.Lohnes, AMacDonald. J.Magbanua, K.Mailander, 
i.Marcia, K McCrath, k.Messer, D.Moen, C.Ochoa, A.Padellec, M.Pascual, M. Pearsall, E.Penley, K.Penny, 
..Perry, T.Plckrell, S.Pleban. E.Poellnitz, C.Reyes, S.Ries, j Rislnger, D Runberg, w.Scott, M.Soriano, 
(.Stanford, S.streit, M.strobach, J.Swanlund, L.Tadalan, V.Tanyug, J.Thomas. j.Torio, M.Toeslee, 
J.VIsage, K.Walton. B.Wasson. T.westby, G.WIison, S.Winstead, C.Worley, R.Yonkers, M.Young 

Students Against Driving Drunk: Mrs. Caldwell, M.Adkin. j.Bactong, E.Bagay, M.Bowman, M.Boyer 
C.Cachaper, T.Chapman, N.Dillard, S. Frame, S.Kletter, M.Lewis, J.Lindemutn, K.Mauro, A.Mays, 
S.Morris. J.Polndexter, D.Posch, D.Preston. A. Rawles, M.Rickes, D. Ricks, N.Sale. A.Schuopan, 
H.Shaw, M.Wampler, p.williams 


Put On A Smile 

All the plays seen at school 
are due to Thespian Troupe 
1625. A mini troupe, part of 
the Thespians, marched in 
the Virginia Beach Neptune 
Festival. Stressing Halloween 
safety is one of the many 
themes expressed by them 
at several elementary 
schools in the area. 

Tough work went into the 
regional conference held in 
January, the state confer- 
ence in March, and the inter- 
national conference in July 
held in Muncie, Indiana. 
These productive and enter- 
taining conferences open up 
opportunities to meet new 
friends and take workshops 
to improve their perform- 

Through the year, the 
Thespians' hard work was 
not in vain. Their outstand- 
ing performances proved a 
job well done. 


"Film making, advertising, and photograplry are now something that I can 
do, as opposed to something I can just watch." 

— Certa Call 

"FCA is more than just a club- its a growth experience in Christianity. 

—Beth Mccutchei 

visual Language Club: Ms Pearson, B Hurd, M.weaver, c.Blckford, D.Aguilar, J.Brower, A.Crowell 
C.cruze, A Dupuls. A.Emerick. J.Flach. c.Call. L.Hariston, J.Jones, H.Kelllngton, K.KIaput, D.Kreli, 
K.Landick, K.LaRose, T.Lawrence. B.McCutchen, B.ODonneil. N Olwin, H.Perez. C.Pesebre. D.Rollman. 
M.Shllllng. M.Sprawls, B.Taylor, S.Tempie, K werth. R.Wharton, S Williams. W.Wilson 



Yes Holly, it's hard to scratch your 
nose with all that make-up on. (far 

It's a bird! it's a plane! It's FCA's 
Super Jamie Corell taking a plunge 
at a pool partyKbelow) 
FCA huddles up at a summer confer- 
ence in Gettysburg, PA.(top left) 
No its not a penguin convention, 
it's the Thespian mimes. (bottom 

"Our main function is to educate students and bring something different to 
our school." 

—Mike Smith 

•Art Club gives you a chance to expand your artistic abilities. " 

—Rachel Federico 

THesplan Troupe: Ms. Brock, A.savage, M.Smith, J. Fowler, E.Lavertv.A.Sheehan. C.Anderson, T.Creek, THo Af^ ^lllh 
H.Daniels, B.Evans, B.Flnch, J.Fowler. E.Moore, i.Reutzel, K.Schoppenhorst, K.Shepard, S.Thomas, ' ■•*^ '^^ ^ VlUU 
S.Thompson, M.woodard 


Jazz Dancers smile big for the finale of their routine. 

(top right) 

Volleyball members anxiously await the outcome of 

an offensive spike, (bottom right) 

Anne Sugar's athletic training is put to use as she 

prepares to tape the ankles of Amy O'Connor and 

Scott Heldier. (below) 


Jazz Dancers: Mrs Burgess. J.Bactong, M.Bauman, T.Cook. M.Hale, T.Rader, T.smith, C.Zelsz 

Volleyball Club: Mr. Alexander. N.Reynante. S.Abando. L.Acain, T.Adan. C.Addesso, E. Address 
A.Alas. A.Ashton, J.Baker, R.Bausas, R.Bautista, M.Baylon, C.Bentsen, B.Bland. F.Bonlski. P.Bonne 
j.Brlggs, J.Brumbley, R.Cacanindln, A.Cantreli, D.Castro. N.Coronado, R.Cropus, M Cronin, C.Cruz 
C.Denosta, D Downie, R Eestain, S.Fure. N.Gabriel, J.Cordon, R.cozum, T.Croome. L.Hansen, R.Hari 
L.Harris, C.Havriblak, C.Hecca. C.Hoerlng. C.Huling, K.Hunnlngs, K.Jones, J.Jusavan, J.keene, S.Kellv 
M.Klannemark, C Krag, P.Kruck, ALape, J.Larson, A.Lucera, S.Maliarl, j.Mangus, C.Martin 
V.Martinez, D.Mel, J.Murllio, M.Murillo, M,ODell, E.Ollver, L.Ona, J.Ortiz, J.Parkev, C.Pezzuto 
L.Plazza, M.Plette, T. Price, T.Priest, T.Rublo, S Runyan, N. Sampson, P.Schwartz, J Sclone, v.Sclone 
R.Shaffer, R.Slcklnger, P.SIma, R.Simmons, L Smith, F.Stackhouse, V Stortini, J. Strange, S.Susher 
C.Sutherland, LTayior, L.Tergade, J Tono, S.Toth, J.Turllngton, S.Walthall, S.Wertz, S,Wheeler 
S.Wlnstead, A.wood 



Ms. Midkiff , an advisor to the athletic trainers, 
gives an injured Wilfred Darang professional 

Athletic Trainers to the Rescue 

"In the Ski Club, we not only talk about a sport in which we love, but we have "It is a lot of work, and you have to be dedicated, but the rewards are well 
planned actual trips to local resorts." worth the work. " 

—David Mei —Anne Sugar 

./ 1^: — — 

The Ski Club 

Athletic Trainers: Ms. Midkiff, B.Evans, T.Fueller, A.Kirkland, A.MacDonaid, M.Reyes, A.Sugar, 
H.Taylor, R.Wilson 


The Points 

The Spanish Honorary 
Society is an organization 
commited to serving the 
community as well as the 
student body. They do this 
with activities such as the 
can food drive for the Ronald 
McDonald House and the 
donation of Christmas stock- 
ings to unfortunate children 
through the Salvation Army. 

Students had to apply for 
membership in the society. 
They must maintain a 3.0 
grade point average in Span- 
ish throughout the year. 

The Spanish Honorary 
Society devised a point 
system to keep track of each 
members' input. Members 
may achieve the mandatory 
eight points per nine weeks 
by attending all meetings, 
tutoring, fundraising, doing 
committee work and service 
work, and chairing specific 

"By exposing me to the French culture through fun activities, the French 
Club has helped me to excel In a foreign language. " 

—David Mei 

The Junior Classical League 


All Latin 

French Club: Mrs. Keel. B.Heard. M.Young, S.Haw. S.RIes. j.Menon, B.Jackson, K.Barbaran, 
K.Biodonski R.Boquiron. H.Boud, j.Branum. J.Buckingham, M.Butler. V.Caborlez. D.Carver. 
C.Cherlsien, K Clzehe, J.Collev, K.Corrie, j.Dake. B.Daley. D.Dougherty. W.Edquliang, T.Eher. K.Eyre, 
L.Cagllano, C.Call, J Grant, K.Cregorv, N.Cregory. K.Hart, K.Hoffman, K.Holder, M.Holmes. S.Kletter. 
C.Lamblnlcio, R Ledbetter, M.utzendorf, A.Lohnes, M.Magglore, A.Matlenzo, G.Marshall, M.Mason 
L.Maver, D.Mei. T Nut, C Ollvar, K.Parker, D.Peel, D.Plralea. C.PIeban, D.Piude, CRamsev, A Rawles, 
D.Reese, M. Reyes, MRousseau, C.Scott, A.Sears, A,Spence. A.Spence. P,Sutherland. j,Swauland 
C.Thompson, c.villanueva, J.wade 

1 6B 

Members wait patiently to pick up their 
fundraiser at a crowded SHS meeting, 

Latin students debate over the existence 
of their organization, (top right) 
Bradley Heard casually Informs French 
Club members of recent activities, (cen- 

Suzanne Ries ponders over the Ideas of a 
French Club participant, (far right) 

"The Spanish Club is full of fun and spirit, which Is the reason why many 
students join." 

—Meddle Marty 

"The Spanish Honorary Society gives me a sense of's a 
privelege to be a member." 

— Aimee Fowler 

Spanish Club Mrs. Dugan, Mrs. Janz, A.Santiaguell. T.Thomas, H.Baylon. K.LoadwIck, S.Abando, 
A.AIIegre, M.Aiumpe, M.Boada, M.Boucree, J.Braun, D.Cabenez, B.Cahill. M.ciaisse, s. Collins, 
J.Crongever. M.Cruz, S.Coriey, L DeLeon, D.deJesus, M.Dlep, C.Duff, C.Duval, C.Estanislao, L.Faulkner, 
J.Fedee, D.Forbes, N.Cabriel, J.Coodman, L.Crover, B Cwynn, C.Herman, E.Hovik, M. Knight, C.Lawson, 
LLeandado, G.Logador, M. Marty, K Mauro. S.Meil, J.Miranda, j.Ocampo, J.Parker, D.Palompo, c.Paroan, 
CPauls, K.Penny, j.Perez, M.Petrle, J. Ramsey, R.Reeves, i.Revita, C.Reyes, K.Richardson, j.Rislnger, 
J.Roblns, T.Rogeberg, T Salter, B.Sganga, C.Sharpe, J.Sheldon. R.sickinger, N.Sampson, R.Sitjar, 
LTecson, J.Walsh, L.White, P.Williams. S Williams, T.Woodall, A.Udo, R.Uydingco 

SHS: Mr. Kessel, Mrs Curtis-Llque, T. Persons, S.Delacuadra, M. Cruz, K. Davenport, M. Celsmar, 
S.Abando. A.AIIegre. M.Allen, J.Asis, J.Banner, A.Bell, S. Berry, M.Boada, H.carter, J.Colobong, 
E.Cruz, K.Darden, TDecker, D.Dejesus, L.DeLeon, A.Diaz, N.Dlllard, CDuvall, M.Flora, C.Fiores, 
R.Follet, A.Fowier, B. Freed, N.Cabriel, G.Cllera. R.Cuynn, M.Hanna, J.Haynes. T.Hedgepeth, N Kaler, 
K.KIrkpatrick, R.Lapid, K.LoadwIck, S.Lucas, J.Magbanua, B.McCutchen, T McDanlel, B.McKenzle, 
T.McKnight, J.Mejia, S.Meil, J.Miranda, C.Newton, O.Nolasco. J.ONeill, A.Padeilec, E.Padilla, 
D.Palompo, C.Pauls, K.Plttman. B.Ouick, J Quick, B.Quigley. T.Rogeberg, H.Saion. A.Sheehan, 
R Smith, K.Stewart, V.Stortlnl, v.studivant, J.Taylor, A.udo, S.Vansiyke, E.Vejar, S.wagoner, 
J.Walsh, T westby, L.White, T.wiiliamson, T.Woodall 


After a tedious deadline, the yearbook staff takes time to pose for a last 
Chris Ashman makes some final adjustments on her layout just be- hurrahKtop) 

fore her yearbook deadline. (top) Yearbook staff advertises for the sale of the annual publication. (bottom) 

Devoted staff member, Amy Rawies, sacrifices her lunch period as Debbie Preston and Cecile Cachaper come to the rescue after Diane Butorac faces 
she promotes the selling of yearbooks. (bottom) yearbook writers block. (opposite page) 


^^ 1 



^ J 

Uterarv Magazine Newspaper 

Mrs Robertson, Mrs Bankston, C. Ochoa. C Ebert. J Rislnger, K Loveless. A. Lohnes, L Mitchell, L Ms Mitchell, K. Gervals, A Bush. K Diaz, j. Dungam, T. Ellis. T. Friday. A. Frye, D. Javdon. T Nutt. S Rie; 
Fogerty. L. Bowman. K. Gregory B. wheeler 


Late Night With the Staff 

The yearbook staff is a 
group of students dedicated 
to mal<lng each vearbool< the 
best it can be, this includes 
staying after school almost 
everyday and occasionally 
weekends. It is hard to app- 
reciate the work that goes 
into a yearbook until you 
have been a yearbook staff 

Yearbook photographers 
can be found at most sports 
events or just roaming the 
halls looking for the perfect 
candid shot. A yearbook 
photographer always gets 
his picture. 

Yearbook is not only writ- 
ing articles and drawing 
layouts, but it is also selling 
yearbooks and raising 
money. The money raised 
goes toward color and 
graphics, which are used to 
make the yearbook the best 
It can be. 

The staff tries their best to 
keep your high school mem- 
ories colorful and vivid. 

"The yearbook staff's purpose is to organize an annual that will last a life- 


"Being an editor is a lot of hard work, but it's very fulfilling when you see 
the final product. 

— A.Rawles 

Yeart}ook staff 

M. Boada, J. Buckingham, j. Cabral, D. Carver, J. Daquilanea, L. Leandado, J. Parina, D. Preston, I. 
Revlta, E. Spence, E. ware, R. unknow, s.unknown , D.unknown , M. unknown. 

YeartxMJk Editors 

B.Barrows, R.Damaso, C.Asriman, P.Brown, D.Butorac, R.FederIco, J.Miranda, M.Pascuai, J.Peileteir, 
A.Rawies, A.Sonson, K.Stewart, C.Cachaper, S.Kletter 


Taking care of 3000 Plus 

Sophomore Class Officers 
J. Tugbang, C valdez, A. Coleman, T. Chesterman 

Junior Class Officers 

C. Flores, M. Pascual, R. Damaso, T Persons 


Carol Duff lets out her day's frustrations on a helpless Ruth 
Damaso. (opposite page) 

SCA members count the money from one of their many fundraisers.(top) 
Jenny Dahl creates a poster to advertise TNT, the school's newest 
club. (bottom) 


The Forensics team searches the room for necessary art mat- 
erials to make posters. (opposite page) 
Mrs. Lanl<ford gets some help on a sign for a Forensics 
meet.(top right) 

The Tidewater Challenge team ponders over a difficult trivia 
question. (bottom right) 

The Forensics team listens attentively as Bradley Heard recites 
his piece. (below) 

"Debate Is the chance to take a topic dealing with an Important con- 
temporary Issue and explore every facet of that topic. " 

— J. CIroux 

"Joing Forensics Is very advantageous. Doing so improves your publ| 
speaking skills and Increases your self-confidence. " 

— R. Cr, 

The Debate Team 

Ms. Peterson, S. Boardman. J Bunch, j Cartler, j Dake, C Ebert, B Evens, M. Evre, R Follett, A. 
Fowler, P. calian A. Cerales. J Ciroux. M Jetton. J Jones, M Jimlnez, A. Kotrba, M Lenham, j Menon, 
C Murphv, J. Myers, M Parker, S Pennington, S Roblnett, B Quigley, S Runnyan. M Saver, A. 
Schaffer, j. Sessor, P. Shah. S. Slier, A. Spence, B. Wasson. P. workman. 

The Forensics Team 


What?You Lost Your voice! 

*"" %n 

"I haven't made up an in- 
troduction yet, but can I just 
start without one right 
now?" "Does anyone have a 
black folder I can borrow?" 
Ride on the bus to any of the 
Tidewater Forensic League 
meets with the Forensic 
team, and you would have 
heard all these desperate 
crys and more. But on the 
way home, sounds on the bus 
were quite different! Be- 
tween song, the ballots from 
the night's three rounds 
were distributed, but be- 
cause the team was so pow- 
erful this year, almost every 
member found at least one 
round's ranking cause for 

It took an entire team to 
win so many honors this 
year, and it was probably be- 
cause nearly twenty-five 
students were sent to each 
tournament that the team 
ended with its finest and 
most successful season. 

"Tidewater Challenge has helped me to expand my horizons of know- 

— R.Cajulis 

' Guidance Helpers 

C. DeSei, J. Franceske, C. Hartlove, T. Johnson, J. Kelly, M Litzendorf, A. Mangaya. N. Mobley, N. 
Moreland, j Peiletier. C. Rice, T. Robison, K. Sturdivant, R. Tugbang, K. Williams, B. Woodall, B. 

The Tidewater Challenge Team 


Einstein Never Had It Lll<e This 

JETS:Junlor Engineering Technical Society Ms Willis, A Aten, B.Bacani, B.Bale. P Black. K.Bledowski. 
R. Cajuils, M Carter. T Champrey, K.Clzerie. R Corpus. R Damaso, S Deiacuadra. M Doherty. 
S.Edgworth. W Edquiiang. R Flax, T. Fuller. SCarton. M.Ceismer. A.Cerales. M Grover. AHerrera. 
K Harms J Hodson. C Hofercamp, R James, M.Jimenez. B Jordan. D Krotz, M Lanham, M.Maron. J. 
Marcia. S McCarthy. A.Meese, M Miller. D Moen. C. Murphy, O.Noiosco, T.Nutt, T.Parrotte. E.Peniey. 
PRagulnl. j Reader, c. Reyes. D.Rungerg, J Rislnger, R.sigier. M.strobach, j swanlund. LTeillon, 
M.Towslee. S.Turner, B.wasson, C.Wllson, S.winstead 

The Mariners 


r* T \ 

Junior ' ■ 
Society - 


JETS members, Pepito Raguini and Joel Marcia, are greeted at a Virginia Tech 

orientation by the Dean of Admissions. (opposite page) 

Ecology club members search the beach for interesting environmental 

samples to study. (bottom left) 

Recycling aluminum cans for the Science club proves to be profitable as well 

as good for the community.(near left) 

"The future of the oceans lies in the hands of mankind... we must be careful 

t not to destroy the immense variety of life that lies in the depths of our "The meaning of life and science are deeply interrelated. The only true way 

loceans." to Nirvana is through the total conquest of our local enviornment." 
J.Foster — D.DeFreitas 






The Marine Science Club Mrs. A.Unehan, Mrs. K.Kavsen, M.Mason, M.Martz. T.Kemp, i.Kalnas 

The science— Ecology Club Mrs. Orr, J.Thomas, T.Parrotte, VCayetano, R.Dabu, F.Boneske, C.Bryson, 
F.carcanaque, S.Cole, J.Crongeyer, T.Decker, D.Defreitas, C.DuVal, j.EisIng, K.Haugen, C.Johnson, 
A.Kotrba, B.Kotrba, C.Lawson, A.Logsdon, R.MacDonald, E.Malick, J.Menon, M.Nerl, D.Parrotte. 
J.Teachman, K.Vu,L.Vu,J.Wohl 


FBLA proudly displays the awards for their hard work. (bottom) 

FBLA members serve the student body at a "Make Your Own Sundae" 

party. (top) 

DECA members Kelly Monds and Deanna Berry mix business with pleasure as 

they discuss club events over a piece of cake. (opposite page) 

"'Pe^r training is beneficial in that it teaches you to deal with your own 
crises as well as the problems of other people. " 

— LFogerty 

Peer Counselors 

COE:Cooperative Office Education 


Check It Out! 

3ECA:Dlstrlbutlve Education Clubs of America M Johnson, V.Fulton, M Pascual, S.Thompson, 
r. Brown, A.Aunchman, J.Baker, S.Young, j Sprangers, S Sprangers, C.Abayon, S.Adams, 
|\.Aunchman, s.Austin, M.Harold, T.Locklear, i.Naylor, M.Webb, F.Thorton, A.Coodrlch, A.Lancaster, 
riawrence, T.Mullen, A.Murphy, A.Myrick, C.O'Neal, A. O'Connor, R.Parado, M. Soriano, S.Thompson, 
3 Clark, L.Evans, K.Haiverson, D.Hoffman, D.Kaler, L.Reed, K Stephan, S.stleb, T.Delbar, S.Eaton, 
^^ Fulton, I. Gonzales, R.Mess, E.Murns, T.Norton, S, Parker, D Parsons, K.Samuels, T.smiley, T.smlth, 
? Tatterson, K.Zamot, C Alejandro, A.Alexander, D.Alexander, s. Buckley, K.Clifford, J.Dipilato, M.Hall, 
r.Hodges, s Methuin, D Parrotte, w. Potts, F.Reyes, R.Sickinger, M.Hlnes, R.Barnes, C Bov\/den, 
B.Harris, S.Haynes, J.Johnson. J.Joson, C.Marcotte, P.Pierce, D.Wagers, G.Weber, S.Owen, D Brown, 
..Brown. M.Ackerman, j.Elkins. R Fentress, K.Johnson, L.Magaddino, J.Pruitt, I Rosario, 
vi.Stephenson, C.Tiglao, E.Stricklaind, D.Benoy, M Douglass, S.Doudy, K Foskey, K.Haga. K.Mouds, 
A/.Owens, T.Brown, K.Dudley, A.Holmes, R.Kell, S.Mueller, j. Nichols, K.Woodhouse, C.Woosley, 
r.Brooks. T.ChamberlaIn, M.Cador. s.Coldwortljv, L.jethro, A. tape, J.Lee, oThompson, T.walton, 

FBLA:Future Business Leaders of America E.White, J. Piper, L.Fetty, s Young, R.Advocat, N.Call, 
M.McCaffery, M.Coiobong 


It's Not Just Cooking and Cleaning 

"A home should never be lived in alone." 


— j.Men(' 

Psychology Club 

A Clark, J Hiet, J.Fiach 

FCA:Future Homemakers of America 






■s- ■<■ 

*^" •'": 





















Black Culture Club participants discuss activities held during Black Culture 

month. (opposite page) 

The Spirit club honors coaches at an autumn pep rallv.(bottom) 

Spirit club participants plan events for the coming months.(top) , 

Tug-of-war is one of the main features at the fall pep rallY.(middle) 

"The Black Culture Club has given me a greater sense of pride. It also has 
made me more aware of the outstanding black figureheads of our time. " 

— A.Holliday 

The Black Culture Club Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Caldwell, AMyrlck. C.Wilson. T.Baker, T.cnapman, D walker. 
B.Heard, A.Antoine, A.Holliday. K.Abanathy, s Anderson, J, Banks, A Breland, D.Breland, v Broady, 
D, Brown, V.Brown, R.Cheatham. A.Collins, T.cox, K Darden, P.Davis, L.Desmond, S.Edwards, 
K.Harris, R.Harris, J.Haynes, D.Henderson, T.Johns, D.Johnson, S.Jones, S.Jones, T.Love, A.Mann, 
S.Morris, L.Nichols. T.Nutt. C.Powell, SPuryear, T.Ravenell, D. Ricks, J Sprulll, l.Snowden. C.Strong, 
V.Studivant, J.Wagner. C.Walton, K.Ward, P.willlams. T.Wilson 

"Wargamers is a place where you can escape from the reality of life to the 
horrors of the mind." 
'^'* — M.GOOd 

The Wargamers Ms. Borum, B.Hunter, M.Franz, K.Collette, E.Cagle, M.Smalley. J Savory. S.Creaber. ThG SDJrJt ClUb 

M.cood, K.Ogleotz. R.Shrader c Murphy 


Majorette, Jennifer Ramsey, poses for the conclusion of her marching band 
routine. (bottom right) 

Mr. Collins inspects the fine footwork that results from endless marching 
band rehearsals. (bottom left) 

The Marching Stallions nervously await the command that will begin the 
football half-time entertainment.(top) 

Parading down the boardwalk at the Neptune Festival has become an an- 
nual event for the Marching Stallions. (opposite page) 

"Color Guard is very enjoyable, it helps you learn discipline (in a fun way) 
and makes you feel on top of the world when you're performing. " 







y^ J^R 




X ^ 


The Color Guard D.Andersen, C.Bolis, D.Barnes. T.Dlllard,T.Dillard, M.Dodds, M.Fitzpatrick, E.Forrest, 
T.Crime. A Holmes, D.Kline, R.Kline, K.Major, L.iviatlosz. K.McDance, S Petit, J. Ramsey, M. Sellers, 
J Severts, S Stuart, S.Van Hov, K.Walton, S.Watson 

"This year's marching band was made successful by firm leadership, motiv- 
ation, and discipline. " 

— C.Cachaper 

"The Treble Choir is a great beginning choir. It offers a great start for a higl 
school singing career. " 

— c.watsoi 





, hk: ftm nnJ k 

The Band Mr. Collins, CCrymes, A.Holliday. D Abbott, D Allen, S.Andrews. E Arellanto. M. Ashman. 
B Asis, L Bailey, K Bell, N.Blanco, K.Boyd, R Branch, J.Branum, v.Broady, M Burrows, C.Cachaper, 
T.Cepedes A.Cherry, M Cole, P.Coltrane, B. Daley. C.Dayag, R Denney. M Dewey, D DeVoe. V.Dodds. 
A Ooubleday. S Edgeworth, J Erikson. R.Follett. N Freeman, T Callney. C Cottschalk, J Grant, 
M.Grover, M.Hanson, P.Hutcherson, R.James, D.Johnson, R Johnson, j King, S.Kletter, j.Kotter, 
J.Larson. D Lilly. D. Lilly, J Mason, L.Mason, M Mateo, D.Mays. C. Mccarty, M McVicker, j Meese, 
N.Mobiey, A Montoya, M Montoya, C Neai, A Nesbit, L Nichols, C Norcross, R Obien, A.Ortega, 
B.Perez, M Petruska, D Plude, J Pollard, S Powell, R.Prodlgalldad, A.Rawies, B Rogister, M Rousseau, 
S.Rucker, D Runberg, B.Russell, F Salud, 0. Shoemaker. A.Spence. C Strong, J.swiger. T.Swiger. 
B.Thurston. C.Valdez, C.VIIlanueva, DWheeler. T.WhIte. N.Wllllams. E.WIlson 

The Treble Choir T.LeBlanc. P.Hunter. c.watson T.Woodis. L Kittreii, TCherry. K.Forsythe. M.Pien 
LAcain, C.O'neai, T Henderson, T.Hall, M. Askew, L.Rosenman, K.Nealon. A.Hise, D.Nordin. T.Pra' 
M. Muggins, E. smith. B Owens 



Let the Music Play 

A Single note gently floats 
in the stillness until all dis- 
crepancies from perfection 
have vanished. This futile 
striving for an ideal tone is 
attempted 365 days a year by 
aspiring musicians in the 

The band performs pieces 
at the district band festival. 
This noncompetetive atmos- 
phere exposes them music- 
ally to other bands in the 
area, in this two part com- 
petition, divided into march- 
ing and concert, the band re- 
ceived a I, the highest rating 
in marching. 

With a rating of I in con- 
cert, the band was dis- 
tinguished as one of the 
Honor Bands in Virginia. 

Through the struggle for 
excellence, band students 
have gained an apperecia- 
tion and understanding of 
music while representing 
the school. 




varsity singers T.Brinson, j, Gilchrist, S.Smith, N.Orshesky, J.Ferrer p Blount s Lambert, k Major, 
D Tucker, T Robison, B.Beil, T Cuffee, M.Clddens, J.Johnson, J. Wagner, C.valenti, B.Smithson, 
c Schwarte, L Berry, K.Schoppenhorst, C.Thompson, D.Cook, K.Dudiev, C.Worely, L Taylor, 
C.Etheridge, J.Bactong, iVl.Ricketson, C.St.ClaIr, K.Weaver, K.Borke, K.Loadwick, T.MIIIer, L.Duquette, 
S.Robinson, S.Lemmon, J.Dion, S.Dion, B.Poellnitz, D Lutz, J.lVlumford, E.Harper, R Cray, C.Watson, 
M Wallraven, D.iVleehan, C Clarke, M.Wood, D Etherldge, S.Evancheck, S.Blowe, J.Brown. S.Crant, 
K Lewis, M.Lewis, w.Mercado, V Maldando, M.Towsiee, B.Doyie, L.webb, J.Elliott 

The Madrigals A.Eckhart, R.Banner, K.Shiiialies, H.Ciruorard, L.Kerr, L.Fetty, J. Hilt, J.Brown, 
K.Shepard, M.Lawson, j.Fowler, B.Finch, W.Jackson, S.Pritchard, B.Doyie, j.Forcht, L.Nlchols. J.Kent, 
B.Buckner, P.Davis, S.Fricke, T.Larson 



Divider 1 S3 



, i 



Casie At Bat (middle leltlCasie )ones swings powerfully, sending the ball back at Cox as her teammates look 
on. (middle rightlWinding up, Lisa westcott prepares to strike out a Cox opponent. (upper)Koreena Messer 
catches a pop fly scoring an out as a referee watches on. 





1 BA Sports 




Home Sweet Home Plate. A determined Casie Jones adc 
another point to the score against Cox.(lower)Kare 
Malogorski eagerly awaits her chance to score for Gree 


are a Girl's 
Best Friend 

The Softball team continued their tradition of high scoring by 
becoming District Champions for the second year in a row. They 
put up a stiff fight for the regional title but after eight hard-fought 
innings, Kecoughtan won, 2 to 1 . Practice certainly makes perfect 
as shown when the softball team lost their first two district games 
but then came back to win ten games in a row. This made their 
record over two years, thirty-seven wins and six losses. This year's 
MVP was Cecile Benitez and Lisa Westcott was Rookie of the 
Year. Lisa Westcott also won the Norfolk Sports Club Award for the 
Best Softball Player. 

Coach Bowman's outlook for '88 is another District Regional 
Championship and he and the team are ready to "make a return 
trip to West Virginia to bring back the gold." Mr. Bowman is 
thankful for the help Coach "Flash" McCullin gave in helping the 
team reach their high level of victory. Mrs. Midkiff and her student 
trainers helped out by keep- 

ing the team in top form and 
the parents were a loyal 
following to the games. 
Coach Bowman's favorite 
memory of the year, how- 
ever, was when the team 
took a cooler of Gatorade 
and dumped it over his head 
as a victory shower after the 
District finals. The team 
worked hard and their 
records speak for 

* ' 1M» 


Western Branch 












Princess Anne 



Great Bridge 











First Colonial 

















Princess Anne 



First Colonial 








Lake Taylor 




Sports 1 S5 



Close call! Randy 
Ozmun beats the throw 
to first as he leads the 
Stallions to victory 
against Cox. 
(upper left) With the 
tying run a the plate jay 
Mills catches the ball as 
the Falcon's hope dies 
with the swing. 
Germainos swings at a 
low pitch in hopes of 
getting another chance, 
(lower left) Tim 
Williamson hustles the 
throw to home plate to 
prevent the Falcons 
from scoring. 

.-. ',-■ m 

Non-Starters: JeffWeigold, Tony Rybarczyk, Joey Prince, Shawn Harp, Davie 
Rahal, Kenny Price, David Milinazzo, DaveSobie, R.j. Mealy, Rob Rizzi, Pek 
Marino, James Leary, Todd Williamson. 

1 SB Sport:s 


starters: Mike Comelitti, Randy Ozmun, Tim 
Williamson, Alton Grizzard, Brian 
O'Donnell, Mike Germanos, Jay Mills, Mike 
McDaniel, Steve Hamilton. 



L/\l Lv^4j/lv^l^« 

It was a record year for the baseball team. Under the direction of 

coach Randy Sterling and assistant coach Lenny Marino, the team set 

one school record for wins and another for wins in a row. The team 

had exhausting afterschool practices but all their hard work paid off 

and they ended upas one of the top eight teams in the state. They won 

the Tidewater Invitational Baseball Tournament and the Beach Dis- 

trict Tournament. 

Randy Ozmun became Green Run's first All-State Player and was 

the leading hitter in the state with a .581 batting average. Jay Mills 

and Randy Ozmun also were players for Virginia High Schools East/ 

West All-Star Game. Alton Grizzard, Tim Williamson, Jay Mills, and 

Randy Ozman played on the First Team All-Beach District. Second 

Team All-Beach Players were Mike Comelitti and Kenny Price. The 

team went to the Regional games for the first time where they won the 

fi rst round but lost the second to Keco 

ughtan by the close score of 2 to 

Randy Ozmun was the team's 

best hitter, Tim Williamson the 

season's MVP, and Rookie of the 

Year was Steve Hamilton. 

7 Lake Taylor 


9 Cranby 


5 Manor 


6 DeMatha 


8 Bayside 
11 Kempsville 


5 Cox 
10 Princess Anne 



1 1 Western Branch 


8 Manor 


5 Kempsville 


4 First Colonial 


5 Kellam 


1 5 Bayside 


1 Kempsville 


12 Cox 


17 Princess Anne 


7 First Colonial 


School Records Set 

4 Kellam 


Team Record: 18-4 

7 Kempsville 

Consecutive wins: 12-0 

6 Great Bridge 


Randy Ozmun had 36 hits. 

2 Kecoughtan 


Pitching record: Tim Williamson had 9 


Alton Grizzard scored 25 runs. 

Sport:s 1 S:7 



Four Feet Are Better Than Two Missy Kunkel and Marie 
Noonan use effective teamwork to keep the ball away 
from the opposing Falcons. (left)A Cox player looks on 
anxiously as Laura Gagliano sends the ball down towards 
the goal.(right)Leanne Faulk and Christine Sakowitz 
attempt to keep a Cox opponent from reaching the 
ball. (far right)Debbie Litsinger keeps anyone from scoring 
as she knocks the ball away during a warmup before the 
game against Cox. 





1 BB Sports 

NAMES Debbie Litsinger, Shelbie Crowder, Diana 
Krell, Mary Meade, Christine Sakowicz, Marie 
Noonan, Stasia Stobach, Leanne Faulk, Laura 
Gagliano, Laura Feichtinger, Missy Kunkel, Bobbi 
Kotrba, Jerri Nelson, Kirsten Taylor, Alexis 
Martello, Tricia Ryan, Shannon Ahem, Gail 
Montesa, Laura McCluskey, Chris Thompson, 
Valerie Thompson 


"T.- '• 



Although expected to be a rebuilding year, the girl's soccer team surpassed all expectations when they finished 
out the season with a 9-6-1 overall score and a 7-5 score in the district. The year's MVP was Stasia Strobach and 
Most Improved was Marie Noonan. Stasia Strobach made the first team All-District and four other girls made the 
second team All-District. 

The team had some close games, especially against Kempsville and Western Branch. The first Kempsville game 
was won by the team, 2-1, in overtime. In the next Kempsville game the team won in the last minutes of the second 
overtime. The game against Western Branch was a challenge for the team and at a tied score "we kept our cool and 
got the goal in the last sixty seconds," said Coach Cosimano. 

The weather changes did not hamper afternoon practices and the team worked out in rain, snow, and sun. "It 
wasn't easy but we were prepared to play in it. It didn't make us any better playing wise but psychologically we 
were better," quipped Coach Cosimano. One drill the team will not forget is 
having to perform diving headers over a large mud puddle. "Everyone took a turn 
and in the end it got to be fun," said Coach Cosimano. 

Unique uniforms were created to keep the cold away. The girls resorted to 
wearing muffs, hoods, long Johns, and sweats in different combinations to keep 
warm during their hard practice sessions. By the end of the year, the team had 
become a well working machine. 


Norfolk Academy 




First Colonial 










Princess Anne 



First Colonial 



Great Bridge 






Western Branch 

Princess Anne 







Norfolk Academy 


Sports 1 S9 

I I': 

A Game of Concentration Bill Visage serves 
the ball to his opponent, starting the game off 
with a bang!(above)|aime Conley returns the 
serve in a fast paced game. 

1 30 Sport:s 










(back row)Mrs.EdwardsJeannie Perez,Troy Peralta, Mickey 
Meekins,Eric Maxwell James Bacaoanjaime Conley, Brian Size- 
more, Bill Visage, (front row)Carey Abesa,James Occulto, Ted 
Peralta,Jeff Harris, Art Cantrell,Joel Standeran, Chris Mueller, 
Rob Yonkers 

Love (left) Keeping his cool, jaime 
Conley returns the serve with ease, 
(above) Mickey Meekins perfects his 
serve during a pre-game warmup. 

Tough Seasons 

...are hard to face when the losses outweigh the wins but the boy's tennis 
team kept their spirits up and anxiously await the next season. "It was a 
growing season," said Mrs. Cindy Edwards as she faced a new challenge in 
coaching. The team's experiences had a radical impact on Mrs. Edward's 
views on coaching. 

"The year was very difficult at times but overall, accomplishments will 
probably be seen the spring of '88" according to Coach Edwards. Con- 
frontations of each new opponent increased the unity of the team. 

Great expectations are expected for the next season. "We worked hard 
considering we had a new coach and a lot of the previous players left last 
year. Everyone on this year's team will be returning so we expect to have a 
good season," said team player Mickey Meekins. "The team was young 
and growing. The potential was there and by the class of '88 we will have 
great respect and a good reputation," quipped James Occulto, one of the 
team's players. 








Princess Anne 






First Colonial 









Princess Anne 





Sports 191 


The boy's soccer had an exciting year 
in which they battled with their op- 
ponents in their unceasing efforts to 
win. They finished out the year with 
seven wins and a feeling of camarad- 
erie. There was a majority of seniors 
on the team who instructed the group 
towards their victories. )oe Poelnitz 
was the year's MVP and Matt Delaney 
was Rookie of the Year. 

The game against First Colonial 
was a favorite because although the 
team didn't win; they did tie in a 
game full of explosive moves and 
scoring techniques. The many after- 
school practices worked the team to 
their limits and helped to improve 
them in many ways. The team was 
full of drive and energy no matter 
what the outcome of the games, and 
they ended up the year passing ex- 
pectations and goals. The team left 
the season as a group of friends full of 
memories about the last year. 

• i 

-1 * 

' * . r ^ 


1 32 Sports 


A game of keep away. Danny Santos prepares to kick the ball down field as he holds oft the Cox 


(left) Kevin Rose takes the lead as he rushes the ball down towards the opposing goal while a Cox player 

vainly tries to catch him. 

(middle) Keeping the ball away from his opponent, )oe Poellnitz kicks off to a teammate in an effort to 


(far left) Scot Anders gets a running start as he kicks off to a teammate, while Henry Mitchell watches. 

(middle left) Using evasive tatics, Danny Santos keeps the ball away from a Cox player while a teammate 

gets set up. 

(upper) |oe Poellnitz keeps the ball ahead of his opponents as Rick Westbrook assists from the side. 

Sports 1 93 


(bottom)Holly Daniels, Laura Perry, Vicky Caburian(middle)Mary Lewis, Shelly Bow- 
man, Heather Connely, Barbara Rybarczyk, Christy Stroud, Kate McGrath, Marcella 
Hanna, Shelagh Durham, (top) Nikki Dillard, Shelbie Crowder, Melissa Kunkel, Lisa 
Westcott, Sanju Kakria, Sue Reynolds, Wilma Durang, Jennifer Bowman, Coach Mid- 




1 34 


sticks and Stones 

Day after day the tield hockey players practiced outside in the heat. 
This year the rewards outweigh the trials the girls endured. Between the 
offense led by Vicki Caburian and the defense led by Laura Perry, Coach 
Midkiff was able to put together an awesome winning team. To name a 
few accomplishments, the team won the Tabb Tournament, beat Cox 
(which we have never done before), and beat the Laffyette team that had 
a 12-0 record. 

However, the players didn't just work. On Sundays while watching 
home tapes they experimented with oriental food, lumpia, and nachos. 
For sophomore initiation, the players had to wait for a rainy, muddy day 
to have the sophomores play "swab the deck" in which they roll in the 
mud. This helps them feel "like part of the team". 

The year's end was a sad time for the field hockey team. Three of the 
star players. Holly Daniels, Vicki Caburain, and Laura Perry are moving 
on to college. All three of them are going on scholorship, and although 
the lossof these players will be great, the field hockey team will still rise 
to the challenge and be the best 
they can be. 


Knock-About (center)Marie 
Noonan moves the ball up- 
field as she keeps the ball 
away from her Cox op- 
ponent, (tenter leftlLaura 
Perry keeps the ball in nno- 
tion in the game against Cox. 
(upper right)Heather Con- 
noly takes a free hit against 
Cox. (lower centerlLaura 
Perrv sends the ball down- 
field to a teammate as 
Heather Connoley awaits 
the outcome, (lower 
left)San|u Kakria and Vicki 
Caburian move the ball on 
an offensive break against 
the Cox team, (upper 
leftlCoach Midkiff instructs 
Mary Lewis on how to per- 
fec t a hitting technique, 
llower right)Sanju Kakria 
and a Cox opponent fight to 
get the ball. 












Princess Anne 



First Colonial 



















Princess Anne 



First Colonial 







1 35 


Rising to the Occasion (center) Stephanie 
Brumbley sets up a forehand return across the net. 
(below) tracie Chesterman smashes a forehand 
back to her First Colonial opponent, (above) 
Kristin Green prepares to send the ball ricocheting 
back to her opponent in the game against First Col- 
onial, (far right) Noralyn Gabriel serves a volley 
back to her opponent, (right) Kristin Greene fol- 
lows through on her serve against her First Col- 
onial opponent. 


Kristin Greene, Stephanie Brumbley, Renae Simmons, Jennifer Brumbley, Tracie Chesterman, Jennifer Ortiz, |udy 
Ortiz, leannie Perez, Nacita Reynante, Leigh Lawson, Stacey Black, Noralyn Gabriel, Tina Moore 

Acing It in Style 

The Tennis team was made up of thirteen girls, Coach Edwards and the 
team mascot, Sasha. They trained hard before and during the season, and 
they finished out the year with a record of 4-8. Running as well as other 
excercises helped the girls keep in shape for their matches. They worked 
hard, and even though they had difficulties, they still had a 
good time. Dead balls were used by the team for games and 
this made for interesting matches. Even though they were 
not a winning team all the time, the problems made stran- 
gers into close friends. One of their favorite memories was 
fitting a dozen people into two cars. They enjoyed eating at 
Pizza Hut. They also had fun exchanging gifts with a secret 

The best and most exciting game was the one between 
First Colonial. It was interesting and fast-paced, and the girls 
spentas much time matching wits, as well as points, with the 
Patriots. The game between Kempsville and Green Run was 
also a match that was considered scintillating. All and all, 
the team had an enjoyable year with its ups and downs and 
everything else. 






Princess Anne 





First Colonial 












Princess Anne 






First Colonial 








1 gy 

(c enter) |ett SuHclerth looks tor a teamm.ite to catch the ball, (upper) Stallions show their school spir 
h\ c h.inting alter ,\n evcitmg game, (upper middle) Being tackled is just another part of plavin 
tootball. (lower middle) The Stallions take action to win the game against the Patriots, (bottom) Coac 
Harris gives a lively pep talk to rev up the Stallions. 

1 9S Sport:s 

'.back row): Coack Korte, Coach Allard, Coach Harris, Coach Rhoades, Coach Boothe (first row): Keith Elgetez (Manager), Avalon Snowden, Antonio Jackson, Sharon Gilbert, )oe 
Totiossy (Manager), Paul Arthur (Manager) (second row): Scott Glacier, Kenzy Wright, Mike Tadesco, Ron Providence, Robert Perotte, Ernest Chessem, Jerome Banks, Danny Dori 
third row): Jason Looper, Richard Strong, left Kitchens, Scott Rennio, Andre Coleman, Lamar Gilchrist, Carlos Cooke, Troy Coleman, Charles Winslow (fourth row): Steve Sander, 
Ron Sadsad, A.). Schiano, Dennis Davis, Terry Pridgen, Deshawn Sanderson, Derrick Henderson, Marc Weaver, Charles Bryant, Dennis Spam, Eric Thorton (fifth row); Eric Stabler, 
Vjhn Huey, Kevin Crockford, Chris Borson, Hinton Natette, Mark Wylie, Kevin Arms, Alan Hackman, Paul Kitchens, Stephan Moore, Walter Snowden, Mike Mitchell (front row): 
<eggie Harris, Chris Powell, Jaycee Harris, Harold Poole, Alan Breland, Duane Brown, Jeff Sudderth, Erik Lilleflorn, Pete Gale, Mike Robinson, Gary Sample 


This year's football team finished out the season at 6-4. It was a young team that required a lot of work from everyone to get 
nto shape. The biggest problem of the year was inexperience, but the coaching staff did an outstanding job of making them 

The MVP of the year was Allan Hackman. The Offensive Awards went to Dwaine Brown and Pete Gale. The Defensive 
Awards went to Mark Wylie and Reggie Harris. The Coaches Award went to A.J. Shiano. 

The practices consisted of running, weight training, and calestenics. "Training is always tough if you don't prepare your body 
or it, prior to the training, " said Coach Harris. Prior to the game, the team would watch the NFL 
'unch Course. The players liked it and some were motivated by it. They all tried to achieve 
fcvhat they saw. The group had many fans, no matter where they played more and more students 
?ot behind the team. "The parents supported and worked with us, " said Coach Rhodes. 

The team "took bumps, because of inexperience, but we feel if the players return and work, 
we could have an outstanding year, " included Coach Rhodes. They did things as a group and 
ccomplished everything as a team. 

A favorite game of the year was with Bayside. Bayside was undefeated when Green Run 
played them. "We were given no chances, but we beat them, " said Coach Rhodes. First Col- 

nial was highly favored, but the Stallions shut them out. It was definitely a year to remember. 





Deep Creek 









Princess Anee 








First Colonial 





John Marshall 



(tar upper left) )eft Sudderth punts down field in thel 
homecoming game againest First Colonial. (far| 
lower left) Reggie Harris brings down a First Col- 
onial player, (bottom left) Allan Hackman isl 
tackled by a First Colonial player, (midddle lefttl 
The team gathers around to form a plan of attackl 
against First Colonial, (upper middle) Allan HackT 
man tackles a First Colonial opponent the hard! 
way as teammates race to help, (upper right) A.j.l 
Schiano runs to assist Gary Sample, (far upperl 
right) Dennis Spain exults in Green Run's beatingi 
of First Colonial, (lower right) An enthusiastic] 
team jogs off field after beating First Colonial in thel 
homecoming game. 



I cheer for whomever gets the ball on our team!" 

I love watching the game!" "Everybody gets involved and gets in the spirit. Football brings them together." - 


They did an excellent job with their young talent." — Jeanice Asis 

They really proved the media wrong!" — Brooke Barrows and Mona Pascual 

The coaches never called a boring play, and the players gave the fans a lot to cheer about." — Miss Willis 





(back) Nikki Dillard.Beth Frigge, Sierra Callaway,Chriitina Tottossy,Amy ()'Conner,Shari Hulin 
(front)Heather Camsky, Stacy Streit (not picturecJlAngie MacDonald.Coach Schultz 

Turn Around! 

Victory was in the offing for the Gymnastics team throughout the season. Although 
Princess Anne was favored to win at the Districts and Regionals, Green Run beat them in 
both Districts, Regionals plus State competitions. They finished out the regular season and 
placed fifth in the state. 

The team pulled together to win and everyone helped in their own way. "We were a 
talented group of girls in a team with the most depth," said Coach Schultz, "everyone played 
an important role." Angie Macdonald was not able to compete until the latter part of the 

Sierra Calloway, Christina Tottossy, and Angie Macdonald placed in the top spots at Regi- 
onals and went on to compete at the State meet. The team recieved the highest team score in 
Virginia Beach with a team score of 107.70. This multi-faceted group complemented each 
other and helped raise the team to great heights of victory and fun. 

Dancing to the Top (center)Christina Tottossy shows her finesse as she executes her routine in the 
floor competition, (bottom leftlNikki Dillard preforms a backhand-spring on the 
beam, maintaining a precarious position as she goes over, (upper left)Christina Tottossy's deter- 
mined face shows her concentration as she preforms on the uneven bars, (upper rightlSierra 
Callaway executes her beam routine. (right)Shari Hulin starts her floor routine with a smile. 


Long horse — vaulting of a stuffed apparatus 
after a running start; athletes land on the horse 
with their hands and vault over it in various 

Free exercise — Graceful and poetic move- 
ment over a 12 X 12m floor mat, including cart- 
wheels, balancing skills, handsprings, and 
held poses. Done to music with an emphasis 
on grace. 

Balance beam — A series of tumbling skills, 
splits, cartwheels, and a tumbling dismount on 
a slab of wood about 1 6 feet long and 4 inches 
wide, suspended 4 feet above the floor. 
Uneven parallel bars — Breathtaking series of 
maneuvers, including swinging from the high 
bar to the low, with hand changes, swings, 
flips, and a dazzling dismount, done on two 
bars set parallel to each other but at different 

Sports 2D3 

(bdck) Coach Griffin, Eric Mines, Chris Scott, Loren Hooks, Terry Pridgen, Dennis Spain, Ron Sadsad, 
Algert Diaz, Toye Murphy, Pete Gale, Shawn Fluellen, Albert Culanding III, David Russell, Richard 
C hamf)rey, Erii Thornton, Eddie Antoine, Ray Ellis, Terry Delucia, Mike Courts, James Cizerele, 
George Bennett, Matt Johnson, Scott Allen, Coach Pearson (front) Russell Days, Reggie Rodgers, 
Harold Poole, Albert Culanding II, Pete Maxwell, Kevin Rose, Evan Young, captain jaycee Harris, 
lames Edwards, Brian Hurd, Pat Yaccarino, Eric Lilliefloren, Tarik Esquerra, Mike Strobach (front 
center) Derrick Henderson, Reggie Harris 

•^ r 


# 4r- 


(back) Coach Griffin, Michelle O'Dell, Shelby Crowder, Angela Riddick, Marcella Hanna, Adrienne 
Cowell, Tamika Perry, jette Oliver, Shauneille Morris, Manager Karen Darden, Sharron Puryear, 
Tiffany Johns, Charisse Walton, Ruby Price, Verinika Gustufsson, Coach Pearson (front) Denise 
Johnson, Marsha Allen, Jodie Beard, Captain Daivida Walker, Anita Eurl, Diane Majority, Lisa Har- 
tranft, (not pictured Stephanie Beckes, Lori Desmend 

Up & Over (upper rightfSherron Pruyear hurdles through the 
competition as she races down the track. (rightiBrian Hurd goes 
for the limit as he jumps. (below)Eric Thornton high )umps as 
Coach Rhodes watches. (above)Davida Walker extends as she 
long lumps for the win. (bottom letujavcee Harris keeps his head 
as he hurtles ahead of his competition. 

204 Sports 

Setting Tracks 

A spectacular record of 5-1 ended the year tor the boy's indoor track sea- 
son. They were third in the Beach District and fourth in the Region. The team 
was young but they had eight people qualify for the state meet. Terry Pridgen 
set a new school record of 52' 10" in the shotput. Shawn Fluellen set a new 
school record of 6'6" in the high jump, and Eddie Antoine set a new record for 
the 3200 meters by winning in 9 minutes and 49 seconds. 

The girls had an outstanding season as well. They were 6-0 for the third 
consecutive year and also first in the District and 
Regional meets. They finished seventh in the 
State meet and both relay teams were nationally 
ranked. Anita Eure, Davida Walker, Lori Des- 
mond, and Stephanie Beckes were all rated na- 
tionally. Stephanie Beckes had the fastest time in 
the state of Virginia in the 1000 meter race. 
Davida Walker finished fifth in the 55 meter high 
hurdles and was the first Green Run female 
athlete to become an All-American. Stephanie 
Beckes, a freshman, finished eighth in the 
country in the 800 meter run. 


First Colonial 















Princess Anne 






Princess Anne 






First Colonial 








Sports 205 

Axili. r f5 a 

^ X ^ i A i 

f " 

' e ^ 


r I 

« vy 

(front)Allen Hackman, Rowell Armenio, Brian Rogers, Brian Dugan, Tony Sansone, Lee 
White (backlAssistant Coach Bill Turner, Aavlon Haynes, Keith Foskey, Chris Grymes, 
Andre Coleman, Eric Stabler, Wilfred Darang, Glenn Tuten, Coach Mike Taylor 

Takedown (upper nghtlAllen 
Hackmann goes for the fall as he 
wrestles down a Cox oppponent. 
(center rightjBrian Rogers works for 
an upset as he struggles with the 
Cox player. (right)Rowell Armenio 
sets up a takedown. (above)Ton\ 
Sansone sinks a half-nelson, 
(bottom leftlAllen Hackmann rides 
his opponent to the mat. 

20B Sports 

Breaking Loose 

The wrestling team broke all restrictions as they worked their way through the sea- 
son to a final score of eleven wins and three losses. "It's still a young team but we 
expect to be the best team in the state next year," quipped Coach Taylor. The guys 
worked together to improve their skills and this unity helped keep life sane at their 

The Outstanding Wrestler of the year was Wilfred Davang and Rookie of the Year 
was Brian Dugan. Tony Sansone was third in District and was a Regional Qualifier. 


Princess Anne 


Oscar Smith 


Norfolk Academy 



Norfolk Catholic 



Cave Spring 



First Colonial 















Sports 20^ 



^ L I L \hil L 



Emily McNew, Erin Adesso, Shannon Bowman, Karen Malogorski, Angela Felton, Aimee 
Ashton, Mary Lewis, Lisa Wescott, Sanju Kakria, Kim Eckhart, Tiffany McDaniel, Kirsten 
Johnson, Tami Maxwell, Coach Bowman, Managers Krissy Bolis and Karia McCants 

2aS Sports 

Airborne (righl) Lisa Wesli ott (.ontenlrates as she sends the ball in towards the hoop as a Princess Anne defender vainly 
tries to stop her. (middle far left) Angle Leiton watches anxiously as she shoots from the freethrow line, (bottom far left) Tami 
Maxwell goes for a |umpshot in the game against the Cavaliers, (middle left) Erin Adesso drives past a Princess Anne 
defender as she heads toward the basket, (lower left) On the offensive end, Lisa Westcott dominates in the low post. 


The girl's basketball team finished the 
season with 13 wins and 8 losses. The 
young team had only 3 seniors, but the girls 
worked hard. Optimism ran high throug- 
hout the season and superior effort was put 
forth by all involved. 

Coach Bowman's favorite game was the 
first Kellam game because the girls played 
well and were their best both offensively 
and defensively. The games were close and 
everyone reached their peak performances 
during the exciting and thrilling games. 
The team lost their chances to make the 
District Tournament in a last second shot 
againt Kellam. 

The team's dedication compelled them 
to do extra work in order to reach their 
goals. Coach Bowman's feelings in the sea- 
son were that it was, "a very intense season 
and I enjoyed working with the players. 
They performed to their utmost and gave 
one hundred percent, all the time." "There 
are many reasons for the success of the 
team, but the main reason was that there 
was much widespread talent. Each indi- 
vidual worked hard to contribute to this 
success," quipped Sanju Kakria. 























Great Bridge 












First Colonial 



Princess Anne 












Princess Anne 






First Colonial 








Sports 20a 

Two-Points (center)Eric Wesley shoots over Craig 
Brown of the Chiefs, (under lefDKenny )ohnson 
passes inside, bypassing the Kempsville defender, 
(under rightlMarc Mason shoots the "j" as he 
attempts a basket. (right)Scott Heidler scores over 
the Chiefs as he easily puts in the ball, (middle 
rightlO.). Hymons dunks the Chiefs, (far 
rightlSteve Hamilton sets the offense as he moves 
against Kempsville. 


(top) Coach Bill Cochrane, Co-Captain Kenny Johnson, David Stickel, Carlos Cooke, Steve Ham- 
ilton, Co-Captain Scott Heidler, Marc Mason, Eric Wesley, Dennis Spain, O.). Hymons, Assist. 
Coach Chris Lowery( bottom) Manager Vince Dodds, Damon Copeland, Bill Visage, Tyrone Cox, 
Carl Piirainen, Charles Winslow, Manager Doug Cannon, Bill Cochrane Junior 

21 O Sports 

-^ '■ i,*i * 

Record Shots 

The basketball team was the first Boys' Basketball team in the history of Virginia 
Beach to finish the regular season undefeated. They ranked as high as second in the 
state during the regular season. They established the longest winning streak of any 
Green Run team and was the Beach District regular season Champions. It is the first 
time in the last five years that the Green Run Stallions have won the District Tourna- 
ment Championship. 

Team unity was important in the make-up of this record-breaking team. Coach 
Cochrane insured the knowledge of the team by giving out packets of the opposing 
team. These packets contained details of each starting player and the game tendencies 
of each opponent. These sheets helped the group understand the team they were play- 
ing and helped them gain a greater advantage over their enemies. 

Everyone at Green Run supported the team and their 
coach as their brilliant season continued on. The final game 
against the top-ranked Indian River was attended by many 
and although the team lost by a margin, everyone was exci- 
ted to have made it as far as they had. The team had a sup- 
erior defense and offense; combined, they created a team of 
which all found hard to win over. 


Norfolk Catholic 












Booker T. Washington 















First Colonial 



Princess Anne 












Princess Anne 






First Colonial 




" 57 





First Colonial 






Indian River 


Sports 211 

Boy's Cross Country team: Eddie Antione, Ian Billings, James Cizerle, Mike Courts, Albert Culanding, 
Ray Ellis, David Hopkins, Matthew Pearsall, David Russell, Patrick Yaccarrino, Matthew Johnson, 
|ohn Kelb, George EBennett, Greg Young, Mark Torti, Seamus McMarthy. 

Cirl's Cross Country team: Marsha Allen, Josette Beard, Stephanie Beckes, Lori Desmond, Erica 
Harris, Lisa Hartranft, Veronika Gustafsson, Denise Majority, Ruby Price. 

Running With It 

The members of this dedicated team got up before six in the morning and ran 
at Mt. Trashmore every day before school an again after school. It was a fun-filled 
year for both the boys and the girls and they became a close knit group. Coach 
Griffin worked them hard but it all paid off as they continued to set records. 

The girls were undefeated and improved from eigth to fifth in the state com- 
petition. They won the District Championship and the Regional Championship 
and then continued on to the State meet where they won many of the top spots. 
Stephanie Beckes took first, Lorie Desmond took second, Marsha Allen took 
fourth, Ruby Price took fifth, josette Beard took seventh. Lorie Desmond went on 
to the National meet in San Diego, California where she finished twenty-eigth in 
the country. The girl's MVP was Stephanie Beckes. 

The boy's team also did well during the season. They finished third in the 
district with three wins and three loses. Patrick Yaccarrino made it to the state 
meet and both the boys and the girls went to compete at the University of Vir- 
ginia. The boy's MVP was Patrick Yaccarrino. Both teams fufilled their ex- 
pectations and surpassed their hopes of the season. 

212 Sports 

Like The Wind The Cross Country team shows off their stuff during practice and 
it IS easily apparent that their training has not been in vain as they leisurly stride 
across the grass. 

Sports 213 

214 Sports 



Right on Par (left)Mark Hettinger practices his swinging tech- 
niques as does Brian Blandlupper left). (above)Kent Perry 
concentrates on his stroke and Justin White (below)makes 
sure of his perfection. (rightlMarcus Klannamark exchanges 
ideas as he practices his golf. 

a ^ ! 



The season started excellently for the golf team, and throughout it 
they had close matches which were determined by only a tew strokes. 
The group will be losing some seniors, but many of the players will be 
coming back next year to win it all. 

"It was a really good building year, which laid the foundation for the 
next season," cited Coach Joyner. The team became a close unit as the 
year wore on and they are enthusiastic about plans for next season. 

The year was filled with many unforgettable moments. Marcus, the 
exchange student from Sweden, gave the team a whole new perspective 
on international relations. "They must have different rules in Sweden, 
because when Marcus didn't make his shots he would throw his club 
into the nearest tree," recalled one teammate. Coach Joyner was subject 
of another fondly remembered occasion. Coach Joyner was demon- 
strating his strokes for a number of spectators, and felt a bit of pressure to 
perform well. His shot was so well executed the ball sailed across the 
lake, and his follow-through was so complete his club was airborne and 
landed in the middle of the lake. Great coaches will do anything to make 
a point! Golf is not a relaxing game, no matter how peaceful it may look. 

Sports 21 5 

The Year-Round Sport 

Who do you think of when you hear the word, "Spirit?" Who gets the crowd going at the pep 
rallies? Who devotes hard work and a lot of personal time to supporting all of the Stallion teams? If 
you guessed the Green Run Cheerleading Squad, you are right. Becoming a cheerleader begins in 
May with a week of try-outs, but it doesn't end there. Then the new squad goes through hours of 
practice throughout the summer. Three mini-squads form in order to devote equal time to each 
sport, which include the basketball, wrestling, gymnastics, and track squads. No one should forget 
the hours of supervision and instruction devoted to the cheerleaders by Miss Keen and Mrs. Benn. 
So what makes the Green Run Cheerleaders any different from other Virginia Beach high schools? 
Guys! No other high school in the area has a co-ed squad. The guys on the squad add strength to 
stunts and pyramids. But even after reading this, no one can really know how great the cheerlea- 
ders are unless they go out and support Green Run too! 

Tri-Captains: Stacey Freed, Tonv Orlino, 
and Samiya Stallings; Annamarie Alegre, 
Carolyn Balagot, Chervl Bovastro, Kristie 
Bullock, Liza DeLeon, Mieu Diep, Don 
Downie, Chauntrell Gulltord, Kandi Lan- 
dick, Eva Legaspi, Susan Pincknev, Tarra 
Smith, Kimberlv Tucker, joAnn Udasco. 

Scream About It The Cheerleading Squad 

combined their spirit with a wild school 
drive to motivate the various teams. 
Without the support ot the Cheerleaders, 
many of the games would be lileless, un- 
spirited, unsupported ones. Their effort and 
hard work, coupled with their superbly 
choreographed performances definitely 
made the games preformances to be re- 

21 y Sports 


The Woir ''Mule" ''Ya 

21 S Sports 

1 1 


Big Girl Ya" "Fan" "Baseline" 


Sports 219 

Thanks for 


Brian Bale- National Merit Scholar Fin- 

Jef fery Berry- 1st Business Calculations 
Diane Butorac- German Academy nominee 
Ruth Damaso- Governor's School, Virginia 
Pilot and Ledger Star Scholastic Achievement 
Team, Latin Academy nominee 
Robert Flax- L. Marguerite Crumley Schol- 
arship Finalist, 1st Business Computer App- 
lications, JETS Competition-2nd mathematics 
Robin Follet- Governor's School, Virginia 
Pilot and Ledger Star Scholastic Achievement 

Aime Fowler- Spanish Academy nominee 
Stacey Freed- German Academy nominee 
Ron Lapid- Spanish Academy nominee 
Ana Lohnes- Virginia Pilot and Ledger Star 
Scholastic Achievement Team 
Matt Pearsall- National Merit Scholar Fin- 

Kent Perry- Spanish Honorary Society Schol- 

Shawn Powell- NJROTC District Academic 

Brian Quigley- Spanish Honorary Society 
Premio de Honor 

Wendy Scott- Spanish Honorary Society 
Jenny Wade- Junior Achievement News Edi- 

Gregory Wilson- Governor's School 
Norfolk State Math and Computer Sci- 
ence Fair: 

James Agazie- 1st Algebra I 
Bill Finch- 2nd Trigonometry 
Jennifer Hunn- 3rd Algebra II 
Purvi Shah- 1st Geometry 
Loren Teillon- 1st Basic Programming 
Kathy Turner- 3rd Algebra I 


Basketball: First ever undefeated regular season learn in Angie McDonald- 3rd in State on Beam 

Virginia Beach History. Christina Tottossy- 3rd in Region on Bars 

Steve Hamilton- All District 1st team, All Tidewater 2nd Tennis: 

Team Noralyn Gabriel- Most Improved Player 

Scott Heidler- McDonald's All Star Game nominee Kristin Greene- Number 2 Player in Region, 2nd in Dis- 

O.J. Hymons- All District 1st Team trict Tournament, 2nd in Regional Tournament 

Kenny Johnson- Beacon Player oj the Week, All District Judy Ortiz- Most Valuable Player 

1st Team, All Tidewater 1st Team, All State 2nd Team Track: 

F'ootball: Stephanie Beckes- 8th in U.S. 800-meter run at Path- 

Pete (iale- Most Valuable Lineman mark Indoor National Meet 

Eric Lillefloren- 2nd Team All District Lori Desmond- 29th in Kinney National Cross Countiy 

A.J. Schiano- All District Lineman Championship 

Gymnastics: Peter Maxwell- 5th in District Pole Vault 

Sierra (Calloway- Most Outstanding Gymnast David Walker- 1st to make All American Team, 5th in 55- 

Shari Hiilin- Most Valuable Gymnast meter hurdles (Pathmark Indoor National Meet) 

220 Achievement's 

Your Suppop't 

Jennifer Dahl- local and regional 

winner of An Illustrated Talk" 

Gerta Gall- 6th in Tidewater Fore- 

nsics Meet 

Joe Jones, Mike Lanham- Beach 

District Affirmative Team Champions 


Jennifer Piper- Yes-TCan Award 

from the Council for Exceptional 



Cheryl Skopal- local and regional 
winner of Diplomas Before Diapers'' 
Adma Spence- 1st place prose PTA 
Reflections Project; 2nd place nega- 
tive speaker Tidewater Debate League 
FBLA Regional Competitions: 
Jeffery Berry- 1st place in Business 

Christine Everest- Regional Vice- 

Robert Flax- 1st place in Business 
Computer Applications 
Bobbie Sufficool- 2rul place in Job 
Description Manual Competition 
'87 Pegasus: 

1st place in VHSL Competition; sup- 
erior rating by National Council of 
Teachers of English 


Virginia Marching Band Festival-Superior Rating 
District II Band Festival-Superior Rating 
Virginia Honor Band Award 

District II Regional Band: Sheila Edgeworth, Delia Runberg, Jennifer 
Mason, Suzy Powell, Scott Andrews, Chris Grymes, Ralph James, Renee 
Johnson, Susa« Kletter, Michell Rousseau, Christine Gottschalk, Antawn 
Holiday, Lynette Mason, David Abbott, Robin Follet, Doug Mays, Martin 
Dewey, Donny Allen, Mike Montoya, Jerome Banks, Donnie Shoem- 
aker, Mike Hanson, Mike McVicker, Romanze Willoughby, Paul Col- 
trane, Danny Lilly, Terry Galiney 

All-Virginia Band: Scott Andrews, Chris Grymes, Antawn Holiday, 
Mike Montoya, Romanze Willoughby 
Antawn Holiday- Virginia Beach Pops Orchestra 


Phillip Davis- District II Regional 
Chorus; All- State Chorus 
Bill Finch- All-Virginia Honor 
Choir; District II Regional Chorus 
Tanya Larson- All-Virginia Honor 
Choir; All-State Chorus; District II 
Regional Chorus 

John Mumford- District II Regi- 
onal Chorus; All-State Chorus 

Achievement:s 221 

O-'OWOMWli.Wi-OCs-Lwv: WvMC^-X . 











0^ . t 


P M..# 




9^' r/- 

Divider 223 

Atianathv. Kenyatta 13, 14. 36, 179 

Abando, Stephanie 36, 164, 167 

Abayon, C 177 

Abayon, Rob 36 

Abbott, David 36, 180 

Abeleda Allan 36 

Abenir, Arthur 98 

Abenir, Stephen 36 

Abesa Carey 36 

Abesa, Cenon 98 112 

Acain, LOU 36 164, 180 

Acedo, Mikki 36 

Ackerman, M 177 

Acosta, Sergio 36 

Acuin, Frederick 98 

Adair, Angela 36 

Adams, Maurice 36 

Adams, Misty 36 

Adams, Sherl 98, 177 

Adan, Tany 36, 164 

Addesso, C 164 

Addesso, Eric 36 

Addesso, Erin 36 

Adesso, Erin 208 

Adklns, Mellnda 98 

Adklns, Melissa 98 

Advocat, Robin 98, 177 

Agami, Sam 36 

Agazie, James 36 

Aguilar, D 162 

Aguliar, Dary 36 

Agustin, Arnold 36 

Agustin, Michelle 35 

Ahem, Shannon 36, 189 

Alnscough, Carolyn 139 

Akers, James 36 

Akers, Trina 36 

Aiarcon, Mike 36 

Alas, Alex 36 164 

Alegre, Annamarle 36 

Alegre, Dave 36 

Alejandrlno, Grace 58, 98, 115 

Alejandro, C 177 

Alexander, A 177 

Alexander, Brian 139, 142 

Alexander, D 177 

Alexander, N Reynante 164 

Alig, Danny 36 

Allard, Brian 139 

Aliard Marcy 36 

Allagre, A 167 

Allen, crystal 36 

Allen, Denlse 98, 180 

Allen, Donny 98 

Allen, Marsha 98, 167, 204 

Allen, Ruby 139 

Allen, Sam 36 

Allen, Scott 204 

Altman Ton 36 

Altner, Lorl 36 

Alumpe, Mae 36 167 

Amanatldes, Michelle 98 

Amato, Calley 36 

Amber, Cindy 36 

Amen, Amy 36 

Amirault, Chris 36 

Amon. Matt 36 

Andersen, Chris 98 

Andersen, Dayna 36, 180 

Anderson, Caryn 98, 163 

Anderson, Chris 19 

Anderson, Mike 98 

Anderson, S 179 

Anders, Scot 193 

Andrews Scott 36, 180 

Angela Branch 40 

Anongos, Marcey 36 

Ansell, Chris 98 

Antkl, Delna 139 

Antoine Aerica 98 179 

Antolne, Eddie 36 204 

Antolln, Junto 36 

Antonio, Kendra 36 

Aramas, Anthony 36 

Ardle Navy 36 

Ardls, Glen 98 

Ardizoni, Kristen 36 

Arellano Chris 36 

Arellanto, E 180 

224 INDEX 

Arlethia, Boston 40 

Armenio, Rowell 98, 206 

Armfleld, Kema 36 

Arms, Kevin 199 

Arnold, Amela 36 

Arnold, Judy 139 

Arnold, Scott 36 

Arthenholt, Ben 36 

Arthur, Elizabeth Ann 139 

Arthur, Paul 199 

Arzlllo, Richard 36 

Ashman, Chris 26, 27. 98. 128. 168, 

169, 239 

Ashman, Mike 36, 180 

Ashton, Almee 36, 164. 208 

Asls. Benson 36, 99, 180 

Asis, Jeanice 36, 167, 201 

Askew, Michelle 36, 180 

Askew, Mike 99 

Asmussen, Tia 36 

Aten, Angela 36, 161 

Atwell, Zulleka 99 

Audet, Juli 36 

Augustine. Eric 36 

Aunchman. Angela 99, 177 

Aussey, Shawn 99 

Austin, Ken 36 

Austin, Sarah 99, 177 

Austin, Tathy 36 

Avant, Christine 99 

Avaritt, Lla 36 

Avelino, Latrlcia 36 

Avendano, Al 36 

Axson, Tom 62 

^ <i < A t 

Bacani, Bernard 36, 174 

Bacaoan, James 99 

Bachchan, Amitabh 116 

Bacllg, Rosemary 36 

Bactong, Jerrille 36, 161, 181 

Baeumio, Grace 36 

Bagay, Encarnaclon 36, 161 

Bagwell, Holly 36 

Bailey, Kathleen 139 

Bailey, Kathy 143 

Bailey, Lathan 22, 36, 180 

Bair, Steve 36 

Baisden, Sandi 36 

Baker, Bonnie 36 

Baker, James 36, 164, 177 

Baker, Jason 39 

Baker, Tamara 39, 179 

Bakker, Jim 108 

Balabanis George 39 

Balagot, Carolyn 39 

Baiagot, Chris 39 

Balan, Evelio 39 

Baldwin, Jennifer 39 

Baldwin, Kelley 39 

Bale, Brian 99. 161 

Ball, Maria 39 

Ball, Mike 39 

Bambeau, Tracy 75 

Banford, Matt 39 

Banker, Robbie 39 

Banks Jeff 39, 179 

Banks, Jerome 39, 199 

Banks, Kevin 39 

Bankston, Juanita 140 145 

Bankston, L Bowman 168 

Banner, j 167 

Banner, Kevin 39 

Banner Robin 39, 155, 181 

Barbaran, K 166 

Barberan, Karen 39 

Barber, Vicky 39 

Barham, Frances 139 

Barklev, Jem 39 

Barnard Carlos 39 

Barnes, Diane 39 180 

Barnes, Heather y9 

Barnes, Kristlna 99 

Barnes Lisa 39 

Barnes, Ronnie 99 177 

Barnes, Shirley 39 

Barnett, Ken 39 

Barns, Jennifer 140 

Barren, Darren 39 

Barrows Brooke 17, 39, 169 201 239 

Barry, Donald 39 

Barta, Scott 99 

Basdikis, Sue 140 

Basnight, Darnel 39 

Basto, Beth 25, 25 

Basto, Elizabeth 99 

Bateman, C J 39 

Bates, Tiffany 39 

Battreal, James 39 

Bauman, Michele 39 

Bausas, R 164 

Bautista, Ralph 39, 164 

Bayion, Hazel 39, 4i, 58, 161, 157 

Baylon, M 154 

Bayly, Shannon 39 

Bazemore, Sean 39 

Beach, Blake 99, 128 

Beard, Jodie 99, 204 

Beck, Eric 99 

Beckes, Stephanje 204 

Beck, Jason 39 

Beckman. Jody 99, 151 

Beebe. Fred 126 

Beere. Suzanne 39 

Belter. Francis 39 

Bell, Andrew 39, 167 

Bell, Betti 39. 181 

Bell, Chris 39 

Bell, K 180 

Bell. Kevin 99 

Bell. Kisha 99 

Bell. Suzanne 99 

Benitez, Cesar 39 

Bennett, DebbI Sydow 142 

Bennett, George 39, 204 

Bennett, Kurtis 39 

Bennett, Leonard 99 

Bennett. Lin 39 

Bennett. Randl 39 

Bennett. Steve 39 

Bennett. William 140 

Benoy, D 177 

Benson, Dellnda 39 

Bensons, Scott 39 

Benson, Tamlka 39 

Bentsen, c 164 

Bentzen, Heidi 100 

Benware, Kevin 39 

Bergstedt. Kathleen 139 

Bernhardt, Lesley 100 

Berrios. Veronica 39 

Berry. Boyce 100 

Berry, Deanna 100, 176 

Berry, Jeff 100 

Berry, Ken 39 

Berry, Lisa 39, 181 

Berry, Sharon 39, 167, 170 

Bettis, Jeff 39 

Bianchl, Doug 39 

Bibby, Susan 128 

Bickford, Greg 39, 162 

Billiet, Kris 39 

Billiet, Mike 39 

Billings, Ian 39 

Billy, Buckner 40 

Biven, Pete 39 

Blxby, Martina 39 

Black, P 161 

Black, Robert 128 

Black, Stacy 39 

Black, Succeed Tricia 128 

Black, Trade 39 

Blacky, Stacey 39 

Blanco, Nolan 39 180 

Bland, Brian 39, 164 

BledowskI, Katherine 100, 161 

Bledstoe, Chris 39 

Block, Michelle 39 

Block, Rebecca 39 

Blodonski, K 166 

Blount, Felicia 39 

Blount, Pamala 39, 181 

Blowe, Sherlta 39, 181 

Blowe, Yvette 39 

Boada, Michelle 39, 150. 152, 153, 154 

156, 167, 169 

Bolch, Gina 39 

Boldt Lyie 39 

Bonn, Amy A 100 

Bolls, Christina 100, 180 

Bolshazy, Bonny 100 

Bomar, James 40 

Boneske, F 175 

Boniski F 164 

Bonne, P 164 

Booth, James 140 

Boqulron Monica 100 

Boqulron R 166 

Borke, K 181 

Chill Out! Jon Kundo smiles at the thought of not 
being In school and enjoys his bus ride on the Mar- 
ine Biology field trip. 

Borsen, Chris 100 
Borson, Chris 199 
Boucree, M 167 

BOUd, H 155 

Boule, Renaud 100 

Bowden, C 177 

Bowman, Jennifer 100, 161 

Bowman, Krissy 151, 164, 208 

Bowman, Leslie 100 

Bowman, Michelle 13 240 

Bowman, Shannon 208 

Bowman, Shelly 194 

Boyd, K 180 

Boyer, M 161 

Beyer. Owen 100 

Bozeman, Andrea 100 

Bragg. Rebecca 19. 100 

Branch. R 180 

Branson. David 151 

Branum, J 155, 180 

Brashers, Tessy 100 

Braun, j 167 

Breen, Michelle lOO 

Breland, Alan 179, 199 

Breland, Denlse 151, 179 

Brenneke, Karen 100 

Bricka, Eddy 101 

Bridgette, Bradley 40 

Briggs, J 164 

Bright, Shirley 139 

Brinson, T 181 

Brisbois, William 140 

Broady, V 179, 180 

Brock, A Savage 163 

Brock, Daena 101 

Brockenbrough, Tracy 145 

Brock, Susan 140 

Broglie, Marlon 140 

Brooks, T 177 

Brower, J 162 

Brower, Willis 101 

Brown, Christina 101 

Brown Denlse 101 177 179 

Brown, Duane 101 199 

Brown, Dwaine 199 

Browne, J 161 

Brown, JodI 101 181 

Brown, Lamar 101 177 

Brown, Paula 24, 100 101, 115, 169, 


Brown, Shelton 101 

Brown, T 177 

Brown, vee vee 16, 49 101 161 171, 


Brumage Norma 139 

Brumbley J 164 

Brumbley Stephalne 101 196 

Bryant, Charles 199 

Bryant, Heath 101 

Bryson C 175 

Buckingham James 101 121 166 169 

Buckley, S 177 

Buckner, B 181 

Budd, Breheim 40 

Bullock, Kristle 5 

Bulman, Linda 141 

Bunch, Jennifer 101 

Bunch, John 101 

Burd, Adam 43 

Burgess James Bactong 101 164 

Burgess, Patty 140 

Burgman Rob 101 

Burke Cathy 43, 45 

Burke, David 101 

Burke, Debbie 101 

Burke Stace 43 

Burnley, Jean 43 

Burrows, Mark 43, 180 

Bursset Chris 43 

Bush Adam 43 168 

Bushey, David 43 

Butler, Dennis 101 

Butler, Jeff 13, 101, 161 

Butler, Keith 43 

Butler, Michael 43 166 

Butler, TrIcIa 43 

Butler, Wendy 43 

Butorac, Diane 43, 62, 168, 169, 239 

Button, Mark 101 

Button, Mike 101 

Byford Lisa 101 

Byrd Donna 43 

Byrd, Jackie 101 

Byrd, Melissa 101 

Byrum, B 43 

1 ry & E» i < fl fr 

» 1_C " . ' 

' " '-Me , »t • ► ( 
■> JH » c . » * J < 

° - - - " ' • ' ' -I 

cabanez Dennis 43, 167 

Cabanez Valerie 101 166 

Cabrai Jaydee 43 52 81 91 169 

Caburlan, Vicki 102 194 195 

Cacanlndin R 164 

Cachaper Bernie 43 

Cachaper ceciie 43 161 168 169, 180 

Cadweli, Jobynia 140 

Cagel, Erich 43, 179 

Cahiii Blake 102 

Cahlii Brian 43 167 

Cajuies Line 43 91 

Cajulis R 173 

Caiacsan Joanna 43 

Caldwell A Myrick 179 

Caldwell Denlse 43 

Caldwell, Jobvnia 144 

Caldwell, M Adkin 161 

Calhoun, Steve 43 

California, Hawaii 118 

Callanta, Arnold 102 

Callaway, Sierra 203 

call. Nicole 43, 177 

Calm, Sheeesh 46 

Calo, Jason 43 

Campbell, Carl 102 

Campbell, Lee 43 

Campbell, Sebrina 102 

Camp, Brnda 102 

Campion, Jennifer 43 

Campos, Denise 43 

Campos, Julius 43 

Camsky, Heather 43, 203 

Canant, Leslie 43 

Candi, Jay 43 

Cannon, Jerrel 43 

Cantrell, A 164 

Caparelli Cina 102 

Cape, Melissa 43 

Carcamague, Fred 102 

Carcanaque, F 175 

Carder, jayme 43 

Care. Taking 170 

Carino, Eric 43 

Carlson, Michelle 43 

Carmack, Karen 43 

Carpino. Thomas 43 

Carr. Dave 102 

Carr. Jerimy 43 

Carroll. John 102 

Carr. Wendy 43 

Carter. Andrea 43 

Carter, April 43 

Carter, Holly 102. 167 

Carter. Lori 43 

Carter. Sharon 49 

Cartier. John 43. 172 

Carver. Daryl 43 166. 169 

Case. Kimberly 43. 102 

Casey. Dana 43 

Cason. Ladonne 102 

Cassldy. Jenifer 43 

Cassidy. Mark 43 

Cassldy. Todd 102 

Castillo. Ron 43 

Castro. Dennis 43. 164 

Castro. Ray 43 

Cave. Mark 43 

Cayetano. Verdi 102. 175 

Cespedes. Tony 22. 103. 180 

Chackney. Chris 43 

Chacon. Diana 103 

Chamberlln. Traci 43, 177 

Champhey, Todd 43 

Champrey, Richard 204 

Chaney, Michelle 43 

Chapman, Tanyalle 43, 161, 179 

Charles, Bryant 40 

Chavez, Charylane 43. 53 

Chavis, Michelle 43 

Cheatham. Rhonda 103. 179 

Cherisien. C 166 

Cherisler. Cindy 43 

Cherrv. Anita 43. 180 

Cherry. Tina 43. 180 

Cheryl. Bovastro 40 

Chessem. Ernest 199 

Chesson. Michelle 103 

Chesson. Mont 43 

Chesson. Shantel 103 

Chesterman. Trade 43. 49. 170. 196 

Chittum. Anthony 43 

Chirry. Anne 43 

Chong. Po 43 

Chris. Bowden 40 

Chrlstensen. Audra 103 

Christ!. Brumfield 40 

Christine. Liouba Mcalee 19 

Cizehe. K 166 

Cizerele. James 204 

Clzerle. Kirk 44. 161 

Clair. K Weaver 181 

Claisse. Milissa 44. 167 

Clark. Alan 103. 178 

Clark. Chris 54 

Clark. Dana 44. 177 

Clark. Diedra L 103 

Clarke. C 181 

Clarke. Kevin 44 

Clark. Laura 44 

Clark. Robin 44 

Clay. Bil 44 

Clayborn. Danni 44 

Clay. Dave 44 

Clay. Donna 44 

Clean. Schwinn 50 

Cleghorn. Carry 44 

demons. Tina 44 

demons. Tracey 44 

Clerren. Jason 44 

Cleveland. Dayna 44 

Clifford. Karren 44, 177 

Clifford. Kim 44 

Clifford. Mike 44 

Cilne. Cheney 44 

Clisso. Dion 44 

Coakly. Chris 44 

Cobona Stephanie 103 

Cockerman, Scott 44 

Cody. Colleen 103 

Coefieid. Margie 140 

Colburn. Greg 44 

Cole. John 44. 50 

Cole. Kristen 44 

cole. M 180 

Coleman. Andre 44, 49. 170. 199. 206 

Coleman. Jennifer 44 

Coleman. Troy 44. 199 

Coleman, vince 44 

Cole. Shell! 44. 160. 175 

Cole. Tamara 44 

Cole. Tina 44 

Colette. Kenneth 44 

Coiias. Jeanne 44 

Collette. K 179 

Colley. Justin 44. 166 

collier. Jeff 44 

Collins. Anago 44. 179 

Collins. Christine Crymes 44. 180 

Collins. Mel 44 

Collins. Michelle 44 

Collins. Sharon 44. 167 

Collins. Tina 44 

Colloway. Sierra 43 

Colobong. Joyce 44. 49. 167 

Colobong. M 161. 177 

Colobong. Michelle v 103 

Coitrane. Paul 44. 180 

Colvin. Chuck 44 

Comfort. Chad 44 

Condra. Charlene 44 

Condra. Jodi 44 

Cone. Charles 103 

Conley. Jaime 44. 190 

Connelly. Heather 44. 161 

Connely. Heather 194 

Conner. William 44 

Connoiey. Heather 195 

Connoiy. Heather 195 

Conrad. Chris 44 

Cook. D 181 

Cooke. Carlos 44. 199 

Cook. Leslie 103 

Cook. Patricia 140 

Cook. Reggie 44 

Cook. Tim 44. 164 

Cooper. Camilie 44 

Cooper. Reginald 44 

Cooper. Yasmin 44 

Cope. Jason 44 

Copeland Damon 44 

Copruz. William 44 

Corey. Bossardt 40 

Corey. Kevin 44 

Corey. Rob 44 

Corley. Stacle 44. 167 

Corley. Steve 27. 103 

Cormier. Jeanette 44 

Cornick, Tracy 44 

Coronado. Nick 44, 164 

Corprew. Chuck 44 

Corpus. Richard 44 

Correll. Jamie 44 

Corrie. K 166 

Corry. Greg 44 

Corslno. Greg 44 

Cortes. Hector 44 

Cosimano. Joseph 140 

Costa. Christian 44 

Courts. Mike 44. 204 

Cousett. Shan 103 

Cowell. Adrlenne 44. 204 

Cowell. Anita 44 

Cox, A 188 

Cox. Kerri 44 

Cox. Richard 44 

Cox. Terry 47. 179 

Cox. Tyrone 47 

Crabtree. Michelle 103 

Crabtree. Mike 47 

Craig. Meeghan 47 

Craig. Sheree 47 

Crane. Jennifer 47 

Crawford, Chris 47 '^ 

Crawford, Kelli 103 

Crawford. Patricia 47 

Crawley. Annette 47 

Crawley. Nicole J 103 

Crawl. Linda 47 

Creager. Mike 47 

Creekmore. Elliott 47 

Creek. T 163 

Creek. Tammy 19. 103 

Crelghton. James 47. 50 

Crines. Michelle 47 

Crocker. Tonya 47 

Crockford. Kevin 103. 199 

Crockford. Michael 47 

Cromwell. Rozanna 47 

Crongeyer. J 167. 175 

Cronin. Dennis 47 

Cronin. Michael 103. 164 

Cropus. R 164 

Crosswhite. Lori 103 

Crouch. Cherie 47 

Crouse. Chris 47. 77 

Crowdean. Dennis 47 

Crowdean. Doneva 47 

Crowder. Shelbie 47. 189. 204 

Crowell. Amanda 103, 162 

Crow. Robert 47 

Crow. Shelly 47 

Cruz. Aileen Renti 75 

Cruz. C 164 

Cruz. E 167 

Cruze. Galen 47. 162 

Cruz. Elaine 47 

Cruz. Kimberly Gervacio 52 

Cruz. Marissa 41. 47. 50, 92, 161. 167 

Cruz. Randy 103 

Crystal. Bryant 40 

Cuffee. John 103 

Cuffee. Stacy 47 

Cuffee. Tracy 47. 181 

Cughbertson. Kyle 47 

Culanding. Albert 47. 204 

Culpepper. Tony 47 

Cumpston. Marsha 139 

Cunningham. Kirk 47 

Cunningham. Rick 47 

Cupper. Susan 103 

Curren. Bob 47 

Curren. Tom 77 

Currin. Lisa 47 

Curry. Tara 47 

Custer. Max 47 

Custudlo. Christine 103 

Cutright. Joseph 47 
Cutter, Steve 47 
Cyphers, Gregory 104 

Dabu, R 175 

Dabu, Rodolfo 104 

Dagostino. Deslree 47 

Dahl. Jennifer 104 

Dahl. Jenny 171 

Dahl. Rachel 47 

Dake. J 166. 172 

Daley. B 166. 180 

Daley. Elizabeth 104 

Dalton. Shannon 47 

Damaso. Ruth 38. 47. 49. 86. 161. 169. 

170, 171. 239 

Damlano. Gina 47. 53 

Danaher. Richard 104 

Dandrldge. Tony 47 50 

Daniels. Holly 13. 14. 16. 104. 112. 113. 

160. 161. 163. 194. 195 

Daniels. Juliann 104 

Daniels. Typhanny 47 

Danny. Breslln 40 

Dansin. John 47 

Dansin. Stephanie 47 

Danzlnger. Dedee 47 

Daos. Kelly 104 

Daquilanea. Joy 37, 38, 47, 169 

Darang, Wilfred 47, 165, 206 

Darang. Wilma 47 

Darby. Brown 40 

Darden. Judy 140 

Darden. Karen 167. 179. 204 

Dardin. Denise 47 

Darnell. Susan 140 

Darwin. Michelle 47 

Darwin. Tracy 104 

Datsko. Carrie 47 

Daughtry. Holley 104 

Dave. Buckley 40 

Davenport. Karen 104. 167 

David, Branson 40 

Davidson, David 47 

Davidson. Juliana 47 

Davies. David 47 

Davis. Cheryl 47 

Davis. Dennis 47. 199 

Davis. James C 104 

Davis. Kiya 47 

Davis. Phil 47. 179. 181 

Davis. Tameka 104 

Davis. Tammy 47 

Dayag. Calvin 47. 180 

Dayao. Kenneth 47 

Day. Ben 104. 157 

Day. Brandy 47 

Day. Mike 47 

Days. Russell 47. 204 

Dean. Angle 47 

Dean. La Nolr 47 

Dean. Reggie 47 

Decker. Thom 47. 167. 175 

Dee. Carolyn 104 

Defreitas. D 175 

Degroot. David 47 

Degroot. Donna 104 

Deguzman. Liza 47 

Dehart. Kristen 13. 24. 161. 171 

Dehart. Kristin 104 

Dejesus. D 167 

Delabar. Tara 47 

Delacuadra. Sonya 13. 104. 126. 128, 

161, 167 

Deianey, Matt 47, 192 
Deibar. T 177 
Delbaugh. Shauna 104 
Deleon. Liza 48. 167 
Deioatch. James 48 
Deloatch. Kevin 48 
Delostrlno. Annabelle 48 
Delucia. Maria 104 
Deiucia. Russell 105 
Delucia. Terry 204 
Demain. Adrian 48 
Demetric. Brown 40 
Denise. Breland 40 
Denney. R 180 
Dennis. Allison s 104 
Dennis. Don 19. 105 
Denniston. Nicole 48 
Denosta. C 164 
Denosta, Mark 48 
Depta. Addle 105 
Derusha, Jon 48 
Desei. C 173 

INDEX 225 

Desei. carl L 105 
Desmond Lorl 105, 179. 204 
Detloff. Marcee Jo 48 
Detmer, Chris 48 
Dettv. Kellv 48 
Devoe, Doug 48, 180 
Devonia, Brooks 40 
Dewev, Martin 105, 180 
Diaz, Albert 48, 167, 204 
Diaz, Kim 105, 168 
Dickey. Greg 48 
Olep. Hue 48 
Dlep, Mieu Lihn 48 
Diep. My Linn 105 
Dietrich stacie 48 
Dietrich. William 48 
Diggs, Freddy 48 
Diggs, Leeva 48 
Dlllard, NIkkl 48, 161, 167, 203 
Dlllard, Terena 48, 180 
Dlllard. Teresa 48 
Dillon, Aaron 48 
Dillon, Howard 105 
Dills, Becky 48 
Dills. Brian 48 
Dingle. Nestor 48 
Dion. Janlne 48. 181 
Dion. Sherry 48. 181 
Dipllato. Jay 48, 177 
Dixon. Sarah 48 
Dixon. Wendy 48 
DIzon. Robert 48 
Doak, Robert 105 
Dodds, Mercy 48. 180 
Dodds, Sylvia 139 
Dodds. Vince 48. 180 
Doering. Jason 48 
Doetsch. Carolyn 140 
Doggett. Julia 140 
Doherty. Christine 105 
Doherty. David 48 
Doherty. Michael J 105 
Dom, Michelle 48 
Donahoe. Jeff 27 
Donahue. Jeff 105 
Donald, Shane 48 
Don, Breslln 40 
Don, Briley 40 
Donnell, NIkkl 48 
Donovan. Beth 48 
Doon. Marilyn 48. 161 
Dorf. Michael 105 
Don. Danny 199 
Dorsey. Harold J 105 
Doubleday, Amy 48. 180 
Doudy. S 177 
Dougherty. D 166 
Dougherty, Jaime 48 
Doughety, Sharon 48 
Douglass, M 177 
Dowdy, Sharon 105 
Downle, Don 48, 164 
Doyle, Beth 48. 181 
Doyle, Billy 105 
Doyle, Craig 48 
Dozler, Avante 48 
Drake, Jana 104 
Draper, Monica 48 
Draper, sid 48 
Drew. Mary Kay 147 
Drexler, Angle 48 
Driskell, Brandon 48 
Drorl, Danny 48 
Dubois, Erica 48 
Dudley, K 177. 181 
Dudley. Kimberly 105 
Duff. Caroll 48. 167 
Duff. Carol 49. 171 
Dugan, Brian 48, 206 
Dugan, Jill 140, 141 
Dumont, Jennifer 105 
Dundee, Scrotem 110 
Dunham, James 48, 168 
Dunn Chane M 106 
Dunn, Suzaqnne 106 
Dupuis, Andre 48 162 
Duquette, L 181 
Durand, Gloria 106 
Durham. Shelagh 48 
Durrett, Chris 48 
Dusenberry. Shelly 48 
Dutton Richard 140 
Duty, Hall 146 
Duval, Coralle 48, 167, 175 
Duvall, Alice 48 
Duvall Christopher 106, 167 
Duvall Thomas 140 
Dwornick Adrlenne 106 
D agnostino, Chelle 47 





„ !• 1. 1 

1 ^ fl 





' « 


V I- o 







1. " V 

fl a fl 





, ■« ft 

« t» 


V > t* 






tr w e. 







V t> » 







» " » 





V "< 


„ tt 


Early, Ken 48 

Eastland, Shawn 48 

Eaton. Star 48, 177 

Eaton. Yolanda 48 

Ebert. C 161. 168. 172 

Ebey. Faith 48 

Eby. Danlal 48 

Eckhart. A 181 

Eckhart. K 161 

Eckhart. Kim 208 

Eckhart. Kimberly i06 

Edgeworth. Shieia 51. 161. 180 

Edmunson. David 51 

Edquilang, Warren 51. 154. 161. 166 

Edwards. Angle 51 

Edwards. Cindy 140. 144. 145 

Edwards. James 106, 204 

Edwards, Keith 5i 

Edwards, Leslie 51 

Edwards, Mike 5i 

Edwards, Ray 51 

Edwards, Stacey 51. 179 

Edwards, Thomas 106 

Eestain. R 164 

Eher, T 166 

Eldson. Edith 138 

Einstein. Galileo 150 

Elslng, J 175 

Eley. William 140 

Elgetez. Keith 199 

Elklns. J 177 

Ellen. Boyers 40 

Elliott. J 181 

Ellis, Heather 51 

Ellis. Kim 145 

Ellis, Raymond 51. 204 

Ellis. Trad 106. 168 

Emerlck. Ame 27. 162 

Emerlck. Amy 106 

Emerton, Cynthia 51 

Engelschjon, Tara 106 

Erestain, Rodger 51 

Eric. Buchhelm 40 

Erikson. Jeff 51. 180 

Espirltu. Kenneth 51 

Esquerra. Tarik 13. 51. 204 

Essing, Jennifer 51 

Estanlslao, Cheryl 51, 167 

Estep. Shannon 51 

Estep. Todd 51 

Estrada. Michael 106 

Etherldge. Chris 106. 181 

Etherldge. David 51. 181 

Etherldge. Ron 106 

Ethrldge. Shannon 51 

Etter, Tracey 51, 92 

Eubanks. Chele 51 

Eure. Steve 51 

Eurl. Anita 204 

Evancheck, S 181 

Evancho, Larry 50. 51 

Evans. Andre 106 

Evans. Bobby 51. 163. 172 

Evans. Brent 51 

Evans. Devon 51 

Evans. Hope 51 

Evans. L 177 

Evans. Monlque 152 

Everest. Chris 51 

Ever. Matthew 51. 57. 172 

Eyre. Kristin 51, 166 

Fabian, irma 140 
Fabricius, Janice 106 
Fabrlzio, Jeremy 51 
Facun. Elizabeth 106 
Facun. Richard 51 
Falk. Calvin 51 
Falk. Sharon 51 

Fallon. Grace 51 
Fallon. Kathryn 51 
Fantino. Mike 51 
Faulk. Leanne 188. 189 
Faulkner. Lizel 51. 167 
Favors. Mero 51 
Febrizlo. Jeremy 53 
Fedee. Jackie 51. 167 
Federlco. Rachel 51. 163, 169 
Feeney. Erik 51 
Feichtlnger, Laura 189 
Felght. Jeff 106 
Felnsteln. Joe 106 
Feichtlnger, Laura 106 
Felton, Angela 51, 208 
Felton, Angle 208 
Felton, Krista 51, 106 
Felton, Tirrel 51 
Fenske, Jeanette 139 
Fensom. Mlkl 51 
Fentress. Rodney 51. 177 
Ferguson, Jason 51 
Ferguson. Monlque 51 
Fermil. Amy 51 
Fernando. Roland 90 
Fernando, Roldan 51 
Ferrer. Jennifer 51. 181 
Fetty. L 177. 181 
Fillgrove. Chip 51 
Finch. Bill 106. 163, 181 
Finegan. Tracy 51 
Fine. Rivers Next 153 
Finnegan. Kate 106 
Fires. Bon 21 
Fisackery. Lawrence 51 
Fisher. Jamis 51 
Fisher. Melanie 51 
Fisher, Susie 51 
Fisher, Travis 106, 128 
Fitzpatrick, Mary 51. 180 
FItzslmmons. Paul 51 
Flach. Julie 107. 162, 178 
Flax, Rob 107, 161 
Flemming, Angela 51 
Flemming, Yvonne 51 
Flippen, Jenny 51 
Flora, Michele 51, 167 
Fiores, Brad 107 

Flores, Gil 51. 86, 161. 167, 170 

Fiueiien. Shawn 204 
Flythe, Felisha 51 
Fobbs, Mike 51 
Fogerty, Lisa 51, 161, 168, 176 
Fogle, Connie 139 
Foglla, Kenny 52 
Folaham, Amy 52 
Foiiet, Robin 52, 161, 167 
FOllett, R 172. 180 
Fontaine, Tammy 107 
Forbes. Diana 52. 167 
Forcht. John 107. 181 
Ford. Nancy 142. 144 
Ford. Sherri 140. 142. 143 
Forehand. John 52 
Foreman. Nicole 52 
Foreman Rick 52 
Forget. Mark 140. 142. 147 
Forrest. Edwina 52. 180 
Forsythe. Kim 52. 180 
Forsythe. Lisa 52 
Foskey. Keith 107. 177. 206 
Foster. Brian 52. 175 
Fowler. Almee 52. 167. 172 
Fowler. Jamie 19. 52. 163, 181 
Fowler, Joanna 107 
Fowler, Kendra 52 
Fowler, Tawanna 52 
Fox, Laura 52 
Fox, Tammy 107 
Fradlllada, T J 52 
Frame, Sallle 52. 161 
France. Joe 107 
France. Michelle 52 
Franceski, Jennifer 107 173 
Francisco, Lorl 107 
Frank. Boneske 40 
Frank Brent 52 
Frantz Matt 52. 179 
Frashefski Renee 107 
Fredrlco. Rachel 239 
Freed. Billy 52. 167 
Freed. Stacey 45. 52 
Freeman. Andy 52 
Freeman, Marcos 52 
Freeman, Nelsha 52, 180 
Freeman, Prinka 52 107 
French, A 154 
French, J Wylie 138 
Fricke, Sprlnghlll 107, 181 

Friggy, Beth 52. 203 
Frost, Barbara 52 
Frost, Tim 52 
Frye, Anissa 52, 168 
Fry, Mike 52 
Fueller, T 165 
Fuller, Cathy 107 
Fuller, Michelle 52 
Fuller. Tanya 52. 61, 155 
Fuller, Tara 52 
Fulton, Vicki 52, 177 
Funchess Sam 52 
Furay, Jeff 52 
Fure, Slnde 17 52, 164 
Furrow, Clint 52 
Future, Fbia 177 
Fyffe, Kevin S 107 
Fyke, Minna 52 

Gabriel, Ariel 52 

Gabriel. Noralyn 52. 164. 167. 196 

Cador. Chico 52 

Gador. MInda 107. 177 

Gagllano. Laura 52. 161, 166, 188, 189 

Cagnler, Frankie 52 

Cagnon, Robert 52 

Caither, Scott 107 

Gale, Pete 199, 204 

Gailney, T 180 

Gallney, Tery 107 

Caljan, Paul 52, 172 

Call, Gerta 52, 162, 166 
Callihugh, Thomas 52 
Gallup, Jason 107 
Gammon, Liza 52 
Gangloff Michael 108 
Cann, Joshua 52 
Garcia, Alvoro 52 
Garcia, Billy 52 
Garcia, Josephine 52 
Cardiola Glen 52 
Gardner, Amy 52 
Carton. Shannon 52 
Gastar. Mark 108 
Gaston. Steven 52 
Gatllffe, Kathleen 108 
Catling. Jade 52 
Gelling. Scott 52 
Celse, Laura 52 
Ceismar, Mike 52 77, 167 
Genacio, Kim 49 
George, Bryson 40 
George, Cherle 52 
George, Scott 108 
Gerales, Allan 108, 161, 172 
Gerardo, Cherylynn 52 
Gerba, Sandle 108 
Germainos. Mike 186 
Germanos. Mike 108 
Gervaclo. Kim 50 
Gervals. Krissy 108 
Ceurtsen. Tammy 108 
Gewerth. Tina 108 
Ciammona Rachael 108 
Clbb. Danielle 52 
Gibson. Todd 52 
Gibson. Tyge 52 
CIddens. Michele 52. 181 
Gilbert. Sharon 52. 199 
Gilchrist. Janice 108 181 
Gilchrist. Lamar 52. 199 
Cllera. Gemma 52 167 

Hot Fun in the Summertime! Band members march 
under the watchful eye of the band director, Mr 

226 INDEX 

Yak! Yak! Yak! Late in the afternoon is the only time the commons area is 
empty. These girls find the quiet conclusive to a good conversation. 

Giles, Jamie 52 
Ciiiiam, Tasha 108 
Ciiman, Jennifer 52 
Cindle, Kerri 52 
Giordano. Randv 142 
Girolamo, Jennifer Dl 48 
GIrouard. Heather 108 
Giroueila, Richie 52 
Giroux, Justin 108, 172 
GIruorard, H 181 
Glasler, Scott 52, 199 
Glissen, Doug 52 
Glosch, Shelly 52 
Gobar, Cretchen 108 
Goelz, Greg 55 

Goldsworthy. Shannon 55, 177 
Goidthwait, Bobcat 77 
Connels, Nicky 55 
Gonzales, ivy 55, 177 
Gonzales, Jed 55 
Gonzales, Maria 108 
Goodman. Joe 55, 167 
Goodman, Wendy 55 
Goodrich, Andrea 55. 90. 177 
Goodwin. Christopher 108 
Cordon, j J 55, 164 
Cottschalk. Bill 108 
Cottschalk. Christine 55. 180 
Cozum. Randy 55. 164 
Graeber. Shirley 55 
Graf. Kristlne 108 
Graham. Kim 55 
Graham. Stephen 55 
Grandle. Darryl 55 
Grant. Jennifer 55. 166. 180 
"Grant. Melissa 55 
Grant. Sharon 55. 181 
Grant. Theresa 55 
Graves, David 55 
Gravette, ChristI 55 
Gravette, Kenneth 109 
Gray, Bobby 53 
Gray, Lashaun 55 
Gray. Rex 55, 181 
Gray, Robert 55 
Gray. Theresa 55 
Greaber, S 179 
Green, Diana 55 
Greene, Beth 55 
Greene, Kristle 55 
Greene, Kristin 196 
Greene, Lorry 109 
Greene, Tina 55 
Green, Kristin 196 
Greenwood, Robette 55 
Greer, Sonia 55 

Gregg, Carolyn 159 
Gregoire, Pam 55 
Gregory, Kim 55, 166, 168 
Gregory, Nicole 55, 166 

■iffin, Cletus 142 

■iffin, Eric Mines 204 

■iffIn, Kellush 55 

■iffin, Michelle Otdell 204 

■iffin. Quince 55 

■iffin. Tammy 55 

■ifflth, Alfredo 55 

imes, Chris 55 

•lme, T 180 

■Imsley, Gus 109 

•imstead, Nancy 142 

•iner, Scott 55 
Croder, Jack 55 
Cronemann, Jonathan 55 
Croome, Tracy 55, 164 
Crosheii, Steve 55 
Crover, Lynn 55, 167 
Crover, Mel 55, 161, 180 
Crymes, Chris 206 
Guarin, Albert 109 
Guerber, Kelly 55 
Guerrero, Roger 55 
Gugllemlnl, Tim 55 
Guilford, Chauntrel 55 
Gustafsson, Veronica 55 
Gustllo, John 55 
Custufsson. Verinlka 204 
Cutnlck. Marcia 139 
Cuynn. Becki May 55. 167 

Hable, Amy 55 

Hackman, Alan 55, 199, 200, 206 

Haga, K 177 

Hager, Chontelle 55 

Hahn, Jessica 108 

Hailey, Jack 55 

Hailstock, Felicia 55 

Halrston, Laura 109 

Hale, Mary Ellen 55 

Hall, Christina 109 

Hailey. Lauren 109. 151 

Hall. Mike 55, 177 

Haliock, Bill 55 

Hall, Simbi 49, 55 

Hall, Terri 55, 180 

Hall, Tony 55 

Haltlwanger, Samatha 53, 55 

Halverson, Khan 109, 177 

Hamel, Katja 55 

Hamilton, Jeremy 55 

Hamilton, Steve 55 

Hamilton, Theresa 55 

Haner, Terry 55 

Hang, Kolab 55 

Hanly, Scott 55 

Hanna, Marceiia 55, 161 167. 204 

Hannauker, Lorl 55 

Hansen, Lotte 17, 55 164 

Hansen, Susie 55 

Hanson, Mike 56, 180 

Hardin, Done 109 

Hanston, L 162 

Harkins, Timothy 109 

Han, Allison 109 

Harlow, Kristina 56 

Harlow, Stacey 56 

Han, R 164 

Harman, Darryl w 109 

Harmon Kristle 56 

Harms, Kevin 109, 161 

Harnden, Cwo Jonathan 142 

Harold, M 177 

Harper, Amy 56 

Harper, Ernest 56, 181 

Harper, Richard 109 

Harp, Shawn 186 

Harrell, Elaine 56 

Harrilchak, Chris 109 

Harrington, Keely 56 

Harris, Beverly 109, 177 

Harris, Chnstlne 109 

Harris, Colleen 109 

Harris, Demetrlce 56 

Harns, Dorothy 56 

Harns, Eivin 56 

Hams, Jason 56 

Harris, Jaycee 14, 16, 112. 113, 199, 204 

Harns, Jonathan 56 

Harns, Kristy 56, 179 

Harris, L 164 

Harns, Neil 56 

Harnson, Andrea 56 

Harrison, Cecy 56 

Harris, Reggie 14, 56, 179, 199, 200, 


Harris, Rhonda 56 

Harris, Rosa Valencia 146 

Harry, Scott 56 

Hart, Carne 109 

Hart, Kevin 56, 166 

Hartlove, Connie 56, 173 

Hartman, Jenein 56 

Hart, Randy 56 

Hartranft, Lisa 204 

Hartzell, Cindy 56 

Hash, Steve 56 

Haskins, David 109 

Hastings, Sheila 56 

Hatch, Keith 56 

Hathaway, Apni 56 

Haugen. Knstin 56. 175 

Haughee, Trad 109 

Havnblak C 164 

Hav, Sothira 109, 166 

Hawkins, Kym 56 

Hayes, Carol 56 

Hayes, Jennifer 56 

Haynes, Aavlon 206 

Haynes, J 167. 179 

Haynes. S 177 

Heard. Bradley 109, 161, 157, 172, 179 

Mecca, C 164 

Medelund, Jackie 56 

Hedgepath, Tanya 56 

Hedgepeth, T 167 

Heidi, Boyd 40 

Heidler, Scott 109, 164 

Heilmann, Pat 109 

Helen, Boyser 40 

Hendershot Barbara 56 

Hendershot, Lora 109 

Henderson. Derrick 56, 179, 199, 204 

Henderson, Jo Ann 56 

Henderson, T 180 

Henderson, Zach 56 

Henry, Heather 56 

Hensen Mike 56 

Henth, Stephanie 56 

Herbert, Buckner 40 

Herman, Cathy 56, 167 

Herrera, Acey 109, 161 

Herron, Rebecca 142 

Hesse, Fitzgerald 90 

Hettinger, Mark 56 

Hewitt, John 109 

Hickey, Chris 56 

Hickman, Jessica 56 

Hiet, J 178 

Higglns, Tony 110 

Hildebrant, Gene 56 

Hill, Amber 56 

Hill, David 56 

Hillery, Kim 56 

Hilt, Juli 110, 181 

Hilton, David 56 

Hilton, Laura 110 

Hines, Demetria 56 

HInes, Joey 56 

HInes, M 177 

HIrschi, Brian 56 

Hise, Amy 56, 180 

Hise, Dru 56 

Hobbs, Brittney 110 

Hockaday, Tina 110 

Hocker, Tiffany 110 

Hodges, T 177 

Hodge, Travis 110 

Hodson, Jim 56 

Hoernig, Chris 56, 164 

Hoferkamp, Carol 110, 161 

Hoffert, Anne 56 

Hoffman, Debbie 56, 177 

Hoffman, Kimberly 56, 166 

Hofmann, Enc 56 

Hoggard, Jenifer 110, 161 

Hogue, Keith 56 

Holder, Kellle 56, 166 

Holley, Ann 56 

Holley, Eunice 56 

Holliday, Antawn 16, 46, 110, 171, 179, 


Hoiioway, James 56 

Holloway, Michelle 56 

Hollowell, Donya 56 

Holmes, Alicia 110, 177, 180 

Holmes, Eric 56 

Holmes, Ken 144 

Holmes, Michael 110, 166 

Holt, Sharon 142 

Holtz, Heather 59 

Holub, Kim 59 

Homard, David 110, 118 

Honig, Gwen 59 

Hook, Kim 110 

Hooks, Loren 204 

Hopkins, David R 110, 161 

Morton, Michele 110 

Motel, Radison 174 
Mouck, Chhs 59 
Mouk, Eric 59 
Moule, Chns 59 
Mouse, Carole 110 
House, Monica 59 
Hovik, E 167 
Howard, Derek 110 
Howard, Suzette 59 
Howes, Heath 59 
Howick, Cindy 26, 27, 110 
Hoy, Sara Van 84, 180 
Hubbard, Johnell 59 
Mubler, Rhonda 59 
Hudson, Cherri 59 
Hudson, Connie 59 
Hudson, Nicole 110 
Hudson, Tanya 59 
Hudson, Tern 59 
Huey, John 199 
Huggins, Mecca 59, 180 
Hughes, Jaieen 59 
Huling, C 164 
Hulin, Shan 59, 203 
Hummel, Kristlne 110 
Hunnlngs, K 164 
Hunn, Jennifer 59, 161 
Huntemann, Eric 59 
Hunter, Brandon 59 
Hunter, Derrick 59 
Hunter, Phaedra 59, 180 
Hunt, Steven 110 
Murd, Bnan 110, 204 
Hurlburt, Tracie 110 
Husted, Rose 59 
Hutcherson, Patrick 59, 180 
Hutchings, William 59 
Hutchinson, Glenn 59 
Hutchison, Shannon 59 
Hutto, Chris 59 
Hyder, Sara 59 
Hylton, David N 110 
Hylton, Elizabeth 59 
Hylton, James 110 
Hylton, Matt 59 
Hymons, Eric 59 

" " ' . " r." =■ 

« a a , t- „ , 
" .3 ' a c. " •> 

' "^ 'J ^7 <3 !► 
a " <i ^ > £• 

^ a •> "^ -> '• 

Ingram, Melissa 13, 59 
Ingram, Sean 59 
Inman, Christy 59 
irby. Cliff 59 
Irons, Brett 59 
Irons, Gannon 59 
Irving, Typhanny 59 

Jackson, Antonio 59, 199 
Jackson. Beth 110. 161, 166 
Jackson, Christine 59 
Jackson, Dierdre 59 
Jackson, Mike 59 
Jackson, Renee 59 
Jackson, Wes 59, 181 
Jacobs, Chris 59 
Jacobs, Thomas 59 
Jacobs, Wendy 59 
Jakubowski, Julie 59 
Jamal. Bradley 40 
James. Bowen 40 
James. Brumsey 40 
James. Ralph 59. 180 
Jana, Jay 110 
Janes, Nicole 111 
Janz, A Santlaguell 167 
Janz, wanda 142 
Jarus, Janelle 59 
Jarvls, Thomas S ill 
Jason, Braun 40 
Jason, Bryant 40 

INDEX 227 

Jaudon, David 111 

Javdon, D 168 

Jeannle, Buckingham 40 

Jefferson, Tsanya 59 

Jenkins, Jennifer 59 

Jenkins, Jonathan 59 

Jenkins, Suwana 59 

Jennifer, Brady iO 

Jennifer, Brown 40 

Jennifer, Mason 64 

Jennings, Cindle 59 

Jennings, Trenise 59 

Jerome, Debbie ill 

Jesus, Darlene De 47 

Jesus, M Dlep 167 

Jethro, Lisa ill, 177 

Jetton, Michael J ill, 172 

Jimenez, Mark 59, 172 

Jimmy, Brow/er 40 

Jodi, Broady 40 

John, Branum 40 

Johnson, Angeleque 59, 161 

Johnson Brian 59 

Johnson, Cathi 59, 175 

Johnson, Charese R ill 

Johnson, Charles 59, 142 

Johnson, Chris 59 

Johnson, Christine ill 

Johnson, Denlse 59, 179, 180, 204 

Johnson, Don 148 

Johnson, Janel 50, 177, 181 

Johnson, Jeffrey Dili 

Johnson, Jenal J 59 

Johnson, Kenneth 59, ill, 161, 177 

Johnson. Kenny 157 

Johnson, Kevin ill 

Johnson, Kirsten 59, 208 

Johnson Matt 59, 177, 204 

Johnson, Michelle 111 

Johnson, Nikaya 59 

Johnson. Perry 59 

Johnson, R 180 

Johnson. Susan 60 

Johnson, Tamarr 60, 173 

Johns. T 179 

Johns. Tiffany 111. 204 

Johnston. Jerrv 60 

Jon. Briggs 40 

Jones Brook 60 

Jones Casandra 60 

Jones. Casie 184 

Jones. Dan 60 

Jones. Joseph 111. 162. 172 

Jones. Julie ill 

Jones. Kip 111, 164 

Jones, S 179 

Jones, Tabltha 60 

Jones, Tammie 60 

Jones, Vivian 112 

Jordan, Bradd 60 

Jordan, Scott 60 

Jorge Jen 60 

Jose, Clay 60 

Joseph. Wayne 60 

Jose, Rhoneil 60 

Joson, Joel ii2 

Joyce, Dena 112 

Joyce, Mike 53, 60 

Juarez Chrissy 60 

Juhl, Eric 60 

Junke, Tina 112 

Jusayan, J 164 

Just, Chris 60 

Kababik Chris 60 
Kaiser Will 60 

Kakria, Saniu 60, 195, 208, 209 
Kaler Diana 60 177 
Kaler, Nicky 60 167 
Kalnas ingrid 60, 175 
Kanz, Heidi A 112 
Kaplnskis Kim 60 
Kater Dawn 60 
Kates Melinda 60 
Katnna, Brown 40 
Kauffman Danny 60 
Kaufman Chris 60 
Kaysen Kerry 142 175 
Keefer. Philip 142 

Don't Look at the Camera! These chemistry students should be studying the Periodic Chart. But hey-it's a great 
way to get in the yearbook a second time. 

Keefus, Ronald 60 

Keel, Florence 142 

Keen, Carolyn 142 

Keene, J 164 

Keener, Kathy 60 

Kehoe, Craig 60 

Keith, Missy 112 

Keller, Robert 60 

Keller, Steven 60 

Kelley, Jimmy 60 

Kelllngton, Heather 60, 162 

Kell, R 177 

Kell. Scott 112 

Kelly. Brown 40 

Kelly, Joseph 112, 173 

Kelly, S 164 

Kemble, Rob 50 

Kemble, Robert 157 

Kemppalnen, Melissa 60 

Kemp, Taryn 112. 175 

Kennedy. Kim 60 

Kermon, David 60 

Kerr, Lauren 60, 181 

Kershaw, Richard 60 

Kessei, isidoro 142 

Kettner, Abby 112 

Kidd, Laurie 60 

Kllb. John 60 

Kilby. Sean 60 

Kimble. Robert 60 

King. Cerry 60 

King, Jeff 112, 180 

King, Kristen 112 

Kip, Brierley 40 

Kirk, Krista 60 

Kirkland, Alex 60, 165 

Kirkpatrick, Chris 60 

Kirkpatrick, K 167 

Kissinger, Angela 60 

Kitchens, Jeff 199 

Kitchens, Paul 112. 199 

Kitrell, Linda 60 180 

Klannemark. M 164 

Klaput. Ken 112. 162 

Klaput Sonya 60 

Klein. Andrea 60 

Klein. Creg 112 

Klein. Travis 60 

Kietter. Susan 37. 60 161 166. 169 

180 239 

Kline Debbie 60. 180 

Kline, Robin 112, 160 

Knaust, Karl 112 

Knerr Theresa 60 

Knight Crystal 60 

Knight, Monica 60, 167 

Knight, Rachel 239 

Knight Tara 60 

Knutson Sherry 60 

Koelsch, Andrew 60 
Kohler Frank 112 
Kollpano, Clarissa 60 
Kollpano, Danielle 60 
Kooken, Bruce 60 
Korchak, Adam 60 
Korte, George 142 
Kotrba, A 161, 172, 175 
Kotrba, Bobbie 112, 175, 189 
Kotrba, Ray 60 
Kotter. James 113, 161. 180 
Kotvas, Jenny 60 
Krag. Charlotte 60. 155. 164 
Krell, Diana 60. 162. 189 
Kretzschmar, Kim 113 
Kristle, Bullock 40 
KrollkowskI, Beth 60 
Krotz. Dan 60 
Kruck. Patricia 60. 164 
Kruck. Pete 60 
Kuehne. Kimberly 60 
Kuhn. Francis 142 
Kundo. Jodi 60 
Kundo. Jonathan S 27. 113 
Kunkel. Melissa 60 
Kunkel, Missy 188. 189 
Kuznicki. Debbie 60 

Labrador. Edwin 113 
Lachance. Paul 113 
Lackore, Cdr Ray 142 
Lallak. John 63 
Lamaban R 171 
Lambert, May 63 
Lambert, Sellna 63 181 
Lambert, Vicky 63 
Lambinicio, Cindy 49. 63. 166 
Lamora Tina 113 
Lancaster Amy 63. 177 
Lancaster Kevin 63 
Landick. Kandl 113 162 
Langley Ron 63 
Lang. Shannon 63 
Lanham Michael 113 
Lape Aaron T 113. 164. 177 
Lape Tara 113 
Lapld. Ron 63. 167 
Larkin Mike 63 
Larose k 162 

Larsln. Jens 63 

Larson. J 164. 180 

Larson. T 181 

Larson. Tanya 113 

Laskowski. Joe 63 

Lassiter. Lisa 113 

Latta. Rob 63 

Laurldsen. Kathy 113 

Lavertv. E 161. 163 

Laverty. Erin 113 

Lawrence. Carole 113 

Lawrence. Matt 63 

Lawrence. Ryan 63 

Lawrence. Theresa 113 

Lawrence. Titus 63, 162, 177 

Lawrence, Wendy 63 

Lawson, Connie 113, 161, 167. 175 

Lawson. Jason 63 

Lawson. Leigh 63 

Lawson. Melani 113 

Lawson. Melinda 63. 181 

Laxa. Richard 63 

Layaog. Eddie 63 

Leandado. Lyn Lyn 37 45, 73. 167. 169 

Leandado. Lynn 41. 46 

Leandado. Roberto 63 

Leary. James 186 

Leatherwood. Jennifer 63 

Lebert. Joan 63 

Leblanc. T 180 

Lebo. Michelle 63 

Lebo. Scott 113 

Ledbetter. Rebecca 63 166 

Lee. Amy 156 

Lee Charlene 63 

Lee. Darls 63 

Lee Elizabeth 63 

Lee. Jeff 113, 177 

Lee. Kathy 63 

Lee. Stephanie 113 

Lee. wai Yin 63 

Lefurgey. John 65 

Legarreta, Jaesus 63 

Legaspl, Eric 63 

Legaspi Eva 104, 113 

Leggiardro, Micheal 63 

Lei, Mai 63 

Leisey Cheryl 63 

Lemmon, S 181 

Lenham, M 172 

Lenhart Shawn 63 

Lennon Susan 63 

Lentz Karen 63 

Leonard Dan 63 

Letada Eric 63 

Levantino, Juliet 63 

Lewardowski Bruce 63 

Lewis Jack 63 

Lewis Jemmalyn 63 

Lewis, Kristl 63, 181 
Lewis, Marvin 63, 161, 181 
Lewis, Marv 63 194, 195 208 240 

Lewis, Misty 63 

Lewis, Yvette 114 

Leydct, Valerie 114 

Libowltz, Bobble 139 

Lleb, Kevin 114 

Lilienthal, Pat 63 

Llllefloren, Erik 2, 114, 199 204 

Lilly, Daniel 114 

Lilly, Deanna 63 180 

Lilly, Kim 63 

Lilly, Wendy 63 

Limtiaco Valerie 63 

Lindemuth, Jennifer 63, 161 

Lindemuth, Jenny 201 

Lindenburg, Scott 63 

Lindsay, Julie 63 

Linehan, A 175 

Lipscomb. Leslie 63 

Lique. Pat Curtis 140 

Litsinger Debbie 188 

Litzendorf M 166, 173 

Litzendurf, Maria 63 

LIverman, Charlene 63 

Lianes, Felicia 63 

Lianes, Josephine 114 

Lloyd, Creg 63 

Lloyd, Niki 63 

Loadwick, Kathy 63, 161, 167, 181 

Loar Derrick 63 

Loar, Natalie 63 

Locklear, T 177 

Locky, Cwenita 63 

Loften, Johneise 63 

Loftus Tommy 114 

Logador, C 167 

Logsdon, A 175 

Logsdon Graham 63 

Lohnes, Ana 63 166 168 

Lohnes, T 161 

Lombos, Fermin 63 

Lombos, Janice 50 

Lombos, Janle 63 

Londeree Sherry 114 

Long David 140, 142 

Looper, Jason 199 

Looper, Sean 63 

Lopez Jessie 64 

Lopez, Rachel 64 

Lorraine Darryi 64 

Lorraine Daryi 64 

Lorraine Donna E 114 

Loucks, Laurence 64 

Love Eunice 139 

Love Jeff 64 

Loveland, Kim 64 

Loveless, K 168 


Loveless, Kattie 114 
Love, Tatanisha 64, 179 
Lowery, Chris 64 
Lowe, Tricia 64 
Lucas, Lisa 41 
Lucas, Sara 64, 167 
Lucena, Editha 64 
Lucera, A 164 
Lucero, Alleen 64 
Lumaban, Romeo 114, 128 
Lunderee, Brian 63 
Lute, Guam 64 
Lutz, Dennis 114, 181 
Lutz, iviicneai 54 
Lynche, Michelle 64 
Lynch, Michelle 64 
Lyons, Bonnie 139 

Macapobre, Jill 64 
Macdonald, Angela 114 
Macdonald, Angle 161, 165, 203 
Macdonald, Christie 64 
Macdonald, Doug 64 
Macdonald, R 175 
Macdonald, Ross 114 
Macelrov Sandii 64 
Macelroy, Sandy 64 
Mackay, Heather 64 
Mackey, Joseanna 64 
Mackey, Pat 64 
Mack, Michelle 64 
Macky, Pat 64 
Madera, Ronald 64 
Madrazo, Ernest 114 
Magaddino, L 177 
Magaddino, Lamonica M 114 
Magazine, Literary 168 
Magbamua, Jhoy A 114 
Magbanua, Jenn 64, 161, 167 
Maggiore, Michelle 64, 166 
Maggoire, Michelle 64 
Magill, Cassandra 64 
Magill, Wes 18, 19, 64 
Maglone, Lisa 64 
Mahaffey, Jacqui 114 
Mahoney, Michelle 114 
Mahoney, Patrick V 114 
Mailander, K 161 
Maine, Candis 64 
Majette, HInton P 114 
Majorette, Jennifer Ramsey 180 
Majority, Diane 114, 204 
Malbon, Chrissie 64 

Maibon, Michele 114 
Maidando, v 181 
Maidonado, vicki 64 
Maiick, E 175 
Maiick, Eleanor M 114 
Malin. David 64 
Mallari, S 164 
Mallarl, Stephen 114 
Mallinder, Steve 114 
Mallinson, John 114 
Maiogorski, Karen 115, 184, 208 
Malone, Kathleen 142 
Maioney, Eileen 64 
Malony, Eileen 64 
Malson, Chondra 64 
Mangaya, A 173 
Mangese, Jennifer 64 
Mangiaracina, John 64 
Mangucmot, Troy R 115 
Mangus, Jennifer 64, 164 
Mani, Renee 64 
Manley, Deseree 64 
Manley, Desiree 64 
Manlulu, Judy 64. 153 
Mann, A 179 
Mann. Andrevy 115 
Manning, Jenny 64 
Marak, Kelly 115 
Marcia, Adolf 64 
Marcia, J 161 
Marcia, Joel 175 
Marcotte, C 177 
Marcum, Brian 64 
Margaret, Brock 40 
Mariado. Dexter 64 
Marido. David 64 
Marie. Ann 63 
Marino. David 64 
Marino. Pete 186 
Marker. Becky 64 
Markgraf. Dristen 54 
Markgraf. Kirsten 64 
Markin. Tony 64 
Markllnger. Davi/n 64 
Marroletti, Deanna 64 
Marshall, David 64 
Marshall, Cayle 115. 166 
Marshall, Michelle 64 
Marshall, Mike 64 
Marshall, Nicki 64 
Marshal, Michelle 64 
Marsh. Micheal 64 
Martello. Alexis 189 
Martin, Anthony 64 
Martin, C 164 
Martines. Shelly 64 
Martines. Shelley 64 
Martinez. Larry 115 
Martinez. Vincent 64. 164 
Martin. Fay 142 
Martin. Jennifer 64 
Martin. Sharyn 64 
Marty. Meddie 64. 167 

Martz, Mike 115, 175 
Martz. Rhonda 240 
Martz. Ronda 64 
Marx. Andy 64 
Marx. Mary 64 
Mason, Dav\/n 64 
Mason, Deion 64 
Mason. Jennifer 64. 180 
Mason. Lynette 64. 180 
Mason. Marc 64. 166. 175 
Mason. Mike 64. 115 
Mason. Ross 64 
Mason. Tonya 64 
Massaro. Becky 67 
Massey. John 67 
Massey. Nicky 67 
Matel. Joanne 67 
Mateo. Marjorie 67. 180 
Mathisen. Robin 67 
Matienzo. A 166 
Matienzo. Ariel 115 
Matlosz. L 180 
Matlosz. Linda 115 
Matney. Brian 142 
Matney. Travis 67 
Maftos, Ken 67 
Mau. Chris 67 
Mauk. Angela 115 
Mauk. Theresa 115 
Mau. Michelle 115 
Mauro. Kristv67. 161, 167 
Maxie. Monica 115 
Maxim. Jennifer 67 
Maxvyeli. Pete 204 
Maxv\(ell. Peter 115 
Maxwell. Tami 67. 208 
Mayer. Laura 67. 166 
Mayo. Tenia 67 
Mays. Allison 67. 161 
Mays. Doug 67. 180 
Mcalee. Liouba 19. 115 
Mccaffery. Mike 67. 177 
Mccann. Aaron 67 
Mccantis, Karia 67 
Mccants. Karia 149. 208 
McCarthy. Seamus 67 
McCartney, Steve 67 
Mccarty, Craig 67, 180 
Mccauley, Matt 67 
Mcclain, Shane 67 
Mcclamy. Juliette 67 
Mcclay. Doug 67 
Mcclskey. Maura 189 
Mccluskey. Jimmy 67 
Mccoy. Jona 67 
Mccue. Sherry 115 
Mccutchen. Beth 13, 162, 167 
Mccutchen, Elizabeth 67 
Mcdance, K 180 
Mcdaniel, T 167 
Mcdaniel, Tiffany 208 
Mcdonald, Angle 24 
Mcdonald, Beach 94 

Mcdonald, Michelle 115 
Mceachin, Karen 115 
Mcelvin, Karin 142 
Mcfetridge. Riley 115 
Mcgrath. K 161, 171 
Mcgrath, Kate 116 
Mckenzie, Billie Jo 67, 167 
Mckenzie, Kevin 116 
Mckenzie, Tricia 67 
Mckinley, Raymond 67 
Mckinzie, Matt 67 
Mckirdy, Paul 67 
Mcklveen. Marshall 67 
Mckiveen, Mike 67 
Mcknight, Toby 67, 167 
Mclaine. Monique 67 
Mclaughlin. Sharon 142 
Mcmillan, Roger 139 
Mcmoran. Leslie 67 
Mcneil. Collette 116 
Mcneiii. James 67 
Mcnew. Emily 67. 208 
Mcvicker. M 180 
Mcvicker, Michael 116 
Meade. Mary 189 
Meads, Travis 67 
Meagher. Loh 67 
Mealy. Bryasan 67 
Mealy. R J 186 
Meehan, Doug 67. 181 
Meehan, Michelle 116 
Meekins, Mickey 67 
Meese, J 180 

Mel. David 67, 164, 165, 166 

Mejia, Jane 116 

Mejia, Joy 67, 167 

Melissa, Boswell 40 

Melissa. Boyer 40 

Mellor. Eric 67 

Men. Scott 67. 77. 167 

Melvin. James T 138 

Menon. Jay 116 

Menon. Jodi 67. 166. 172. 175. 178 

Mercado. Ruth 67 

Mercado. W 181 

Messe, Amy 67 

Messer. Koreena 67. 161. 184 

Mess. Rhonda 67. 177 

Methuin. Shayne 67. 177 

Metzger. Shelly 67 

Meyers. Fort 138 

Meyers. Joey 67 

Meyri. Rick 67 

Mia. Bryant 40 

Michael. Christy 116 

Michael. George 116 

Michelle, Bowman 40 

Michelle, Bradshaw 40 

Michelle, Brown 40 

Mickelson, Erik 67 

Middendorf. David 116 

Middendorf. Stacey 67 

MIddleton. Coy 67 

Middleton. Peggy 139 
Mldkiff. B Evans 165 
Midkiff. Cindy 144 
Midyette. M Allen 161 
Midytte, Anne 144 
Milbourn. Lorl 67 
Miiinazzo. David 186 
Miller. Allison 67 
Miller, Amy 67 
Miller, Andrea 67 
Miller. James 144 
Miller. Jim 49 
Miller. Lori 116 
Miller. Mike 67. 77 
Miller. Tanya 67, 181 
Milligan, Mike 116 
Milling, Jeanette 67 
Milling, Leona 68, 116 
Mills, Brent 68 
Mills. Jay 186 
Mills. Jennifer 68 
Minus, Adam 68 
Minor, Eryn 68 
Minor, Michael 68 
Miranda, David 68 
Miranda. Joy 68. 167, 169, 239 
Mirza, Rehman 68 
Mitchell. Brian 68 
Mitchell. Frank 116 
Mitchell. Henry 193 
Mitchell. K Gervais 168 
Mitchell, Lisa 141, 144, 168 
Mitchell, Lorenzo 68 
Mitchell, Mike 116, 199 
Mitchinson, Nicola 68 
Mmm. Mmm 3. 74 
Mobley. N 173, 180 
Mobley. Norma 116 
Moen. Dennis 68. 161 
Money. Albert J 116 
Mondarez. Roger 68 
Mondie. Mike 68 
Monds. Kellle 117 
Monds. Kelly 176 
Montesa. Call 189 
Montoya, Angela 68. 180 
Montoya. Mike 68. 117. 180 
Monty. Boston 40 
Moody. Cindy 68 
Moore. Annette 68 
Moore. Becky 68. 117 
Moore. Bobbie 68 
Moore, Cindy 117. 128 
Moore. Clark 26, 68 
Moore, Eric 68, 163 
Moore, Erin 19, 117 
Moore, Kimberly 117 
Moore, Lucy 68 
Moore, Stephanie 68 
Moore, Stephan 199 
Moore, Stephen 117 
Moore, Stephen 117 
Moore, Tina 68 
Moore, Tony 68 
More. Hampton 174 
Morehead. ceiina 68 
Moreland. Nadirah 68, 173 
Morelli, Louis 68 
Morgan, Devon 117 
Morgan, Eric 68 
Morgan, Karen 68 
Morgan, Kimberly 68 
Morgan, Mark 117 
Morgan, Sandy 144 
Morken, Matt 117 
Mornings, Monday 74 
Morre, Clark 117 
Morris, Monica 68 
Morrison, Todd 68 
Morris, Roxanne 147 
Morris, Shane 68, 161, 179 
Morris, Shauneille 68, 204 
Morris, Sue 140, 142, 144 
Morris, Susan 144 
Morrow, David 68 
Mosher, Mike 68 
Mouds, K 177 
Mouse, Mickey 22 
Mouse, Minnie 22 
Moyers, Darryl 68 
Mrnak, Mike 68 
Mueller, Chris 68 
Mueller, Judith 144 
Mueller, s 177 
Muhammad, Mist 68 
Mulder, Donna 117 
Mullen, T 177 
Muller, Ben 68 
Muller, Daniel 117 


A President's Work is Never DonelVeeVee Brown pub- 
licizes fier newly founded club TNT. 

Mulllcan, Iris 144 

Mulligan, Dianne 144 

Mulllkin. Christine 117 

Mullins. Tina 68 

Munnford, Jerry 68, 181 

Mumford, Jonathan 68 

Mumford, Lemont 68 

Munden, Roy 117 

Munson, Renee 68 

Murlllo J 164 

Murlllo, M 164 

Murns. Betsy 117 

Murns. E 177 

Murphy, Alethia 117 

Murphy, Annette 68, 177 

Murphy, Curtiss 19, 68, 172, 179 

Murphy, Ebony 117 

Murphy, James 68 

Murphy, John 68 

Murphy, Leesa 92 

Murphy, Lisa 68 

Murphy, Sean 117 

Murphy, Toye 68, 204 

Myers, Bill 68 

Myers, J 172 

Myers, Valerie 68 

Myrick, A 177 

Myrick, Annette 117 

"' »' /■ ., ^ " ^ " " o £. - 
I l_-i_£ t i. f " 

Nadonza, Juanlta 117 
Nagy, Elizabeth 68 
Nance, Toney 68 
Nardin, Denlse 68 
Natette, Hinton 199 
Nathan, Boucree 40 
Nathan, Kerry 144 
Navarette, Paul 68 
Navidad, Feiiz 155 
Naylor. L 177 
Naylor, Lisa 117 
Nazzewski, vicki 117 
Neal, Cassle 68, 180 
Nealey, Derek 68 
Nealon, Karen 71, 180 
Neaion, Tina 68 
Neeley. Shawn 68 
Neidilnger, Diane 68 
Nelll, Mary 117 
Nelson, Allison 117 
Nelson. Derek M 117 

Nelson, Gary 68 

Nelson, Jerrilyn 68 

Nelson, Jerri 189 

Nelson, Marty 68 

Nelson, Wendy 117 

Neri, Mllicent 68, 175 

Nesbit, Aaron 68, 180 

Nestano, Paul 68 

Newlon, James 68 

Newman, Jason 68 

Newman, Kim 68 

Newmiller, Echo 68 

Newton, Christy 68. 167 

Next, Meyers 153 

Next, Rivers 153 

Nguyen, Khanh 68 

Nicholas, Richard 68 

Nichols, J 177 

Nichols, Lee 71, 179, 180, 181 

Nicholson, Dawn 71 

Nicolas, Rizaiyn 118 

Nieman, Heather 68 

Night, Late 169 

Nigro, Ben 71 

Niisen, Tim 71 

Nimmo, Laura 71 

Nixon, Andy 71 

Noble, Charles 7i 

Noel. Christina 71 

Nolan, Bueno 40 

Nolan. Christine 71 

Nolasco. Owen 71. 167 

Noonan, Marie 27. 118, 188, 189. 195 

Norcross. Chris 71. 180 

Nordln. D 180 

Nordin. James 71 

Northam. Charlene 71 

Nortonen. NIcci 25 

Norton. Tracy 71. 177 

Nowell, Pattle 71 

Now. Socializing 20 

Noyes. Shane 71 

Nuchlms. Tony 71 

Nutt, Trad 71, 168, 179 

Oblen, R 180 
Oblen, Rob 118 
Ocampo, Joy 71, 167 
Ochave, Louie 46 
Ochoa. C 161. 168 

Ochoa, Cecily S 118 

Ochsenreither, Lorl 139 

Ocker. Roger 71 

Odell, Arlene 71 

Odell, Michelle 71 

Odonnell, Carla 71 

Oelgoetz Keith 71 

Oelgoetz, Kevin 71 

Oelgoetz, Tim 71 

Ogleotz, K 179 

Ogletree. Bernard 71. 150 

Oh, itll 70 

Olauson. Andrea 71 

Ollvar, C 166 

Olivar, Eric 71 

Oliver. E 164 

Oliver, Jette7l, 204 

Ollice, Shawn 71 

Olson, Odette 71 

Olwin, Nicholas 71, 162 

Ona, Louie 71, 164' 

Ongkingco, Rachel 71, 118 

Ono, John 71 

Orlina, Lorelei 71 

Orlina, Tony 118 

Ormsby, Pat 71 

Orr, J Thomas 175 

Orr, Patricia 144 

Orshesky. Nicole 71. 181 

Ortega, Andy 118. 180 

Ortega, Bernadette 71 

Ortega, Florlnda 71 

Ortez, Jennifer 71 

Ortiz, J 164 

Ortiz, Judy 118 

Outten, Christina 71 

Overby, Nowell 71 

Owen, S 177 

Owens, B 180 

Owens, David 118 

Owens. Jay 71 

Owens. Mario 71 

Owens. Miram 118 

Owens. Shawn 71 

Owens. Stefanie 71 

Owens. W 177 

Ozmun. Randy 186 

O'briant, James 71 

O'brien, Jocelyn 118 

O'conner, Amy 118, 203 

O'Connor, Amy 25, 90, 164, 177 

O'deli, M 164 

Odonnell, Brian 118. 162 

Odonnell, Melissa 71 

Ohaire, A J 71 

Ohara, Stephanie 16 

O'neal. Constance 19. 177, 180 

O'neal, Danny 71 

O'neal. Nicki 71 

O'nell. Constance 118 

O'nelll. John 71, 167 

O'nelll. Michael 118' 

Pablo. Julius A 118 
Padeiiec. Anne 71. 161, 167 
Padiila, Elvira 71, 167 
Paet, Mitcheiie 71 
Pagaduan, Allen 71 
Page, Tlyana 71 
Page, Tyree 71 
Paine, Danny 71 
Palatini, Aiaina 71 
Palermo, Nora 118 
Pallett, Ben 71 
Palompo, Dean 71, 167 
Parado, R 177 
Parado, Reglna 118 
Paraoan, Grace 71 
Paras Dodge 71 
Paras, Jeffrey 118 
Parham, Stacy 71 
Parlna, June 71, 169 
Parker, jada 71, 167 
Parker Joanna 71 
Parker, Krissy 71, 166 
Parker Mitch 118, 172 
Parker, Necole 119 
Parker, Samara 119 
Parker, Suzanne 71. 177 

Parkey. Joy 71. 164 

Paroan. C 167 

Parrish, Julie 71 

Parrotte, D 175, 177 

Parrotte, T 175 

Parrotte, Theresa 119 

Parsons, Dawn 71. 177 

Parsons, Jason 119 

Parsons, Mary 71 

Pasco, Willy 71 

Pascual, M 38. 50. 161, 169, 170, 177 

Pascual, Mona 37, 46, 61. 62. 71. 86. 


Pasko. Patricia 144 

Paul. Brinson 40 

Pauley. Desire 72 

Paul, Randy 71 

Pauls. Christine 72, 167 

Payton. Juan 72 

Peacock, Jodi 72 

Pearce. Chris 72 

Pearsaii. Matt 121. 128, 161 

Pearsall, Matthew 119, 161 

Pearson, B Hurd 162 

Pearson, Lisa 72 

Pearson, Tabb 144, 147 

Pearson, Vaunda 144 

Pebworth, John 119 

Peel. D 166 

Pelletler. Jiii lOO, 107, 112, 119, 169, 


Penley, E I6i 

Peniey, Elizabeth ii9 

Penmark, Christine 19 

Penmark, Colonel 18 

Penmark, Rhoda 18, 19 

Pennington, S 172 

Penny, Karen 72, 161. 167 

Peralta. Carv 72 

Peralte, David 72 

Percefull, Richard 144 

Perez, Bobby 119, 180 

Perez, David 119 

Perez, Harold 119, 162 

Perez, Jeanie 72, 167 

Perez, Jeannle 41, 72 

Perez, Kent M 119 

Performing, Green Run 153 

Perks, Lisa 72 

Perley, Trina 144 

Perotte, Robert 199 

Perrion, Sheron 72 

Perrotte, Robert 72 

Perry, Calvin 72 

Perry, John 238 

Perry, Laura 119, 161. 194. 195 

Perry. Michael 72 

Perry, Tamika 204 

Persons, Tim 72. 86, 167, 170 

Pesbre. Clarissa ii9 

Pesebre. C 162 

Peterson. Shannon Boardman 72. 


Peterson. Tony 13 

Petit, Sharon 72. 180 

Petrie. Maryjo 72, 167 

Petruska, Marc 72 180 

Pevatta Thaddeus v 119 

Pezzuto, Carol 72, 164 

Philbert, Lenny 72 

Phillips Chuck 72 

Phillips, Kim 72 

Phillips, Shawn 72 

Piazza Lisa 72. 164 

Pickreli, T 161 

Pickreli, Travis 119 

Piei, Daniel 119 

Pierce, Micheal 119 

Pierce, P 177 

Pierce, Shannon 72 

Plerie, Patricia 72 

Pietnlszewski, Steve 72 

Plette, Monica 72, 164, 180 

Pllrainen, Carl 72 

Pingei. Joel 72 

PIngel. Kelly 119 

Pinkney. Suzi 72 

Piper J 177 

Piralea D 166 

Pittman, Kim 72, 167 

Pleban, Christine 72, 166 

Pleban S 161 

Pleban. Stanley 119 

Plude, D 166, 180 

Plunkett. Holly 72 

Poeiinltz. Elizabeth 13. 72. 92, 155. 

161, 181 

Poellnitz, Joe 193 
Poindexter, Julle 72 161 
Poiey, Steve 119 
Polityka, Esther 72 
Pollard, Jeff 72, 180 
Polley, Stacey 72 
Poniatowski, Jinxv 144 
Ponze. Jose 72 
Pooke, Anissa 72 
Pool. Crystal C 119 
Poole. Harold 119 199, 204 
Poole. Mischallelean 72 
Poole, Patrice 72 
Poole, Tonya 72 
Pool, Jeffrey 12, 72 
Pope, Donald 72 
Porter, Jeff 72 
Porter, Kenneth 72 
Porter, Sean 72 
Porter, Tia 119 
Posch. Dawn 72. 161 
Posey, Michele 72 
Potts, W 177 
Poud, Daryl 72 
Powell, Chris 120, 199 
Powell, Curtis 72, 179 
Powell, John 72 
Powell, Melissa 72 
Powell, S 180 
Powell, Shawn 120 
Powell, Susan M 120 
Powers, Jim 120 
Pratt, Andy 72 
Pratt, T 180 
Pratt, Tammy 120 

Super Helper! Rob Gray volunteered a lot of his time 
to make this yearbook great! 

230 INDEX 

Preece Matt 72 

Prendergast. Krista 72 

Pressley Kisha L 120 

Preston. Debbie 62, 72, 161, 168, 169 

Price, Catharine 72 

Price, Cathy 72 

Price, Joey 72 

Price, Jon 72, 150 

Price, Kenny 26, 120, 186 

Price, Ruby 72, 204 

Price Tammy 72, 164 

Pridgen. Terry 72, 199 204 

Priest Travis 72. 164 

Prigmore, Eric 72 

Prince, Joey 186 

Pringle, Angela 72 

Prior, Harris 199 

Phtchard, S 181 

Pritchard, Scott 98, 120 

Prodlgalidad, Rick 75, 180 

Providence, Ron 75, 199 

Pruitt, J 177 

Pruyear, Sherron 204 

Pucci, Diana 75 

Puckett, David 120 

Puney, Al 75 

Purvear, S 179 

Puryear, Sharron 204 

Quade, Nathan W 120 
Queen cadet Core 153 
Queen. Latlsa 75, 151 
Quick Brian 75, 167 
Quick, Janice 75, 167 
Quigley, Brian 120, 167, 172 
Quigley, Shavi/n 75 
Quilion, Geraidlne 75 
Quintero, Marvin 75 

Rabmann, Lisa 75 

Rader, Teresa 75, 164 

Raesemann. Becky 75 

Raggi, Pete 75 

Raguini, Pepito 175 

Rahal, Dave 120 

Rahal. David 186 

Ralney, Len 75 

Ralney, Tonya 75 

Raisers, Fund 28 

Ralston, Norman 120 

Rambeau. Tracy 75 

Rambo. Jennifer 75 

Ramos, Renee 75 

Ramos, Robert 75 

Ramsey, Billy 75 

Ramsey, Chanda 19, 75, 166 

Ramsey, J 167, 180 

Ramsey, Jennifer 120 

Rane. Bryan 75 

Raquini, Pepito 120 

Rasta, Gall 75 

Ratcilffe, Chad 75 

Ravenell, T 179 

Ravenell, Tim 120 

Rawe. Bryan 75 

Rawles, Amy 75, 161 . 166, 169, 180, 239 

Raw/son, Lisa 120 

Raymer, Sean 75 

Raymond. April 75 

Raymond. Chris 75 

Raymond, Jamie 75 

Raymond, Jessica 75 

Rea, Corlna 75 

Reaves, Benlta 75 

Rebmann, Lisa 75 

Reed, crystal 75 

Reed, London 75. 177 

Reed. Page 139 

Reed. Rhonda 75 

Reese. Diana 75. 166 

Reese. Lamont 75 

Reeves. Randy 75. 167 

Regal. Patty 75 

Reglna. Bullock 40 

Reld. Bob 75 

Reld. David J 120 

Reld. Kim 75 

Reld. Tiffany 75 

Remade. Mary Alice 75 

Remade. Trida 75 

Remirez. Ellen 75 

Remose, Beth 75 

Rena, Branch 40 

Rendon, Marty 75 

Rendon, Mary 75 

Reneses, Ana 75 

Rennick, Scott 75 

Rennio, Scott 199 

Reomaies, Mig 75 

Ressier, Paul 75 

Retreat, Sock 91 

Reutzei. 1 163 

Reutzel. Isabelle 120 

Revlta. Irene 75. 154. 167. 169 

Reyes. Arnel 75 

Reyes. Chris 46. 75. 81. 161. 167 

Reyes. Ernesto 75 

Reyes. F 177 

Reyes. Madelalne 61. 75. 165, 166 

Reyes, Maryfie 75 

Reynante, Nadta 75 

Reynolds, Sue 75 

Rezeau, Nate 75 

Rhodeman, Pam 75 

Rhodes, Thomas 144 

Rial, John 75 

RIccio, Angle 75 

Rice, Chelsea 75, 120, 173 

Rice, Joe 75 

Rice, Rene 120 

Richardson, Bruce 75 

Richardson, Karyn 76. 167 

Richardson. Leuveatrlce 76 

Richardson. Rob 76 

Richards. Penny 75 

Richey. Angelina 121 

Richie. Dawn 76 

Rich. Ray 75 

Rich. Wayne 75 

Rickes. M 161 

Ricketson. Mindy 76. 181 

Ricks. Devonna 76. 161. 179 

Riddick. Angela 76. 204 

Riddley. James 76 

Ries. Susie 76. 161, 166, 168 

RIes, Suzanne 167 

RIgglns, James 76 

RIggins, Susan 76 

Risinger, Jennifer 76, 161, 167, 168 

Rita, Rex Rita 76 

Ritchie, Thomas 76 

Rivera, Anthony 76 

Rivera. Karen 76 

Rivers, Lincoln 121 

Rlzzi. Jason 76 

RIZZI. Rob 121. 186 

Roach. David 76 

Roadman. Robin i2i 

Robbins. Jenny 76 

Roberts. Delphle 76 

Roberts. Diana 144 

Roberts. Jennifer 76 

Robertson. Charmaine 76 

Robertson. George 144 

Robertson. Mary 144 

Roberts. Rhonda 76 

Robin. Brashears 40 

Robinett. Sarah 76. 172 

Robins. Frances 144 

Robins, J 167 

Robinson. James 121 

Robinson. Jason 76 

Robinson John 76 

Robinson. KImi 76 

Robinson. Mike 199 

Robinson. Shane 76. 181 

Robinson. Shenda 76 

Robison. T 173 181 

Roden, Debbie Van 84 
Rodenski. Bobbie 121 
Rodgers. Reggie 121. 204 
Rodriguez, Albert 76 
Rogeberg, Tim 76, 167 
Rogers, Brian 76, 206 
Rogers, Lisa 76 
Rogers, Omar 76 
Rogers, Tracy 142, 144 
Register, Bryan 76, 180 
Rollman, D 162 
Rolofson, Lynn 121 
Rologson, Lori 76 
Romalne, Shannon 76 
Roper, John 76 
Roque, Miguel 76 
Rosarlo, I 177 
Rose, Kevin 76, 193, 204 
Rosenman. Lori 76. 180 
Roskopp. Rob 76 
Ross. Sonia 76 
Rote. Green Run 153 
Roth. Tamara 121 
Roucek. Kim 76 
Roundtree. Rachel 76 
Roupas. Eva 144 
Rousseau. Aaron 76 
Rousseau. Michelle 76. 166. 180 
Rowe. Susan 76 
Rowland April 76 

well said! Forensics members discuss topics, strategy, and techniques which helped them to rank high in District 

INDEX 231 

Rov, Michelle 76 
Rubio, Paul 121 

RublO T 164 
Rucker S 180 
Rudy, Boqulron 40 
Ruggiero J R 76 
Runberg, D 161, 180 
Runberg. Delia M 121 
Runberg Musicians Delia 128 
Run, Fred 76 
Runnyan, S 172 
Runyan, Stephanie 76 164 
Rusnock, Susan 144 
Russell, Brad 76, 180 
Russell, David 204 
Russell, Jeff 76 
Russell. Jerrv 76 
Russell, Nathan 121 

Rutt, Ross 121 

Ryan, Tod 76 
Ryan, Tricia 189 
Ryan, Walter F 121 
Rybarczk, Middle Tony 22 
Rybarczk Tony 22, 23 
Rybarczuk, Barbara 76 
Rybarczyk, Tony 121 



' 1^— r 


ft 4 f 

*• (T 6 



« ^ 



i ^ 

V ^ 

r M 


* <3 


"^ »^ « 




" .1 


li^ " ► ■= 



ft '^ 






^ *3 


^< f v^ 


r. ^ 






- " 

Sadsad, Ron 76, 199, 204 
Saetta, Angela 76 
Sakovificz, Christine 189 
Sakowitz, Christine 76, 188 
Sale, Noel 76, 161 
Salod, Florintino 76 
Salon, Heather 76, 167 
Salter, Chris 76 
Salter T 167 
saiud, F 180 
Salvador, Mike 76 
Sambels, Wanda 76 
Sample, Gary 199, 200 
Sampson, Norbet 76, 164, 167 
Sampson, Philip 76 
Samuels, K 177 
Samuels, Kim 121 
Sandefer Andrea 121 
Sandefer, Christina 121 
Sanderson, Derrick 76 
Sanderson, Deshav\/n 76, 199 
Sanderson, Rodney 121 
Sanders, Steve 76 
Sander, Steve 199 
Sanker John 121 
Sansone, Anthony 76 
Sansone, Tony 206 
Santiaguel, Allalne 49, 76 
Santos, Allison 76 
Santos, Danny 122, 193 
Santos, Ed 76 
Santos, Liz 122, 128 
Santos, Mae 76 
Sarino, Eduardo 122 
Sarno, Sandra 76 
Saur, Mary Ellen 76 
Savage, Alllssa 122 
Savary. Jennifer 79 
Savary, Kent 150 
Savell, Aaron 79 
Saver M 172 
Savory. J 179 
Sawyer, Shannon 122 
Savyyer, Steve 79 
Scantan, Susanne 79 
Scarbro, Judy 79 
Scart, James 79 
Schaff, Andy 122 
Schaffer, A 172 
Schaffer, Bea 122 
Scheetz, Jim 79 
Scheii, Kathy 79 
Scherese, Dean 79 
Scherf, Jacqueline 122 
Schlano A j 2 25, 199, 200 
Schmidt, Aaron 122 
Schmidt, Lori 79 
Schmidt, Mark 13, 79 
Schmidt Sean 79 
Schmuck, Matthew 79 
Schnellenberger Darryl 79 
Scholar, Merit 121 

Schooley, Judy 146 
Schoppenhorst, K 163, 181 
Schroeder Cathy 122 
Schultz, Albert 79 
Schultz, Dee 146 
Schultze, John 146 
Schultz, James 79 
Schultz. Steve 79 
Schuppan, A I61 
Schuyler, Brandi A 122 
Schwarte, Ginger 79, 181 
Schwartz, Peter 79, 164 
Schwechten. Debbie 79 
Scione, Jennifer 79 164 
Scione, Vicki 79, 164 
Scott, Chris 79, 166. 204 
Scott, Kris 79 

Scott, Krista 122 
Scott, Trena 79 

Scott, W 161 

Scott, Wendy M 122 

Sears, Amy 79, 95, 166 

Seaton, Heather 79 

Seaver, Mary 79 

Seay, Kathy 142, 146 

Seed, Bad 18, 158 

Seed, Robert 79 

Seiberllch, Brad 79 

Sellers, Monica 79, 180 

Sellers. Vanissha 79 

Serman, Lisa Marie 79 

Serrano, Richard 79 

Sessons. Kenneth 79 

Sessor, Jennifer 122, 172 

Setzer, Rnadon 79 

Severts, J 180 

Severts, Joanne 122 

Sewell, Shelby 79, 156 

Sganda, Beth 79 

Sganga, B 167 

Shade, Karlne 79 

Shaffer, R 164 

Shah, Purvl 79. 172 

Shanna, A J 199 

Shannia. Shahyar 79 

Shannon. Sean 79 

Sharon. Buckly 40 

Sharpe, Chris 79, 167 

Shaw. H 161 

Shaw. Heather 122 

Shawn, Brown 40 

Sheehan, Allison 13. 19. 79. 163, 167 

Sheffield. Rick 79 

Sheldon, Jenn 79. 167 

Sheldon. John 79 

Shepard. K 163, 181 

Shepard, Kassy 122 

Shepardson. Stacy 122 

Sheperd. Steven 122 

Sheppard, Ron 79 

Sheppard, Steven 79 

Sherrange, Dianne 122 

Shiano, A J 79 

Shillalies, K 181 

Shillalies, Krista 122 

Shilling, M 162 

Shilling, Melissa 122 

Shill, Sarah 79 

Shintel, Brumfield 40 

Shivah, Susan 79 

Shoemaker, D 180 

Shoemaker. Donald 122 

Shook, Jim 79 

Shrader, R 179 

Shuffer Kim 79 

Sickinger, Renee 79. 164, 167, 177 

Siddall. Britt 122 

Siediecki. Todd 123 

Siedleck. Valerie 79 

Siglar Robert 123 

Sigier, Sean 123 

Slier, S 172 

Slier, Sean 19 

Sima, Patricia 17, 164 

SImbulan, Nancy 79 

Simbulan, Ron 79 

Simmons, Renee 79, 164 

Simms, Kathy 123 

Simon, Ed 25 

Simpson, Wendy 79 

Sims, Angela 79 

Sims, Beth 79 

Sims, Jay 79 

Sinclair, C 79 

Sinclair. Kristlna 155 

Sinclair, Leslie 79 

Singer, Alison 79 

Sison, Alleen 79 

SItjar. Ron 79. 167 

Any More Ideas? Gil Floras, Tim Persons, Junior Class Officers, conduct a class 
meeting. Topic of the day: where to go caroling for the holidays. 

Skinner. Daphne 79 
Skinner. Kelly 79 
Skiptunas, Paige 13, 123, 128 
Skopal, Cheryl 79 
Slattery, Sonja 79 
Slaughter. Kevin 123 
Sloan. Francesca 79 
Slone. Tracy 79 
Slough, Karen 79 
Slyke, Jim Van 107, 125 
Smalley, Danny 79 
Smalley, M 179 
smalley, Mike 123 
Smiley, T 177 
Smith, Aaron 79 
Smith, Autumn 79 
Smith, Bradley 79 
Smith, Chris 80 
Smith, E 180 
Smith, C Ray 138 
Smith, Jennifer 80 
Smith, Kristin 80 
Smith, Larry 80. 164 
Smith. Lisa 123 
Smith. Llub 80 
Smith. Lorl 80 
smith. Mlcheal K 123 
Smith, Mike 80, 163 
smith, Paul 80 
Smith, Raymond 80, 167 
Smith, Reglna 123 
Smith, Richard 80 
Smith, Roger 80 
smith, S 181 
Smithson, Beth 80, I8I 
Smith, Tammy 80. 164, 177 
smith, Tarra 80 
Smith, Tonya 80 
Smith, Vonda 80 
Snead, Brenda 146 
Snead, Jill 123 
Snelde, Mark 80 
Snell. Susan 123 
Snoeden. Aavalon 80 199 
Snowden. Djuana 80 

Snowden, Isaac 80. 179 
Snowden, Nicole 80 
Snowden, Walter 123, 199 
Snyder, Michelle 80 
Sobie. Dave 80, 186 
Sobie, Steve 80 
Soliman, Emmanuelle 80 
Sonson. Arlene 80. 169. 239 
Soriano, Earnest 80 
Soriano, M 161, 177 
Soulby, Brian 80 
Soulby, Christopher 123 
Southerland, Patricia 80 
Spain, Dennis 80, 199, 200. 204 
Spalding, Celia 80, 157 
Spanton, Robbie 80 
Sparks, Chrissy 80 
Sparnectt Sparky 80 
Speaks, Honi 80 
Speaks, Shawn 80 
Spear, Lisa 80 

Spence, Aaron 80, 166, 172. 180 
Spence, Adam 38. 57, 80 
Spence, Eric 80, 169 
Sprangers, Jennifer 80, 177 
Sprangers, Stephanie 80. 177 
Sprawls. Michelle 80, 162 
Springer, Sam 123 
Springs, Michelle 80 
Sprulll, John 80, 179 
Sprulll, Kimberly 123 
Spuler, Scott M 123 
Stabler, Eric 199, 206 
Stackhouse, F 164 
Stackhous, Fagan 80 
Stallings, Samlya 13, 123 
Stallions, Marching 180 
Stampe, Kristi 80 
Stampe, Matt 80 
Standford Chrlstee 80 
Stanford Chrlsti 154 
Stanford, K 161 
Stanford, Scon 123, 154 
Stanley, Lisa 123 
Starr, Karri 80 

Stasia, Marie Noonan 189 

Stebblns, Jeff 80 

Stein, Dennis 80 

Stein, Tracy 124 

Stephanie, Bunch 40 

Stephan K 177 

Stephan, Kristen 124 

Stephens, Jim 80 

Stephenson, Alwilda 146 

Stephenson, M 177 

Stepp, Kris 80 

Steve. Brower 40 

Stevens. Mindi 146 

Stewart. Kim 107. 111, 115, 167. 169. 


Stewart Kimberly A 124 

Stewart, Paul 80 

Stewart, Shannon 80 

Stickei, David 80 

Stieb. S 177 

Stieb, Shawn 124 

Stllley, Jennifer 80 

Still. Rick 80 

Still. Tern 80 

Sttrrat. Lisa 80 

Stobach Stasia 189 

Stokes, Brian 80 

Stortini, veronica 80, 164, 167 

Stranan Sonya 80 

Strange, J 164 

Strasburg, Staci 80 

Strasbur, Staci 80 

Streetman, Mike 80 

Streit. Stacy 80, I6I, 203 

Streleau, Brain 80 

Stricklaind, E 177 

Strickland, Chris 80 

Strickland, Karri 83 

Strobach Mike 77. 83. 16I. 204 

Strobach, Stasia 189 

Strong Carllssa 124, 179, 180 

Strong, Donna 80 

Strong, Lisa 83 

Strong, Richard 83, 199 

Stroud. Chrissy 83 

232 INDEX 

Stroud, Stephen 124 
Stroud, Wanda 83, 124 
Stuart, Stephanie 83 180 
Studivant, Veleka 83, 167, 179 
Stuedeman, Jim 124 
Stuedemann, Jim 25 
Stumpf, Kevin 83 
Stump, Jennifer 124 
Stuonkus, Jennifer 124 
Sturdivant, K 173 
Sturdlvant, Kimberly 124 
Stutzman, Debl 83 
Stvron, Beth 83 
Stvron, Debi 124 
Sudderth, Jeff 198, 199, 200 
Suerte, Buena 127 
Sufficool, Bobbie 124 
Sugar, Anne 83, 164, 165 
Suggs, Craig 83 
Suggs, Sarah 83 
Summerell, Danny 83 
Summers, April 83 
Sunagel, Julie 83 
Sundberg, Cher 83 
Susher, S 164 
Sutherland, C 164 
Sutherland, Patricia 57, 166 
Sutton, Mark 83 
Swain, Bobby 83 
Swanland, John 124 
Swanlund, J 161 
Swata, Michelle 83 
Swauland, J 166 
Sweeney, Kelll 83 
Sweeney, Thomas 83 
Sweetland, Ralf 83 
Swiger, Tom 83, 180 
Sykes, Misters 147 
Sykes, Ralph 138 
Sykes, Wayne 138 
Szaronos, Kimberly 124 

Tabancura, Jimpearl 83 

Tabron, Zandra 83 

Tadalan, L 161 

Tadesco, Mike 199 

Talbott, Cayce 83 

Tamer, Morsi 83 

Tanous, Amy 83 

Tanyug, Y 161 

Tatterson. Rebecca 83, 177 

Taylor, B 162 

Taylor, Caprice 83 

Taylor, Denise 83 

Taylor, Heidi 83, 165 

Taylor, Jeremy 124, 167 

Taylor, Kirsten 83, 189 

Taylor, L 164, 181 

Taylor, Michael 146 

Taylor, Mike 206 

Taylor, Rebecca 124 

Taylor, Traclee 38, 83 

Taylor, Troya 83 

Taylor, Warren 83 

Taylor, Yetta 83 

Teachman, James 83, 175 

Tecson, L 167 

Tecson, Leo 124 

Tedesco, Mike 83 

Teillon, Loren 83 

Temott, Kenneth 83 

Temple, Sean 83. 162 

Tenorlo, Tony 83 

Tergade, L 164 

Terry, Shannon 83 

Tetheroh, Kathy 144 

Thomas, Jennifer 124, I6l" 

Thomas, Stephanie 83, 163 

Thomas, Tejuana 49, 124, 167 

Thompson, Bruce 83, 177 

Thompson, Carolyn 146, 166, 181 

Thompson, Celeste 83 

Thompson, Chris 189 

Thompson. Jennifer 83 

Thompson, Jimmie 83 

Thompson, Kimberly 83 

Thompson, Kristlne 146 

Thompson, Sherrie 83, 163. 177 

Thompson, Shiela 124 

Thompson, Valerie 83, 189 

Thoreau, Emerson 90 

Thornsbury, Jeff 124 

Thornton, Feleceia 124 

Thorton, Eric 199, 204 

Thorton, F 177 

Thorton, Mike 83 

Thurston, Becky 83, 180 

TIglao, C 177 

TIglao, Jennie 124 

Tlllberg, Joann 140, 146 

Toeslee, M 161 

Tommy, Brown 40 

Tompkins, Call 146 

Tong, Mai 83 

Tonia, Brinson 40 

Tone, J 164 

Torchia, Amy C 124 

Torio, Jay 83, 161 

Torres, Jeff 83 

Torrey, Daryl 83 

Tortl, Mark 83 

Toth, S 164 

Tottossy, Christina 83, 203, 240 

Tottossy, Joe 199 

Tower, Jenny 83 

Towns, Jermalne 83 

Towslee, Michelle 83, 181 

Trammell, Chris 83 

Tranberg, Victoria 83 

Travis, Brosmer 40 

Travis, Brumfield 40 

Trescott, Mike 83 

Trimmer, Doedy 83 

Trinidad, Maria 84 

Trinies, Brown 40 

Troupe, Thespian 162, 163 

Trowbridge, Cara 84 

Troy, Marsha 84 

Truebiood, David 146 

Tucker, Debbie 84, 181 

Tucker, Delphia 146 

Tucker, Kimberly 124 

Tucker, Melanle 84 

Tucker, Susan 84 

Tugbang, Jeannie 49, 170 

Tugbang, Jennie 49, 84 

Tugbang, Rubyjon 84, 173 

Tuggie, Mike 84 

Turlington, j 164 

Turlington, Jeff 124 

Turner, Bill 206 

Turner, Larry 125 

Turner, Lisa 125 

Turner, Marvin 84 

Turner, Sam 84 

Turner, William 146 

Turvis, Denlta 84 

Tuten, Glenn 84, 206 

Twittv, Paul 84 

Tyler, Jesse 84 

Tynes, Cyrus Q 125 

Tyrell, Tonya 84 

Udasco. Joann 125 
Udo, Arleyne 84, 167 
Ulmer, Amira A 125 
Ulrlch, Brittany 84 
Uplinger, Jennifer 84 
Urguelles, Jeann 84 
Urrutia, Eric 84 
Urrutia, Kimberly 125 
Uydlngco, Erick 84 
Uydlngco, Ronllo 84, 167 

' V ' 

Valdez, Shervl 49 
Valencia, Eric 84 
Valencia, Walter 84 
Valenti, C 181 
Valleley, Mike 84 
Valure, Larry 84 
vandersiice, Melissa 84 
Vaneps, Matt 84 
Vanslyke, Susan 84, 167 
Vargas, Ariane ill, 125 
vasconceiios, Todd 84 
Vaugham, Pam 125 
Vaughan, Gary 84 
Vaz, Billy 84 
Vaz, Ellas 84 
Vejar, E 167 
Veionza, Joe 84 
Venderveer, Kellie 84 
Ventura, Mike 84 
vevoda, Kim 125 
Vlado, Gary 125 
Vicky, Broady 40 
Vile, Kathi 84 
Vlllanueva, Analyn S 125 
Villanueva, Cindle 84, 166, 180 
Vlllanueva, Roddfo S 125 
Villanueva, Ron 125 
Visage, Bill 13, 24, 125, 161 
Von. Eric De 48 
Vong, Sol 84 

Voorhels, Jon 13, 84 
Vu, Khanthu 84, 175 
Vu, Linh 125, 166, 175 

Vu, Tuan 84 

4 " ' y 


t. " 

^ " t' 




« a 





I "'i 


h " 

a M 





7 ^ 

<• .■ 

1 1 


1 4 


■7 ^ 

- "-^M 





O < 

"- 1 



' o. ' 

•> " 1 





^ t 

" ""} 



'^ C- 

" „ "' 



' V 1 

•>) • a 

« 1 



o c 



-' " 



Wade, Heidi 84 
Wade, Jenny 84, 94, 166, 171 
Wade, Maurice 84 
Wagers, D 177 
Wagers, David 126 
Wagner, Javon 84, 179, 181 
Wagoner, Stephanie 84, 167 
Wahrenburg, Kimberly 84 
Waite, Jef 84 
Walker, Daivida 204 
Walker, Davlda 126, 204 
Walker, Donnie 84, 179 
Walker, Eric 84 
WaiKer, James 146 
walker, Kathy 139 

Walker, Robert 126 
Walker, Willie Ann 84 
Wallace, Angle 84 
Wallace, Lee 84 
Wall, Erinn 126 
Wallraven, M 181 
walls, Stacey 126 
Walraven, Marc 53, 84 
Walsh, Jennifer 84, 167 
Walthall, Chris 84 
Walthall, Steve 84, 164 
Walton, Charice84, 179 
Walton, Charisse 204 
Walton, Kim 84, 161, 180 
Walton, T 177 
Walton, Todd 126 
Walworth, Brent 126 
Wampler, M 161 
Ward, Brian 84 
ward, Glenn 84 
ward, Kathy 84, 179 
ward, Pam 84 
ware, Eva 84, 169 
ware, Evelyn 37, 84 
Warmath, Steve 126 
Warren, Adrian 84 
Warren, Angle 84 
Warren, Cindi 84 
Warren, Petreiia 84, 126 
Warren, Tracy 126 

Vaccareila, Andrew 84 

Valdez. Andrew 84 

valdez. Cheryl 49, 84, 170, 180 

Freeze Frame! Caught by the photographer, Evelyn Ware waits for friends after a club 

INDEX 233 

Washington, Maurice 84 
Washington, Stacy 84 
Wasson, Brenda 84, 161. 


westbrook. Melissa 87 

westbrook. Rick 193 

westby, Teresa 87. 155, 161, 167 

Williams. Nicole 87, 180 
Williamson. Tim 13, 22. 

128. 186 

23, 107, 127. 

woodall, Troy 88, 167 
woodard, M 163 
woodard, Mark 16, 127 

Yaccarino. Patrick 127, 150 204 
Yacconi, James 88 
Yarn, Yvette 146 

WatKlns. Kim 87 

Westcott, Lisa 87, 184. 208 

Williamson. Todd 53, 87, 


wood. Erica 88 

Yates. Robert 88 

watkins. Steve 87 
Watson, Brian 87 

west. Sera 87 
Wetzel. Jason 87 


Williams, Pam 87, 161, 167, 179 

woodhouse. Beth 88, 173 
woodhouse, K 177 

Yockei. Chad A 127 
Yonkers. R 161 

Watson, Candice 87, 180 


Wetzel. Karel 146 

Williams, Rebeca 87 

woodhouse. Karen 127 

Yonkers. Rob 127 

Watson, Lynn 126 
Watson Mike 87 
Watson, Stephanie 87, 180 

Wharton, Deborah 87 
Wharton, Ryan 87, 162 
Wheeler, Bob 126 168 

Williams, Ronald 127 
Williams, Scott 127, 162 
Williams, T j 87 


Woodis. Terrls 88. 180 
wood. M 181 
Wood. Richard 127 

Young. Evan 204 
Young Greg 127 
Young. James 127 

Watson. Willy 87 

Wheeler, D 180 

Williams, Tauheed 87 

Woodrow/. Allen 88 

Young. Ken 88 

watt. Melissa 87 
Waugh, Tracy 87 
Wayne, Edith 87 
way. united 170 
Wearer, Karen 87 
Weaver, Kristin 87 
Weaver, Marc 199 
Weaver, Marcus 126 


Wheeler, s 164 
Wheeler. Wendy 87 
Wheeller. Sarah 87 
Whetham. Carmen 87 
White. Angela 87 
White. Ceandrlo 87 
White, crystal 87 
White, Devin 87 
White, E 177 
White, Estelie 126 

Williams, Tim 87 
Williford. Trauis 127 
Willis. Diane 146 
Willis, James 87 
Willis. Patsy 143. 146 
Wilson. Angela 87 
Wilson. Charles 87 
Wilson. Danielle 87 
Wilson. Elton 87, 180 
Wilson. Eric 87 

Woods, Kim 88 
woosiey. C 177 
worely. C 181 
Workman P 172 
Workman. Sandy 88 
Worley. Carrie 18, 19, 88. 161 
Wow/. Ouch 46 
wray. Derrick 88 
wray. Jeffrey F 127 
Wright. Barbara 88 

Young. Mlche 49, 88, 92, 161, 166 

Young, Rachel 88 

Young, S 177 

Youngs, Shari 88 

Young, Steve 127 

Young, Todd 88 

Yvonne, Briody 40 

Weaver. Mark 22. 23, 87, 
Webb Dana 87 

Webber, John 87 
Webb, Lara 126, 181 

Whitehead, Jennifer 127 
Whitehead, Tammy 87 

Wilson. Erica 87 
Wilson. Ericka 87 

Wright. Christopher 88 
Wright. Frank 88 

Webb, Michelle 126. 177 

White, Justin 87 

Wilson. Greg 46. 87. 161 

171, 179 

Wright. James 88 

" t" » ' I^' f . » " 

Webb. Terry 87 
Weber. C 177 
Weber, shara 126 

White, Kenny 87 
White, Lee 87, 167, 206 
White, Marie 146 

Wilson. John 87 
Wilson. Ryan 88. 165 
Wilson. Scott 88 

Wright. Kensey 88 
Wright. Kenzy 199 
Wright. Patrick 88 

<! , t> O , > " 

Wecht. John 87 

White, Norma 126, 177 
White, Paul 146 

Wilson. Steve 88 
Wilson. Terri 88. 179 

writesel. veronica 88 
write, write 91 

^ ,■=•=», =" '' 

Welgold, Jeff 87 

welgold, Tony Rybarczyk 186 
well, Jeff 87 
Weiss, Michelle 87 
welssner. Ken 87 
welch. Charlotte 87 
welden. David 87 
Wentz. Jennifer 87 
Werner, Marsha 87 

White, Tanya 87, 180 
Whitley, Dana 127 
Whitman, Renae 127 
Widen, Christine 87 
Wldmer, Carole 146 
Wiggins. Audreka 87 
Wiggins, Rizzel 87 
Wiggins, Van 87 

Wilson, Terry 41 
Wilson, W 162 
Wilson, Wendy 127 
Winslow, Charles 88. 199 
Winstead. S 161. 164 
Wirth. Robert 127 
Witham, Elycia 88 
Witte, Christina 88 

wyatt. Nicole 88 
vyyckoff. Andrea 127 
Wfycoff. Sallna 88 
Wykoff. Sabrina 88 
Wylie. Mark 22, 23, 199 
Wynne. B J 88 

Zamot. Carlos 88 
Zamot. K 177 
Zamot, Katherine 127 
Zanella, Amy 88 
Zelsz, Cheryl 88 164 
Zembower, Brett 127 
Zimmerman, Michelle 88 

9 »{> '*<!'' 

Werner, Trad 126 
Werth, Kim 87, 162 

Wilcox, Chervl 87 
Wiliiiams. Dennis 87 

Witt, Susan 88 
wohl, Jennifer 88, 175 


wertz, Rosalie 87, 95 

Wilklns. Litltia 87 

Wolfe, Dawn 88 

\ .^#: ' ' 

Wertz, S 164 

Williams. Alana 87 

Woliman, Kym 88 

wescott. Lisa 208 
Wesley. Eric 87 

Williams. Daniel 87 
Williams. Gloria 146 

Woman, Dragon 147 
Wombler, Ronald 88 

wesseler. Robin 126 

Williams, Jawanna 87 

wood, A 164 

,^ "^v".. 1^ < " » 4 <■ 

Wesseihoff, Laura 87 

Williams. Kathy 87, 173 
Williams. Lynn 87 

Woodall, Brian 88, 173 
woodail, Kevin 88 

^ f ^^&'7'9'7'«/ 

Westbrook. Ceraldo 87 

23^ INDEX 

picture themselves with a smolder. 

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. 



A Beginning.. ..An End.... 

It's over, yet the memories and friend- 
ships will remain forever. So, we'd just 
like to say "all feet are the same and a 
rubber ducky". 

Unity Mr. Matney, Mr. Johnson, 
Ms. Tucker, Mr. Long, and Mr. 
Broglie raise their hands m unison 
to symbolize unity and send a nnes- 
sage to all their students to "keep in 
touch " 

Closing 23^ 


The ninth volume of Equus was published by Hunter Publishing Company, Winston-Salem, N.C. 271 1 3. 
Our Hunter advisor was Mr. John Perry. The predominant paper was gloss (9 by 1 2 inches) with Hunter black 
ink. The pressrun was 1 700 copies of 240 pages, the cover-maximized the abilities of a personal artist. The 
design was drawn on India ink then mailed to Hunter artists. Three colors were processed out with litho letters 
dropped; the background color blue Pantone 280c; the streaks green Pantone 340c and pink Pantone 239c; 
the title and date on the front pink Pantone239c; the title and date on the backbone green Pantone 340c. Type 
on both backbone were Eurostyle 1 57 in all capital letters, the endsheets-number 1 57 (printed black), the title 
page-green Pantone 340c, picture shadow 30%; 1 pt. tool lines 100%. the opening-green Pantone 340c, 
copy shadow 30%, 1 pt. black tool lines, copy blocks 100%, Latin Extra Condensed 152 for all copy at 24pt. 
type. Optima 108 for all captions at 8pt. type, Eurostyle 158 for all kickers and page numbers at 18pt. type. 
student life-first 5 pages green Pantone 340c. the remaining pages b&w; Antique olive 1 35 for all captions at 
72pt. type, the dividers-grey art screen used. Venture Script 1 56 at 72pt type for all headlines, Optima 1 08 for 
all captions at 8pt. type, the underclass-grey art screen. Kick art, Eurostyle Ext. 1 57 for all copy at 8-and 1 0pt. 
type, Eurostyle Bold 158 for all headlines at 48pt. type, the seniors processed blue, Helvetica 104 for all copy 
and captions at 8-and 1 0pt. type, Helvetica Bold 1 05 for all headlines at 48pt. type, the mini-mag-American 
Typewriter 1 26 for all copy at 8-and 1 0pt. type. faculty-Optima 1 08 for all copy at 1 0pt. type. Optima 1 08 for 
all headlines at 36-and 48pt. type. Opt. black tool line. academics-Goudy 200 for all copy and captions at 
8-and lOpt. type, Goudy Bold 202 for all headlines at 48pt. type. clubsAntique Olive 135 for all copy and 
captions at 1 0-and 8pt. type. Antique Olive Bold 1 37 for all headlines at 72pt. type. sports-Optima 1 08 for all 
copy and captions at 1 0-and 8pt. type. Optima 1 09 for all headlines at 48pt. type, the index-Metrolite 1 82 for 
all copy at 6pt. type, Metroblack 1 83 for all headlines at 24pt. type, the closing-Latin Extra Condensedl 52 for 
all copy at 24pt. type. Optima 1 08 for all captions at 8pt. type, the colophon-Optima 1 08 for all copy at 1 0pt. 
type. Optima 109 for all headlines at 48pt. type. 

Well, it was a longyear, sothis was not everything — but, it was everything our drained minds could think 
of! Through the late nights making deadlines, through the stress of creation, this book was, at least to us, 
Shades Above The Rest. The 1 988 Equus staff. 


The Staff: 

Wahoowa! The yearbook staff en- 
joyed a fall workshop at U.V.A. 

Editors-ln-Chief....Brooke Barrows 

Ruth Damaso 

Student Life Editor..,.Chris Ashman 

Underclass Editor....Mona Pascual 

Senior Class Editors... .Paula Brown 

Kim Stewart 

Faculty Editor....Rachel Knight 

Academics Editors....Rachel Federico 

Joy Miranda 

Clubs Editors....Susan Kletter 

Amy Rawles 

Sports Editor....Diane Butorac 

Photography Editor.. ..Arlene Sonson 

Cover Design & Art.. ..Todd Siedlecki 



"Friends are friends forever..." Mary 
Lewis, Michelle Bowmdn, Rhonda 
Martz, and Christina Tottossy relax in 
the shade while enjoying the last tew 
days of spring. 







«7 yn 

y-<ujl JriuyJ .ooMx) .>Lc>OLe 

^^ >(>^-ae/ 

<^(WaJ o^ 


^^ -'^^yyroMAjui 


'^ -Y^^ -i^Ax^ a ^ 



^1 c-*)«^rr ^^ 


i\\ \^^% 


I qo-V -to be. '^A^ ex c^ass 

^-^'' Scents fe^ ^^ ^=^ '^^ 

'fovly-e G<«'cct'. <Socd bxc>c 




' I 



p" ^<: js- -^v^ X* ^^ r^ 



^- :0^ ^ '■■■■■ <^ ^ ^^ 

, / i (3' 



^ A" 


>lw:': -^^^ t^^^^^l^^ 


#V" te^, 
















C(^ . \>' 








n ,,'.■' 






4 ^ rf a?!^ 1^- ^- ^7<?--^^^^